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Name                                 Rais  Ahmed Samdani                            Top of the page

Present Position        Sr.Librarian: Government College  for Men, Nazimabad, Karachi. 
                                    Hon. Director:        School of Librarianship, P.B.W.G. 
                                   Managing Editor:     Pakistan Library Bulletin" 
                               Secretary:          Pakistan Library Association, Sindh. 
                                    Secretary General   Pakistan  Bibliographical Working Group 
                                    President      :     Sindh Council of College Librarians. 
                                    Member Board of   Director/Joitn Secretary: SPIL (Society for the 
                               Promotion and Improvement of Libraries) Founder President 
                                    Hakim Muhammad Saeed Shaheed. 
Father:                  Anis Ahmed Samdani (Married with Safia Sultana D/O 
                                    Umaid Hassan Sabzwari in March 1947) Migrated from India  in   1948. 
                                    (Died on Friday, 5th S eptember 1997,  Buried in  Azizabad, Karachi.

Mother:               Safia Sultana , Born in 1925 at Faridkot, India  D/O Umaid Hassan 

Date of   Birith          15th March 1948, in School record the date of birth  is however, 
of  R.A. Samdani:      given as 25th March 1949.

Place of Birth:           Mailsi, (District Multan,  now  Mailsi is in   Distric Vihari, Punjab)

Grant father:         Haqiq Ahmed  S/O Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim Azad,   (Died in 
                                   Karachi, Buried in Shershah, Karachi).

Grand mother:          Amtul Baqi D/O Turab Ali Sabzwari (Grand Father of 
                                   Dr. Ghaniul Akram Sabzwari)

Paternal Grant father: Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim Azad (Born:  25th Feburary 1868), 
                                      born in his ancestoral house at Hussainpur, District Muzaffar Nagar, 
                                      U. P. He was a religious scholar well versed in shariat and legal affairs 
                                      for he was Chief Judge of High Court and was a poet  (Naat go Shair), 
                                      always praise of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  (P.B.U.H.) His book 
                                      of  poems (Dewan) entitled  Sana-e-Khaliq,Dwan-e-Azad” 
                                     published in 1923  from Agra  Murtazai  Press, India.He was 
                                     Chief Judge of ikanair  High Court  (Died on June 7 , 1946 
                                      (Buried in Bikaner, Rajistan,  India).

Paternal home land:     Hussain Pur, District Muzafar Nagar, U.P.India (Ancestors 
                                        homeland was Hussainpur, District Muzaffar Nagar, U.P. (Hussainpur 
                                        was build by Khansahab Hussain Khan (Sondhe Khan) in 1100 A. D. 
                                        The progenitors (Fore-father) migrated from Hussainpur to  Farid Kot 
                                        and  finally  setteled at “BIKANAIR”, Rajistan, India.

Maternal  father:          Umaid Hassan Sabzwari, married with  'Sahifa'  D/O Inayat Ai 
                                       (Hussainpuri) at Amratser, India.( Died in March 1948, at Farid Kot 
                                       India).   He was Patwari.

Maternal mother:         Sahifa D/O Inayat Ali (from  Hussainpur, Muzaffarnagar, U.P.)   died in 
                                      1932, at Belbeer  Basti , Farid Kot, Buried in Farid Kot.

Maternal home land:    Farid Kot, India ( Anscestors homland was  “Banat”,  India, from 
                                       where migrated to Farid  Kot)

Shajrah (Lineage):         The Shajrah (Table of succeeding members of the family) of 
                                        Hussainpuri  Family  prepared by Mr.  Mashkoor Ahmed and Mr. 
                                        Khalid Parveiz, published Youngmen Hussainpuri  Association 
                                        Karachi, in 1991.

Religion:                      Islam (Sunni)

Marriage:                    Married  his causin  Shahnaz Akhtar   on December 20, 1975.

