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Malgudi days is a series made by India Doordarshan back in the 1986 when the resources & technologies were limited yet these episodes can not even be reproduced today. The excellent writing style of the famous writer RK Narain and the hard workf actors and directors of the series make this series of short TV plays unique and un-compareable.

About this site

This site has been created by me Jamal Panhwar a tour operator and Web Programmer. I used to watch these episodes on Sony TV many years ago and one just had a chance to search on the Internet and found several episodes on YouTube. I am and was sure that due to humongous size of YouTube one can not surely find these episodes for long enough hence I saved some of those plays and presenting here for the world to see.

Malgudi Days Title Song

Malgudi Days Title Song

Play Sonia

Malgudi Days Title song was no less soothing than the plays. The meloday had no words but the tune and vocla of "Tana Nana Tana Nana" depicted an image of the life and story to be unfold in the plays of Malgudi. Listen To The Title Song of Malgudi Days

Swami & Friends

Swami & Friends Malgudi Days

Swami is one of the popular character who can be any of us it can me me and it can be you as well. Swami studies at School in Malgudi he has few friends who at times fight with him ad also are his best mates. A new stidents comes and Swami and his friends handle him differently. An excellent story to tackle CHANGE in life. Watch Swami & Friends

Swami & Thief (A Hero)

Swami is forced by his father to sleep at the office nearby Alone. Swami is scared yet he agrees to sleep to prove indeed he is a brave boy. At night a thief breaks into the office from the window Swami is scared and hides himself under a bench and catch thiefs legs and bites it next day he is rewarded as a breave boy by the local police station. Watch Swami & Thief

Leela's Friend

Little Leel's mother kept a servant who became a very good friend of Leels. Once Leel's mothers neckless was missing she blamed that the servant might have stolen. Every one except Leela thought Servant was thief. He was put into jail after some time neckless was found but no one thought of the poor servant  Watch Leels's Friend

Mithai Wala

Children and parents relations specially when parents grow up they think parents are old fashioned or they dont know much. The Swats Seller or Mithai wala is a story of such an old man whose son married an American girl. The play is about how life goes on with ups and downs

Watch Mithaiwala

Seventh House

A very touching story of a man whose wife was sick and the Pandit conviced him to go to a prostitute to and that would cure the wife he bumps into a doney cart fellow who makes him realize what a mistake he was making hence the man asks the donkey cart old man "Take Me to Home" instead of a prostitutes hone Donkey Cart man say: "Don't  worry Saheb You have lost nothing" Watch Seventh House

Trail of green Blazer

A story of a pick pocket  who did one good thing by trying to return the purse of a man and got caught

Watch Trail Of Green Blazer

Willing Slave

An Ayya (House maid) who gives her life to serve She serves at her masters house gives her all earning to her boys and in the end when her husband come she goes to live with him to serve. Watch Leels's Friend