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Travel Insurance in Pakistan

Travel Insurance in Pakistan is mandatory for travel to Europe, while for tours and travel within Pakistan and to other countries travel Insurance offers many benefits which can reduce the travel hassle which is quite common in our country.

The Insurance packages we offer are best for travel within Pakistan and abroad, The international travel insurance gives coverage that travels wherever you go, be it medical care, trip interruption or emergency travel services,

We offer, AIG TravelPak which has covered millions of travelers throughout Pakistan. AIG is Pakistan's leading provider of travel insurance plans. Coverage provided through AIG TravelPak is easy to buy just call us at 0321-2424778, select your plan send us the payment for premium and the Insurance will be immediately sent to you by email. This insurance is verifiable by embassies, yourself and hospitals abroad.

Insurance Packages

There are 4 packages we currently offer for travelers in Pakistan, these packages are provided by AIG Insurance, however we also cater for packages of other Insurance companies. Following is the details of all the packages we offer.

Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM 0321-2424-778

1. Schengen Insurance Package

This is for the International travel from Pakistan to schengen countries, as it is required by the visa application. The policy offers health and other travel hassles protection.

Following are the rates for the Insurance You may buy these packages online or over the phone depositing the premium in our account, all Insurance policies are sent electronically and are verifiable by the Scengen counties Embassies and Insurance companies.

 This Insurance offers the following benefits for holders all amounts in US Dollars

 Number of Days Insured

For Individual Traveller

Price for Age Limit 0 to 65 Years Cost for Age Limit 65 to 70
7 Days 3000 5700
14 Days 4950 9900
21 Days 6950 13900
31 Dyas 8450 16900
62 Days 13300 26600
92 Days 19300 38600
365 Days (1 year Multiple Trips) 27100 54200

Premium or the cost of the policy per person in Pakistan rupees

 Number of Days Insured
For Family Travelling together
Husband Wife and
maximum 4 children under 12
Price for
Age Limit 0 to 65
Cost for
Age Limit 65 to 70
7 Days 4450 8900
14 Days 7500 15000
21 Days 10250 20500
31 Dyas 12250 24500
62 Days 17850 35700
92 Days 27100 54200
365 Days (1 year Multiple Trips) 51350 102700

All Terms, Conditions & Exclusions as per Jubilee Generalís Via Care Policy. Family consist of a spouse and maximum of 4 children within age limit of 6 months to 18 years. Schengen Family Family Individual Age Limit 0-65 Age Limit 66-70 Individual Maximum stay limit for Multi trip packages (365 days package) is 92 days

Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM at 0321-2424-778, 0321-2424778 For Lahore please call : 0321-8837-423



Key features of the policy

Personal Accident - covers death and permanent disablement.
Medical & Sickness Expenses - covers hospitalization expenses for accident or illness, including In-Hospital and Out Patient (OPD) expenses.
Loss of checked baggage - covers total and complete loss of baggage checked in by an international airline.
Delay of checked baggage - covers cost of emergency purchase of replacement items.
Loss of passport - covers reasonable and necessary expenses to obtain a duplicate passport or a valid travel document.
Personal liability - covers legal liability attaching in a private capacity during the course of overseas travel.
Cash Less Service - Direct settlement for in - hospital medical expenses abroad.
Emergency Cash Advance - American International Assistance Service (AIAS) will arrange for cash payments to an Insured Person through a variety of sources, including credit cards, hotels, banks, consulates and Western Union. AIAS provides this service to supplement the facilities of an Insured Person’s credit cards. Credit card transactions performed by AIAS are subject to confirmed credit.

Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM at 0321-2424-778, .

2. Student Guard (Insurance for Students)

The Stodent Guard is a policy created for Pakistani students studying abroad. The benefits of this policy Include, Medical expenses for Accident / Sickness while abroad, Personal Accident during the studies either on road or at campus, Felonious Assault (Serious attack by some one) Medical Evacuation (Transportation in case of medical emergency, Emergency Family Travel, Death Repatriation, Baggage Loss, AIAS 24-Hour Assistance, Tuition Assurance

Amount in US$.

  Classic Classic Plus Elite Elite Plus
Emergency Medical Expenses* 50,000 50,000 100,000 100,000
*Deductible on Medical Expenses 100 100 100 100
Personal Accident 10,000 10,000 20,000 20,000
Felonious Assault 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000
Baggage Loss (Checked) 500 500 1,000 1,000
                  Per item Limit. 50 50 100 100
                  Per Baggage Limit 250 250 500 500
Emergency Family Travel 1,500 1,500 3,000 3,000
Medical Evacuation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Death Repatriation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Assistance Services Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tuition Assurance N/A 20,000 N/A 30,000

* Deductible for Medical & Sickness (AM & SE) US$ 100

 ** For Baggage Loss (Checked)

Amount in PKR

Period Classic Classic Plus Elite Elite Plus
6-Months 19,800 21,490 28,900 31,150
1-Year 29,900 33,275 39,900 44,400

Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM at 0321-2424-778, 0321-2424-778.

3 Domestic Guard (Travel Insurance For travel within Pakistan)

With Domestic travel insurance through AIG Travel, you'll have coverage that travels wherever you travel within Pakistan. Whether you need coverage for accidental medical care, trip interruption or insure your house in your absence, AIG Domestic Guard is there for you.

We have been the Market Leader in International Travel Insurance for more than 11 years and realize the importance of having Travel Insurance. That is the reason why we have introduced Travel Insurance for Domestic Passengers since they face risks when they are travelling within Pakistan. AIG DomesticGuard is an affordable Travel Insurance which is easy to buy and provides you with a peace of mind so that you continue your journey without the troubles.

AIG Domestic Guard provides travelers with numerous coverage options. Whether it's a trip for one week or a month, we have a product that fits your travel needs.

All Amounts in Pak Rs.

Personal Accident & Medical Benefits 



Accidental Death & Accidental Disability



Accidental Medical Reimbursement



Emergency Medical Evacuation



Death Repatriation



Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Loss of Baggage (per item limit of 10%)



Loss of CNIC



Flight Delay (after every 4 hrs, 12 hrs max)



Trip Interruption



Additional Benefits

Home Protection Whilst Travelling



ATM Cash Snatch whilst Travelling



Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM at 0321-2424-778.

All Amounts in Pak Rs.

Individual Rates 



Upto 7 days



Upto 15 days



Upto 21 days



Upto 30 days



Every Additional 7 days (max upto 60 days)



Annual Multi Trip (max 30 days per trip)



All Amounts in Pak Rs.

Family Rates



Upto 7 days



Upto 15 days



Upto 21 days



Upto 30 days



Every Additional 7 days (max upto 60 days)



Annual Multi Trip (max 30 days per trip)



Contact us today for your insurance or call us 9AM to  7PM at 0321-2424-778.

- Customers between ages 6 months to 69 years, 364 days are covered 
- Family option includes Insured Person, Spouse and 4 children. Maximum age for children covered is 18 years. 
- Please refer to Terms & Conditions for details.

4. Umrah & Ziarat Guard


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