Father–in-law:             Khurshid Ahmed Qureshi, Born at  Kotkapura, India in 1927, Died in 
                                     Rawalpindi on Fridy  May 15, 1987, (Buried in Latifabad, Hyderabad)

Mother-in-law:            Zakia Khatoon  D/O Umaid Hassain.(Born in 1930 at Farid Kott )

My Family 
Wife:                             Shahnaz Akhtar,  Born: 7th  December 1951, at Tharoshah, Sindh. 
                                       Profession:  School  Teacher since 1971- to date.

Children:                     sons- 2   ,   daughters - 2 
           Fahina Mehnaz Samdani  (Born:, 13th  October 1976, at Karachi Health Centre, 
                                             Kharadar, Lyari, Karachi) Education: B. A. from University of 
                                             Karachi. (Sir Syed Govt. Girls College, Nazimabad,  Karachi)

            Adeel Ahmed Samdani (Born; 6th December 1977, at Karachi Health Centre, 
                                             Kharadar, Lyari, Karachi).  Education B. Com. 
                                             from University of Karachi  (Govt Premeir College).

             Sehar Samdani (Born; 6th June 1980, Boarn in Karachi, died on  15th 
                                            July 1980),  Buried in Latifabad No.11, Hyderabad, Sindh)

            Hafiz Nabeel Ahmed Samdani (Born:  3rd 1982, at Karachi Health Centre, 
                                             Kharadar, Lyari, Karachi) ).  Learnet Holy Quran by heart  at the 
                                             age of 13 from  Ashraful  Madris,  Gulshan-e-Iqbal  Karachi. 
                                             Student of  D.J.Govt  Science College.

Brother’s and Sisters:     Brothers: 
                                          Pervaiz Ahmed Samdani  (  Married  his causin 
                                                  Munawar  Perveen D/O  Dr. Manzoorul Haq Sabzwari. 
                                          Tasleem Ahmed Samdani,  married  his causin Rubina 
                                                  Parveen D/O  Mr. Asraruddin. 
                                          Nadeem Ahmed Samdani,   married with  Asma,( out side the  family) 
                                          Naheed Samdani,  married with Shahid Ahmed Siddiqui. 
                                                  S/o  Haji Wajid Ahmed 
                                          Shaheen Samdani. married  her causin Khalid Marghoob 
                                                  Siddiqui. S/O  Mr. Marghoob Ahmed Siddiqui 
                                          Ruhi Samdani,  married with  Arshad Nadeem. S/O Mr. Laiq Ahmed.

Nationality:                      Pakistani  by birth.

Education:                                                                                                Top of the page 
                                                    M.A. (Library Science), University of Karachi,  First Class 
                                                       M.A. (Political Science) University of Karach, 2nd. Class.

N.I.C. NO:                                     509-48-102991

N.T.N:                                            27  03  05547297

Address:                    B-401, Modern Complex, Gulshan-e-Sir Syed, 
                                    (North Karachi), Sector 11-I, Karachi-Ph. 6977737 

Academic/Professional Qualification:                            Top of the page

                          Institution                        Cert./Dip./Degree                               Year

                         Ghazi Muhammad                Primary School  Certificate                  1961 
                         Bin Qasim Primary 
                         School, Masan Road, 

                        Govt Boys Sec. Sschool       S.S.Certificate(Matriculation)               1966 
                        (Maripure)    Karachi

                        S.M. Art/Commerce             HSC, Intermediate                              1968 
                        College, Karachi

                         Haji Abdullah Haroon          B.A. (Pass)                                           1970 
                         College, Lyari,                     University  of  Karachi. 

                        University of            Post Graduate Diploma                                   1971 
                         Karachi                  in  Library Science.

                        University of                     MLS                                                      1972 
                         Karachi.              (M.A. Library Sciene)

                         University of                         Certificate in                                           1972 
                         Karachi.                            Turkish Language.

                        National Cadet               Cert. of Service  as a                                     1972 
                        Corps, Karachi               Coy  Officer.

                        University of                    Certificate in                                                  1980 
                         Karachi                           Sindhi Language.

                        University of                    M.A. in Political                                         1985 
                        Karachi.                                 Science.

