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Airblue Boarding and Baggage Rules

Baggage Limits & Restrictions

Baggage limits and restrictions may vary based on your trip origin and destination. Please see the baggage allowances and restrictions that are stated in the ticket terms and conditions during the booking process.

What is the checked baggage allowance in Airblue?
LIMIT: 1 bag per passenger
WEIGHT LIMIT: Max weight 32 kg per bag
BAG SIZE LIMIT: Max size L+H+W = 62 inches
Additional fees apply for all excess baggage.
(subject to space availability)

What's the cabin baggage / hand luggage allowance?
Each passenger is allowed one personal item (like a purse or notebook computer) and 1 carry-on bag that can fit under a seat or in the overhead compartment.
LIMIT: 1 Carry-On bag per passenger
SIZE LIMIT: 22in x 15in x 8in (L+W+H=45 inches)
WEIGHT LIMIT: Max weight 7 kg / 15 lb
Lost / Damaged Baggage:

Limited Liability: The maximum airline liability in the event of denied boarding, delayed or cancelled flight is limited to the price paid for the ticket.

Airblue is not responsible for damage to luggage that is considered a result of regular baggage handling. This includes most scrapes, tears, broken wheels, and handles.

In the event of "lost baggage," or that which did not make a flight, we will endeavor to first locate your misplaced baggage and have it delivered to the airport location of your choice within 24 hours.

We encourage our passengers to purchase flight protection that includes baggage for their travel via travel agents, credit/debit card issuers or others

Passengers connecting from international flights originating in USA/Canada may take 2 bags (32 kgs maximum)

Call us for tickets 0321-848-4087

Passengers requiring pre-boarding

We appreciate that there are some passengers who have special requirements. Wherever possible, we will do our best to assist.After prior arrangement with our check-in and gate staff, the following are some examples of passengers who may be allowed to board first:
Parents with babies and children under five years old

Disabled passengers

Passengers requiring assistance with boarding
Pre-boarding is always at the discretion of our airport staff, and is designed to give passengers who may need a little extra time to board an opportunity to do so. So if you need assistance in any way, please do let us know at check in and at the departure gate.
Disabled passengers and passengers requiring assistance are asked to advise the Sales Centre beforehand so appropriate comments can be made on our bookings information system and for appropriate equipment and resources to be organized at the airport.
Exceptions: Because safety is our main priority at Airblue, there are some seats that are not suitable for all passengers. These seats are only suitable for use by able-bodied adults as you may be required to assist the crew in the highly unlikely event of an emergency. Passengers may only sit in one of these restricted seats at the discretion of our cabin staff.
Please assist us to board the aircraft as quickly as possible, and therefore depart on time, by not sitting in one of these seats if you do not meet the above criteria, or you are traveling with infants or children.

Airblue Denied boarding / DNB / Offloading Policy

Airblue makes every effort to provide seats for people who have a confirmed booking. Rarely, a seat may not be available at check-in on a flight that operates for which a passenger has a confirmed reservation and in these circumstances Airblue's denied boarding rules will apply.

Airlue Airport Check-In Procedure

What is needed to check-in for a flight?

Check-in desks normally open one hour before the scheduled time of departure.
Airblue strongly recommends that passengers check-in one hour prior to the scheduled departure time.
Passengers who present themselves later than 30 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure may not be accepted for travel, and may forfeit their seats. Airblue will do it's best to re-accommodate passengers on a later flights, but this is not guaranteed.
Please note that Airblue does not operate a connecting flights service, and therefore you will need to check-in, with your luggage, for each leg of your journey. You are advised to leave at least two hours between flights.

Acceptable forms of ID

Drivers License
A valid passport
Government and semi government functionaries ID's.
National Identification Card (NIC)


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