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Table No. 22 :
(a) Events Organized in Connection with Celebration of Golden
Jubilee of the Conquest of K-2 and 51
Anniversary of Nanga
Parbat in 2004.
The inaugural Session of Celebration was held on 10
July, 2004 at Islamabad.
The Prime Minister had graced the occasion. Over four hundred guests including
parliamentarians, politicians, senior civil & army officials, foreign diplomats, 100
foreign guests.
A painting exhibition of the famous painter Ghulam Rasul depicting various
mountains was also inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister.
Beside this a documentary by Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization
(MGPO) was also shown before the arrival of the Honourable Prime Minister.
A conference was held on 10
July, 2004, which covered the topics "The
Mountains of Pakistan, Adventure Tourism, Environment Protection and poverty
A familiarization trip to Northern Areas by Road in the shape of convey culminating
at Skardu was made on 11
July, 2004. The convey included the ambassadors
from Myanmar, Bosnia, Iran, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand and Cultural
Counselor from France, China and Germany, foreign invitees, foreign & local
media representatives and local dignitaries besides Members of the Parliament.
Foreign media comprised of representatives of CNN, BBC, Reuters, AFP, China
News, Al-Jazirya, ARY, UNP, Geo, Middle East News Agency.
The Northern Areas Administration organized following events at Skardu:
Polo Match.
Pakistan post has issued the commemorative stamp.
The Minister of Italian Government initiated some projects in Northern Areas i.e.
the training of the mountaineering and also laid the foundation stone of a
mountaineering museum at the PTDC Motel, Skardu.
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).

Features of the Special publicity programme executed over the year 2004
Production of Tourist publications and promotional material.
Joint participation in leading international tourism fairs/exhibitions & events and
Food Festivals abroad.
Participation in local fairs, exhibitions, events and conferences.
Production of films, audio & visuals slides, duplicates/ photographs.
Distribution of literature & display material abroad as well as, in the country to
Foreign Missions.
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).