                        NIPA, Karachi.              Cert. “Management                                     1989 
                                                               Course for Library 
                                                               and Information 

                      Department of Lib.          Referesher Course Library                              1990 
                      and Inf. Sc.Univ.of 

                      PIM (Pakistasn               Cert. “How to prepare                                  1994 
                      Institute of                         a   Marketing Plan”. 

Professional/Service Carear:                                                     Top of the page 
           Employer/Institution              Position                                  Period 
Administrative    Govt of Sindh,                         Librarian                23.5.1973 to  30-7-1973 
                               Govt Superior Science 
                                Collge, Karachi.

                                Karachi Univ. Library    Research Assostant               24.12.1973 
                                (Dr. Mahmud Hussain 
                                Library), under NDVP.

                                Library Advisory            Technical                                  1973 
                                Centre.                            Librarian 
                               Organized the following libraries: 
                                1)   Hamdard Library of Hakim Muhammad Saeed ( Baitul Hikmah) 
                                2)   Islamic Centre Library, North Nazimabad. 
                                3)   Maulvi Tsamizuddin Library, Jamiat-ul-Falah.

                                JPMC Library         Assistant Librarian                     1973 
                               Could not join)

                               Govt of  Sindh.                 Librarian                         26.12.1973-to-date 
                              Education Department,     (BPS- 17) 
                               Served  in the following Colleges:

                               1) Govt Collge of Physical        "                        06.12.1973 to 31-12-1973 
                                  Education, Karachi 
                               2) Govt Premier College.          "                        01.01.1974 to 31-03-1974 
                               3) Haji Abdullah Haroon         “                          01.04.1974 to 02-10-1997 
                                   Govt College, Lyari.

                              4) Govct Girls  Sc. & Commerce "                     04.10.1991 to 1992 
                                  College, Federal, “B” Area, Karachi.

                                Promoted  in BPS–18      Sr. Librarian/B-18           19th May 1991 
                                 Promoted/Move-Over       Sr. Librarian                   December 1992 
                                In BPS-19   BPS-19

                            5) Govt College for Men,       Sr. Librarian          02.10.1997   to- date 
                                Nazimabad, Karachi             BPS-19 

Teaching Assignment                                                                        Top of the page

Under Graduate Teaching: 
i)   Taucht Library Science as an optional subject in  to Intermediat classes in Haji Abdullah Haroon 
      Govt.College from 1976 toSeptember 1997. 
ii)   Teachiing   Library Science  in the School of Librarianship, sponsored by thePakistan 
       Bibliographical Working Group, Karachi  from 1974to –date. 
iii)  Taught Library Science as an optional subject in Govt Girls Intermediat Arts and Science 
       College, North   Nazimabad, Block  “M”, Karachi for the academic year 1995. 
iv)  Presently teasching the same subject in  Govt College for Men, Nazimabad Karachi. 
v)   Taught Library Science in the Class of Certificate Course of Library Science organized by the 
       Department of Libraries, Ministry of Eduction, Government of Pakistan at its Regional 
        Office,at  Liaquat Memorial Library Building, Stadium Road, Karachi as Course 
         Incharge.The course  was started from April 23, 1988.

Post Graduate Teaching: 
                                       Served as  “Cooperative Teacher”  in the Department of Library and 
                                       Information Science, University of Karachi in 1995 & 1997. 

AWARDS / HONOURS                                                             Top of the page

1994    Awarded   Certificate of Merit by the Pakistan Library Association (PLA) in 1994, 
            announced in the PLA 15th Bi-annual Conference held in December 27 – 29, 1994 at 
            NIPA , Lahore.

