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A joint American Pakistan Expedition led by George Bell makes the first ascent of
Gasherbrum the K1; Capt Javed Akhter reaches the summit and becomes first
Pakistani to make ascent of a high peak. He is awarded first President's Medal for
Pride of Performance in the field of mountaineering.
A joint Japanese Pakistan Expedition makes first ascent of Soltoro Kangrai. Raja
Bashir Ahmad from Karakoram Club becomes first Pakistani to climb Soltoro
Alpine Club of Pakistan (ACP) is established with Lt. Gen. Ghulam Jilani Khan as its
President and Brig. G.S. But as its Secretary. A joint American Pakistan expedition
to Paiyu peak (6600 m) is launched under Dr. Nicholas B. Clinch. Pakistani
members include Fit Lt. Javed Iqbal, Lt. Saeed Ahmad and Mr. Momin Hamid (who
lost during an accident on the peak). The expedition is unsuccessful. (organized by
First Pakistani Services Expedition makes the first ascend of the unclimbed 6600 m
high Paiyu peak. Nazir Sabir, Maj. Manzoor Hussain (leader) and Maj. Bashir Ahmed
reach the summit. Other members included Sqn. Ldr. Javed Iqbal, Capt. Saeed
Ahmad, Capt Amjad Kamal Butt, Capt. Muhammad Ayaz, Capt. Dr. Tahir Ahmed
and Flt Lt. Yousafzai. (organized by ACP).
First Joint Japanese Pakistan Expedition launched to K-2, Pakistani side includes
Nazir Sabir, Ashraf Aman and Capt. Sher Khan. Mr. Ashraf Aman becomes first
Pakistani to make ascent to K-2 along with other Japanese members (organized by
Joint Pakistan Japanese Services Expedition (under Capt. Chitoshi Ando and Maj.
Manzoor Hussain) makes first ascent of Passu peak. Capt. Sher Khan and Inyat
Wali reach the summit with four Japanese members, (organized by ACP).
Maj. Fayyaz Hussain becomes first Pakistani to climb Gasherbrum II while in the
company of an Austrian expedition.

First joint Polsih Pakistan expedition climbs Rakaposhi, Capt Sher Khan becomes
first Pakistani to climb Rakaposhi (organized by ACP).
Nazir Sabir becomes second Pakistani to ascend K-2 with a Japanese Expedition
Pakistan holds first ever International Mountaineering and Trekking Convention
(organized by Ministry of Tourism).