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Table No.19 : Terms and Conditions for Grant of Permission to Trekking
Parties for Undertaking Trekking Tours in Pakistan

Procedure for Applying for Permission:
1. Trekking means the act of traveling on foot to a maximum height of six
thousand meters (6000M) with the purpose of sight-seeing and recreation at
various natural and cultural sites in places where means of modern transport
are either not available or are purposely not used.
2. Issue of permits to trekking parties shall be regulated as follows:

a) Treks situated in the Open Areas:
Foreign are allowed to trek in the Open Zone without permit and guide
b) Specified treks in the Restricted Areas:
i. Specified trekking routes in Restricted Areas (comprising of districts
of Chitral, Gilgit and Skardu).
c) Unspecified treks in "Restricted Areas".
i. Applications for treks other than specified shall be submitted to the
Ministry of Tourism (Operation Section) on prescribed form in
ii. Permission or rejection for undertaking these trek would be
communicated with 15 days of receipt of complete application in the
Ministry of Tourism (Operation Section).
iii. Parties so permitted shall be accompanied by a Registered trekking
guide/Liaison Officer to be detailed by the Government of Pakistan.
iv. The trekking permit is issued by Ministry of Tourism (Operation
Section) will be valid for 30 days.

3. Government reserves the right to cancel the permission issued in favour of
any party/trekker at any time without assigning any reason.
4. In case, however, a party postpones/cancels its visit, it shall so inform the
Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Wing, (Operation Section) by the quickest
possible means.