1997    Awared    ACADEMIC AWARD 1997 by the Sindh Professors and Lecturers 
            Association (SPLA) in 1997. 

Dialogue and Talk on T. V. (Karachi)                                          Top of the page 
        Participated as a participant in a dialogue and talk on T. V. programme entitled “Iraday 
our Manzillain”  (Eps. No.6).  Programme telecast by the Karachi Television Centre on 
September  9, 1998, duration of the programmewas 20 minutes.  Programme coordinator was 
Prof. Hsahmatullah Lodhi, Ex. Principal, S.M. Science Govt College and Aditional Secretary, Govt of Sindh.Other particippants was Prof. Dr.Syed Jalaluddin Haider  (Ex. Chairman, 
Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi) and Prof. Dr. 
Naeemuddin Qureshi, Ex- Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Univesity of Karachi. 

Published Works of R.A.Samdani:            Top of the page

R. A. Samdani has written and edited  26 books in Urdu and English language. Has published more than 75 articles on different aspects of Library and Information Science, Islam and biographies. He has been the  sole editor of some, or co-editor of other publications.

1)     Managing Editor: 
        Pakistan  Library Bulletin/ Published  by Library Promotion Bureau,  (Quartery 
        journal in the field of ibrary and Information Scinence being published regularly from 
        Pakistan since 1968 to -date. 
2)     Chief Editor: 
        Pakistan Library Association Newsletter – (Sindh Branch Council) -  1991-1994  (Edited 
        and published 10 issues) 
3)     Co-Editor: 
        PLA Newsletter – 1996 -1997 
4)     Member Editorial Committee: 
        PLA Newsletter – 1999 -  to-date 
5)     Co-Editor: 
        Mujjala “Akram” Karachi, published by Bazm-e-Akram – 1979 
6)     Member Editorial Committee” 
        Newsletter ‘SPIL”   News and Views”   1987 - 1988 
7)     Honorary Representative” 
        Weekly  “Idrak”,  Sialkot 
8)     Editor 
         Newsletter, Taj Welfare Centre, Karachi  - 1973.

BOOKS  ( in English 11     -    in Urdu 15) 
In English Language 
1      Dr. Moid and Pakistan Librarianship.(English and Urdu)/ Karachi Library Promotion 
           Bureau, 1980. 151p.(Co editor) 
2 )     Bibliographical  Sources On Islam / Karachi : Pakistan  Bibliographical 
          Working  Group, 1993. 44p. 
3)     Books on Pakistan in Haji Abdullah Haroon Govt College Library (Englis and Urdu) 
          / Karachi: The College, 1993, 62p; 
4)    Akhtar H. Siddiqui: A Bio-Bibliographical Study/Karachi: Pakistan Bibliographical 
          Working Group, 1995, 79p: (ISBN: 9969-8170-02-2) 
5)     Index of Pakistan Library Bulletin: 1968 – 1994/ Karachi: Library Promotion 
          Bureau,1996, 115p: (ISBN: 969-459-012-4) 
6)    Cumulative Index of Pakistan Library Review (PLR) Karachi: Pakistan 
         Bibliographical Working Group, 1998, 40p: (ISBN: 969-8170-03-0 
7)    Periodical Literature in Library and Information Science:an Index of 50 Years Works 
            in Pakistan (1947-1997)/by Rais Ahmed Samdani and Khalid Mahmood.- Karachi: 
            Pakistan Bliographical Working Group, 1999,  182p: 
            Web Version available on   https://www.travel-culture.com/pakistan/books/plb/mahmoodkhalid 
8)     Serials Management: A Study Guide for MLIS/ Islamabad: Allama Iqbal Open 
            University(in press) 
9)     Muhammad  Adil  Usmani: A Bio-Bibliographical Study/ Karachi: Pakistan 
           Bibliographical Working Group. in  press. 
10)     The National Bibliography of Pakistan:  Volume III  (Pure Sciences 
           Geography  and  History, (500 to 900)/ (Retrospective Pakistan National 
            Bibliography)    Islamabad:  Department of Libraries, Ministry of Education, Govt. of 
            Pakistan, 1999, 580p:

