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Table No. 17 : Comparative Statement of Mountaineering Regulations
in China, India, Nepal & Pakistan
All applications must be made on approved forms or in a specified manner as outlined by the
separate mountaineering associations. Applications need to be made sufficiently in advance:
The Chinese authorities undertake to respond to applications within 60 days;
The Indian Mountaineering Foundation requires 90 days before an expedition arrives in
Nepal's Tourism Act ordinarily requires applications be made at lease four months in
The Pakistan government requires applications to be filed between January 1 and
December 31 of the year preceding the proposed expedition.

All expeditions are expected to provide reports, and in some cases attend briefing and de-briefing
sessions. Some host countries impose restrictions on photography, filming and videography.

The table at following Appendix "A" provides a comparative view of the royalties, which must be paid
in convertible currency, usually US$, charged by the host countries.

China requires that for Mt. Everest/Qomolungma, Cho Oyu, Shishapangma/ Xarabangma and other
mountains above 8000m a non-refundable registration fee be paid along with a non-refundable
deposit in advance and the full costs of an expedition be remitted in US$ to the Chinese
Mountaineering Association one month before entering China. The registration fee and deposit are
counted towards the costs but are forfeited in case an expedition is cancelled.

India allows booking upto three years in advance along with a 25% advance of the prescribed
royalty/handling charges payable by Indian tour operators to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.
A graded schedule is specified for later bookings or for additional peaks, and full charges are
payable on receipt of confirmation of booking.

Nepal requires five percent royalty amount for the Mount Everest mountain and ten percent royalty
for other mountains for the issuance of preliminary mountaineering expedition permit and shall have
to pay to the rest of the royalty within one year of such permit.

Pakistan requires that full royalty payment be made to the nearest diplomatic mission or tourism
office at the time of application.

Ordinarily, standard royalties are payable for expeditions upto 11 members in China, 12 in India, 7
in Nepal and 7 in Pakistan. Additional members, within limits, may be included at additional fees.
India does not usually permit parties of less than three members.