LinkMan PHP Link Manager


Changes in 2.0.2
- fixed problem with trailing slashes in site URL
- fixed placeholder messages in the "Submit a link" form
- fixed possible redirect loop, reported by Mohammed Abdulqader Abobaker Al-saggaf (www)

Changes in 2.0.1
- force UTF-8 content type header on PHP 5.6+ servers with a different default encoding

Changes in 2.0.0
- complete code rewrite
- new modern interface
- greatly improved reliability
- improved SPAM filtering
- improved cheater detection
- links can be easily reordered
- SMTP email sending supported
- templates introduced for public pages
- automated Cron jobs for link verification supported
- new and improved automated form submission prevention options
- removed Google PageRank functionality (public Google PR is dead)
- many other minor changes and improvements

Changes in 1.7.1
- fixed license code to prevent false alarms by some antivirus software

Changes in 1.7
- fixed a bug with manually approving new links (reported by DC, www)
- LinkMan now checks for duplicate links waiting approval

Changes in 1.6
- LinkMan can now generate new links pages when the first page is full
- admin panel has been moved to admin.php
- you can now manually approve or reject new links submitted
- several other minor changes and fixes

Changes in 1.5
- you can now ban websites from your link exchange
- admin panel will display a warning if allow_url_fopen is disabled
- fixed adding new links to the top of list but under featured links
- fixed link redirection mixup in (only version 1.4 downloaded before 10th April 2008)
- several other minor changes to the user interface

Changes in 1.4
- improved reciprocal link checking code
- you are now able to edit links from admin panel
- option to make links featured
- option to display website thumbnails
- option to display Google PageRankTM
- option to block websites with too low PageRank
- option to block links with rel="nofollow" link attribute
- option to block links from pages with meta robots noindex or nofollow
- new more powerful SPAM filter
- option to block superlatives from title and description
- option to block duplicate website submissions
- settings can now be set from within the admin panel
- updated user interface
- changed the way new versions are marked (1.4 instead of 1.04)
- many more minor features and changes


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