PAMPHLET (in English) 
11)      School of Librarianship, P.B.W. G.: Prospectus/ Karachi: Pakistan Bibliographical 
            Working Group, 1990. 
In Urdu Language: 
12)     Pakistan main scienci wa funi  adab; muntakhiba kitabiat , 1947-1974  ( Urdu , tr ; 
        Scientific Literature of  Urdu Language published from Pakistan : select bibliography ) Karachi 
        Library Promotion Bureau, 1975.  157p. 
13) Kutub Khanay Tarikh ki Roshni May. ( Urdu , tr. Libraries in the light of History) 
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14)     Adab Wa Kutub Khana. ( Urdu tr. Literature and Library ) / Karachi : Bazme -e- Akra 
        1980. 128p.(co-ditor) 
15) Ibtadai Library Science.Urdu, tr. Elementary Library Science) for XI LibraryScience/ 
        Karachi : Library Promotion Bureau ,  1980. 228p. 
        1st    Edition  in  February   1980 -  12th  Edition  published  in   September   1999

16)     Mubadiat –e- Library Science.( Urdu, tr. Basic library  Science) for XII Library 
            Science  Karachi : Library Promotion Bureau, 1985. 200p. 
          Ist   Edition  in   1985 - 
          2nd Edition  published  in   1989,  10th  Edition  published  in   1999

