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All host countries require that liaison officers, headmen and porters be insured. The
comparative details are as follows:-
China requires the payment of insurance premiums, which range from $80 for
assistant liaison officers to $150 for a liaison officer and $200 to $300 for high
altitude porters.
India asks expeditions to insure porters for $3,000 for guides/headmen, $2,000 for
high altitude porters and $1,500 for base camp staff or low altitude porters, Indian
Mountaineering Foundation arranges insurance for it's liaison officers.
Nepal requires liaison officers to be insured for Rs.200,000 (NR), headmen/guides
for Rs.150,000 (NR), high altitude porters for Rs.100,000 (NR), base camp and
local porters for Rs.50,000 (NR).
Pakistan asks expeditions to insure liaison officers for Rs. 200,000 (PR), high
altitude porters for Rs. 100,000 (PR) and other porters for Rs. 50,000 (PR).

Trekking Fee:
No trekking fee is currently levied in India and China.
Nepal levies $5 per person per week for most areas, Controlled areas attract $70 per person
for seven days, and special areas, such as Mustang can be visited at a fee of $700 for 10

Pakistan charges $ 50 per person per trek.

In all host countries, there are regulations relating to access, open and closed areas.

Host countries will penalize expeditions if they contravene regulations or the terms of their

China's Sports Commissions at various levels are empowered to give warnings or impose
fines ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 Yuan, and halt expeditions if they violate regulations or
climb mountains without permission.

India reserves the right to debar individuals for five to ten years if they are found climbing
without permission or violating environmental protection rules. Fines of two to four times the
royalty can also be imposed.

Nepal may ban any mountaineering expedition or its members from entering the kingdom for
a period of up to five years or climbing activity up to 10 years for violation of rules and
regulations. Fines of up to twice the royalty amount may also be imposed.

Pakistan's Tourism Division is authorized to disqualify a party or its members from
mountaineering for up to four years and take other legal action as is warranted for violation of
rules and regulations.