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Flt Dst Date Time Status
406 LHE 11-Jun-2014 18:00 Departed
204 ISB 12-Jun-2014 11:30 On Time
206 ISB 12-Jun-2014 16:00 On Time
406 LHE 12-Jun-2014 18:00 On Time
204 ISB 13-Jun-2014 11:30 On Time
406 LHE 13-Jun-2014 18:00 On Time
204 ISB 14-Jun-2014 11:30 On Time
118 DXB 14-Jun-2014 13:05 On Time
Flt Org Date Time Status
205 ISB 11-Jun-2014 16:40 Arrived
119 DXB 11-Jun-2014 18:45 On Time
403 LHE 12-Jun-2014 10:55 On Time
205 ISB 12-Jun-2014 16:40 On Time
403 LHE 13-Jun-2014 10:55 On Time
205 ISB 13-Jun-2014 16:40 On Time
403 LHE 14-Jun-2014 10:55 On Time
201 ISB 14-Jun-2014 11:10 On Time


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