17)     Kitabiat Tib Wa Sehet ; ( Urdu , tr. Bibliography – Medicine and health )  / Karachi : 
            Pakistan Bibliographical  Working Group , 1992.70p. 
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              LibraryPromotion   Bureau, 1995, 200p: 3rd edition published in  1999 
20)     Taleemi library Science (Urdu)  for B. A. Library Science Part II/Karachi; Library 
         Promotion Bureau, 1995, 200p:  3rd edition published in 1999 
21)    Urdu main Kitabiati maakhiz(Bibliographical Sources published in Urdu)/  in Press.. 
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Research Report (Thesis)                                                                 Top of the page 
(Thesis) entitled “Scientific  Books published from Pakistani Urdu Language from 1947 to 1971: an annotated bibliography. (Books on Science and Technology  in Urdu Language published from Pakistan during the year 1947 to 1971). In, the Department of Library and Inf Science, University of   Karachi for M. A. examination in the 1972.(Thesis published in 1975) 
Message : “Souvenir of Taj Welfare Centre” published on the occasion of      Ten years 
performance of Municipal  Period . November 1989. ( Taj Welfare Centre is a  N.G. O. of the 
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!)        Carelessness (Ghaflath wa lapervahi) ' Regarding the Promotion of College Librarians'. 
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                                                                                                                                                                            Top of the page 
General Secretary,  Taj Welfare Centre, Karachi.1970-1982 
Member,   Education   Committee,   School   of  Librarianship, P.B.W.G.1973 
Member,  Constitution  Committee,  Constituted in the meeting of the College.librarians called by 
    the Inspector of Colleges,University of  Karachi on 25th April 1974. Meeting held under the 
    Chairmanship of  Mr. M. Adil Usmairi,  vide letter No.660/74, dated 10th May, 1974). 
Member 'Library Rules Committee' constituted by the Directorate of College Education, Karachi 
    Region, Karachi in 1975 (vide letter No.DCE/Lib/ 31399-1466/'15 dated 118th Oct, 1995). 
Honorary  Representative, weekly   IDRAK,   Sialkot. 1977-1979 
Managing Editor, Pakistan Library Bulletin, Library Promotion Bureau,  1978-to-to-date 
Chairman,   Karachi   University  Library  Science  Alumni Association KULSAA), 1978-1979. 
Vice  President ,  Bazm-e-A.kram,  Karachi  from  1979  to-date. 
Secretary General,  Pakistan Bib~ographical Working Group PBWG), Karachi, 1979-to-date. 
Member, Tanzeem Assataza-e-Pakistan , 1980-1990 
Vice President, Taj Welfare Centre, Karachi. (NGO of Karachi) 1980 - 1990 
Life Member: Talent Club, Sialkot (Faisalabad).L. M..No.1259, January30, 1981 
Member, Sindh Professors and Lecturer's Association (SPLA).1985 - to-date 
Member, Board of Drectors, Society for the Promotion and Improvement of 
    Libraries  (SPIL) in the meeting held on Oct.29, 1986 at Bankers Equity, State Life 
    Building  No,3,  under the Chairmanship of Makim Muhammad Said, President, SPIL. 
Assistant Secretary, SPIL, Karachi, 1986-to-date. 
Unit  Secretary,SPLA , Sindh Professors and Lecturers’ Association (Haji Abdullah Haraon Govt. 
    College Unit).1989-90 
Patron, Taj Welfare Centre, Lyari, Karachi from 1990-to-date.(NGO of Karachi) 1990-to-date 
Member, Souvenir Committee, Youngman Hussainpuri Association.1990. 
Secretary,  Youngman  Hussainpuri Association,  Karerchi  1990-1993. 
Member Executive Pakistan Library Association,  Sindh Branch  Council Coopted as member, 
    Executive Council,1991-1994. Meeting of the executive council was held on July 16, 1991 
    at NIPA Library. 
Chief Editor,  PLA Newsletter , Sindh Branch Council, 1991-1994. 
Member, Board of Studies in Library and Information Science, University of 
                    Karachi, vide notification No. R. 11/20/91, dated 12.10.1991. 
Chairman, Sub-Committee for Service Structure and Payscale of College Librarian, 
            constituted by the PLA, Sindh Branch Council in 1992. 
Unit  President,  Sindh Professors and Lecturers’ Association ( SPLA)Haji Abdullah 
            Haroon Govt.  College  1995. 
Coopted member, Pakistan Library Association, Sindh Branch Council,  coopted in the 
          meeting of the Executive Committee held on 29th May, 1995, at PLA Computer Centre, 
          Liaquat Memorial Library Building, Karachi.1995-96 
Cairman,  Accounts Commiteee·, PLA Sindh Branch Council , in the  meeting held on 16. 7. 1995 
Member Board of Studies, Library and Information Science. Univertsity of Karachi  from  09. 
        05.1995 to 30.10.1997 (vide notification No. R-II/20/95, dated 29.05.11995) 
Member the PLA Sindh Branch Council in its meeting held on 24th April 1996 nominated as 
          member of the committee to review and study the draft of ‘Public Library Act’ prepared 
          the PLA (HQ) Islamabad for comments. 
Member Editorial Board ‘PLA Newsletter’ Sindh  Branch Council  for the year  1995-1997  in 
         its  meeting held on 24th April 1996. 
President, Sindh Council of College Librarians, 1998 - to-date. 
Secretary Pakistan Library Association, Sindh Branch. 1998 
Member   Election Committee SPLA, Sindh for the year 1998. 
Vice President SPLA, Unit Govt College for Men, Nazimabad, Karachi, 1999-2000 
Member, Election Committee, SPLA, Sindh., 1998-1999. 

