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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

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19. BATURA GLACIER: Gilgit, Gulmit, Borit Lake,
Patundas, Yashpirit, Shelmin, Lupdor & Returm via left
side of the Batura Glacier to Passu, Gilgit or vice
Open Zone
GILGIT HASSANABAD : Gilgit Hassanabad, Muchuhar
Glacier, Shendar Glacier, back to the Batoqsha
Glacier, Shispar Glacier, Hassanabad, Gigit or vice
Open Zone
KARUN PASS: Gilgit, Passu, Dut, Karun Pass, Boiber,
Morkhun, Karakorm Highway & back to Gilgit or vice
Open Zone
CHAPURSAN BATURA : Gilgit, Sost, Yashkuk by jeep
& then by foot to Kukijerab Glacier & across Lupghar
Pass & down to Raminji or cross 5200 Meters Pass &
down to Lupgar & down to the Batura Glacier to Passu
or vice versa.
Restricted Zone
23. BARPU GLACIER: Gilgit, Hunza, Hopper, across
Bualbar, Glacier up the Barpu Glacier ascend to Rash
Lake, Girgindal, Golden Peak Base Camp, return by
left side of the Barpu Glacier to Hopper & to Gilgit or
vice versa.
Open Zone
SHIMSAL VALLEY: Gilgit, Hunza, Sost, Chillinji pass,
Ishkomen, Gilgit or vice versa.
Restricted Zone
SHIMSAL VALLEY : Gilgit, Passu, Shimshal, Yazghil,
Glacier, yukshin Gardan Glacier, Khurdopin Glacier,
Virjerab Glacier & return to Gilgit by the same route.
Open Zone
Shimshal, Boesam Pir Pass, Mundi Kushlag,
Chapehingal Pass, Karakoram Highway, Gilgit or vice
Restricted Zone
27. SHIMSHAL PASS: Gilgit, Passu, Shimshal, Shimshal
Pass, Yazghil Glacier, Virjerab Glacier, Shimshal Pass,
Shuijerab, Shimshal Village, Passu & return to Gilgit.
Open Zone
28. KARUN PASS: Gilgit, Passu, Karun Pass, Beihar,
Merkhun, Sust, Gilgit or vice versa.
Open Zone
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