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 The following are the officials dealing with NICOP, the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis, as well as the POC, the Pakistan Origin Card. Further information is available at at

Very briefly, NICOP is meant for all Pakistani citizens in the United States. It replaces the National Identity Card or NIC. The fee for NICOP has been revised, it is now US$15 for 10 years validity.

POC is meant for US nationals of Pakistani origin. Such nationals can now choose between a Pakistani passport or a POC.

Washington DC:

Ozair Dogar, telephone 202-243-3275, and fax number 202-686-1534. The official takes calls directly from 11-00 am to 3-00 pm.

He can also be contacted via email at

Download Adobe Acrobat to view and print applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (as anwered by Ozair Dogar)

Q: I want to register my child, where do i get the RG-2 form (Bay-form) ?
A: The RG-2 form (Bay-form) has been discontinued in Pakistan, Pakistani applicants of all ages need to apply for NICOP, including minors (under the age of 18).

Q: What documents do I need to apply for NICOP?
A: Alongwith both the application forms you need 2 photographs(blue background), money order or cashier's check for the fee ($15) made payable to "NADRA", Pakistani passport's copy and National ID Card's (NIC) copy. In case the applicant has no NIC the RG-2 (Bay-form) may be used. In case RG-2 form is not available, the registration of Pakistani children born abroad may be used (Form S-1).

Q: What documents do I need to apply for POC?
A: Alongwith the application you need 2 photographs(blue background), money order or cashier's check for the fee ($100 for adults, $50 for minors) made payable to "NADRA", American passport's copy and at least 1 proof of Pakistani origin. Proof of Pakistani origin can be an old passport, NIC, proof property owned in Pakistan or proof of relationship with a Pakistani (Marriage or Birth Certificate).

Q: The forms claim the NICOP fee is $25 for multiples of 3 years, what is the latest fee structure?
A: The forms reflect the old fee structure, please ignore the validity section on the forms. The current fee structure is $15 for validity of 10 years.

Q: The forms claim POC validity is 7 years, is this correct?
A: No, the validity of POC is now 10 years.

Q: What is the approximate processing time for POC/NICOP applications?
A: Approximate processing time is 2 months. The delay is mainly because the cards are made in Pakistan and then send to the mission here.

Q: Do I need to send a return envelope with my application?
A: Yes, if you want to receive a receipt for your application filed with this office. The return envelope is not used for your card, that is sent on our expense.

Q: Do I need to send separate money orders/cashier's checks for each applicant?
A: No, upto 8 POC applicants or 8 NICOP applicants can use 1 money order/cashier's check for their fees, however payment of one card may not be mixed with that of another (POC may not be mixed with that of NICOP and vice versa). If one family is applying for both types of cards, make sure you include separate money orders/cashier's checks for each type.

Q: Are there any other special instructions with regard to sending in an application?
A: Each application is processed individually so if one family is applying, make sure you attach separate copies of each document with each application e.g. do not send just 1 copy of a father's NIC when he is applying for himself, his wife and his kids. Also make sure you mark your application "ATTN: NADRA" so that it reaches me quickly and doesnt experience any delays in the mail room.

Q: I need to change my name. What do I do?
A: To apply under a different name than your supporting documentation you need valid proof of name change. This can be a Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers or Court Order of name change.

Q: I am a student here, can I get a fee waiver?
A: Yes, but then you will not get a card, you will only be registered in the National Database. If you want the card, you will have to pay for it.

Q: Do I really need to fill out the urdu based NICOP forms?
A: That depends. If you do not have a CNIC (Computerized National ID Card) or have an old normal NIC, then you must fill out these forms. If you have a CNIC then these forms need not be filled but you must send a copy of your CNIC with the NICOP application.

New York:

Waqas Munawar , his telephone number is 212-879-5800 and extension is 227. The fax number is 212-517-6987.

Los Angeles:

Mr Zaheer Babar, telephone number is 310-446-6695 and his fax number is 310-441-9256.


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