1971Attended    the  8th PLA   Conference  held  at  Karachi  on 22-24, June   1971, at 
            University of Karachi. (as student Dept. of  Library Science,  Univetity of Karachi) 
        Attended in   the   inauguration   ceremony   of  the  Zahid Public Library,   KMC  , Karachi 
        Attended  Seminar on Library Development in Pakistan  held on  August 26, 1971, 
           organized  by the Society for Promotion and  Improvement of Libraries (SPIL) at 
1972 Attended  a  Symposium  on  "Education  Policy  and  Libraries  in Sindh", organized 
            by the  Sindh  Library  Association,   held on  December 28, 1972, at  Karachi. 
        Attended a Seminar  on the Development of Libraries  held on May 19, 1972, organized 
            by  the   Department of Library Science, University of Karachi. 
        Attended a seminar  on Education policy of 1972 and libraries’ held at the Department of 
            Library science, university of Karachi, in June 1972 
1973 Attended  a  3  days  Seminar  on 'Academic  Libraries   in the Seventies'. Organized 
                by  the   American Centre, Karachi on April  27, 1973. 
1974 Attended a Seminar on  Library Development  organized by the Department of Library 
            Science, University of Karachi on April 11-13, 1974 
        Attended the SPIL’s National  Seminar on Library Development in Pakistan, held on 
            April 15, 1974 at Karachi with the coordination with the Department of Library Science, 
            University of  Karachi. 
        Attended a meting of College Librarians called  by Dr. S. M. A. Tirmizi,  Inspector  of 
            Colleges,  University of Karachi,   held in Karachi University  Library,  (Now Dr. 
            Mahmood Hussain  Library)  under  the Chairmanship of  Mr. M. Adil Usmani on 25th 
            April, 1974. 
       Attended Certificate Distribution Ceremony organized by the Pakistan Bibliographical 
            Working  Group ( PBWG), at Govt. Premier College on July 24, 1974. 
        Attended book launching ceremony of  Dr. Mahmud Hussain's book "Of Libraries and 
            Librarians”  organized by  the Pakistan National  Centre  Karachi on November 2, 1974. 
        Attended  Certificates  Distribution Ceremony,  organized by  the PBWG, at Karachi  Press 
            Club, on September 18, 1974. 
         Attended 10th Anniversary celebration of Book Bank Scheme, University of Karachi in 
            held at Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library, University of Karachi. 
1975 Participated in the PLA 18th Conference held at University of Punjab, New Campus, 
                Lahore  in 1975. 
        Attended  Certificate  Distribution  Ceremony,  organized  by  the PBWG, at Govt. Premier 
            College on December 12, 1975, Ibn Insha (late) was the chief guest. 
        Organized and participate felicitation ceremony in honour of  Dr.Anis Khurshid on his 
            assertion of the office of Chairman, IFLA's Regional sub-group on South Asia, organized 
            by  the PBWG  on March 27, 1976 at PMA House, Karachi. 
1976 Attended a Lecture discussion programme led by Dr.  Corl.  W. Hinta  on 'American 
            Librariansfnip' organized by American Centre, Karachi on April 19, 1976, 
        Attended a reception in honourof  Dr. Saad Hagressy, Head, Deptt  of  Library 
            Science, Cario University, organised by PBWG, on May 27, 1976. 
        Organized and participated in the Symposium on 'Books on Quaid-e-zam' held in 
            connection with   Quaid-e-Azam   Centenary Celebration,  organized  by  PBWG  on 
            June   7,  1976  at  Liaquat Memorial Library Auditorium, Karachi. 
        Organized and participated in  a  recep tion  in  the honour af  Dr.  Ghaniul Akram Sabzwari 
            held on July 17, 1976, at Hotel Shezan, Karachi. Delivered speech. The reception was 
            organised by the PBWG. 
        Attended and participated in the   Certificate Distribution Ceremony organized by PBWG on 
            November 22,  1996, at Govt Premier College. 
        Attended  a reception  in  the  honour  of  Mr.  Johan  Overton, Director,  UNESCO 
            Regional Centre for Book Development in Asia, organized by PBWG on  November 13, 
1977Attended a Lecture of'  Mr. Symour Taine, Chief Librarian, W.H.O.organized  by 
            PBWG,  at  Karachi Press Club, on July 12, 1977. 
        Participated and read a paper in the  Seminar on 'Problem of Libraries and Librarians in 
            Sindh  Region   held on August   15, 1977 organized by Pakistan Library Association, 
            Sindh  in Karachi. 
        Attended Book Exhibition on Allama Iqbal  on the occasion of his Birth Centenary 
