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Ahmed Ali an accomplished orator from the UK. His audio cassettes are of the highest quality in terms of appearance and recording quality. The subject of his talks are always are on extremely interesting topics and issues.

Riyadh ul-Haq - He is currently the Imam and Khateeb of the Birmingham Central Masjid, and a teacher of hadeeth, Arabic & Islamic studies at Madinatul Uloom al Islamiyyah, Kidderminster, UK. He has lectured on a range of topics including Quranic tafseer, hadeeth, aqeedah and fiqh at the masjid and at various other locations.

Halaqah Media addresses issues past, current and future; issues of the voices that go unheard, issues that are swept under the carpet, issues with alternative views. Halaqah Media, with this new urban production, will God-willing open up the door to a much-needed generation of creativity and contemporary thought. Sheikh Faisal The reputation of Sheikh Faisal is distinguished by his uncompromising stance for Truth and Justice, and his refusal to sit idly by as the blood of Muslims is spilled and mankind's most basic human rights are trampled beneath the feet of the Earth's most rebellious tyrants.

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