Amazon Products Feed Variables

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Options available in the script

Options you can override or specify in the URL

Possible values for mode

StoreUS mode UK mode DE mode
All Productsblended blended blended
Booksbooks books_uk books_de
Classical Musicclassical classical classical_de
DVDdvd dvd_uk dvd_de
Electronicselectronics electronics_uk ce_de
Outdoor Livinggarden
Kitchen & Housewareskitchen kitchen_uk kitchen_de
Magazinesmagazines magazines_de
Popular Musicmusic music pop_music_de
Camera & Photophoto
Softwaresoftware software_uk software_de
Toys & Gamestoys toys_uk
Tools & Hardwareuniversal
Videovhs vhs_uk vhs_de
Computer & Video Gamesvideogames video_games_uk video_games_de
English Books books_de_intl_us

Possible values for search_type

Possible values for sort

Variables for use in the Templates

All of the XML elements returned from Amazon are converted into variables for use in the script. These elements are listed on the AWS Request Results page. You can use any of those elements as variable by placing %% before and after the element name. The variables listed below are additional variables generated by the script from those results.

You can also use an apf command to display all available variables both those generated by the script and those that are taken directly from Amazon's XML. To display all variables put the following line in a page.template:
<!--apf &apf_show_vars=ALL!!-->

Options you can specify in the Templates

A few Possible Values for node

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