             Clebration  in Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library, university of Karachi in 1977. 
        Attended Book Exhibition on the occasion of Silver Jubilee  of Karachi University in Dr. 
            Mahmud Hussain library, university of Karachi in 1977, inaugurated by Dr. Qazi, Chairman, 
            University Grants Commission. 
1978 Participated in the  social evening/film show, held by the Pakistan Bibliographical Working 
            Group  with the cooperation of  American Centre on Sept, 24, 1978. 
        Participated as Chairman,  Karachi University Library Science Alumni Association ( 
            KULSAA)  the Oath Taking Ceremony  held at Liaquat Memorial Library Auditorium on 
            Oct. 7,  1978. Delivered speech on the occasion as Chairman of the Association. 
        Participated  in  the  Symposium  on  Impact  of  Libraries  on  the Standard of 
                Education,  organized by Sindh Library Association at PMA House, on Oct, 18, 1978. 
                Preside  by  Mr.  Mir Muhammad Ali, Chairman, Sindh Board of Technical Education, 
                Karachi.  Participated in  the Certificate Distribution Ceremony of the  School of 
                Librarianship, PBWG, held on Feb. 1, 
        Attended a   panel discussion  on  Book,   Libraries  and  National Development 
            organized  by   the American Centre, on April 2, 1978. 
        Attended  a  Symposium  in  memory  of   late Dr.  Mahmud Hussain, organized by 
             the  PLA, Sindh  Branch  Council,  Karachi  on  August  30, 
            1978.Attended Book Exhibition on Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar on the occasion of 
            his Birth Centenary Celebration in 1978, held at Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library, University 
            of     Karachi. 
1979  Participated as a speaker in the book launching ceremony of  the book   Islami 
                Kutubkhaney by Al Haj Muhammad Zubair, organized by H. M. Saeed and 
                Company  on September 23, 1979, at Educational Conference Hall, Nazimabad, 
                  Karachi. Justice  (Reted) Qadiruddin Ahmed  preside over  and  Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed 
                  Qureshi ( Ex Vice  Chancellor)   University of Karachi was the chief guest. 
1981 Attended a Seminar on  Scientific and Technical Communication System  organized 
            by  PASTIC on 18-19, April 1981 at Karachi. 
            Participated in the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Department  of Library Science, 
            University of Karachi  from August 10-12, 1981.   (On  this   occasion Silver Jubilee of 
            the  Department  a  book of Mr. R. A. Samdani  entitled   Dr Abdul  Mold  and  Pakistan 
            Librarianship'  have  been   published. The Book Launching Ceremony ‘ of this   book 
            was  held   on  August  29,  1981 at Liaquat Memorial Library Auditorium ,  Justice 
            (Retd) Syed  Ghaus Ali Shah , Education Minister, Govt. of  Sindh was the chief guest. 
        Attended a   Seminar  on Library Services in Pakistan: Silver Jubilee Celebration of the 
                Department  of Library Science, University of Karach, held on  August 10, 1981. 
        Delivered speech on  Certificate Distribution Ceremony, School  of Librarianship, 
            P.B.W.G. on June 15, 1981 at D. J.  Govt Science College Library , Prof Iftikhar 
            Ahmed   Ansari,  Director of CollegebEducation, Karachi was the Chief Guest. 
       Delivered speech on the occasion of the book launching ceremony of the book entitled “Dr. 
           Abdul Moid and Pakistan Librarianship” held on August 29, 1981 at Liaquat 
            Memorial    Library Auditorium, Karachi. 
1982 Attended a Seminar on Book Piracy in the Developing Countries' organized by the 
            American Centre,  Karachi on April 13,  1982. 
        Participated  as  a  speaker on  ' Children  Day' organized by the Pakistan 
            National. Centre, Karachi on Oct. 6,1982. Delivered a speech on this occasion. 
        Attended a reception in the honour of  Dr. Jameel  Jalibi  organized by PLA, Sindh on Oct. 
            23,   I982. 
1983 Participated  as a speaker  and delivered speech on 'Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Day, 
            organized by the Pakistan National Centre, Karachi in  1983. 
        Attended a Seminar of National Public Library System in Pakistan organized by 
            Federal  Ministry of Education  Advisory Committee, held on Sept.3-5, 1983, at 
1984 Participated   in   the   Pakistan   Publishers   and   Book-Sellers Association"s Seminar on 
            Book Promotion in Pakistan on May 16, 1984. 
        Attended  a Seminar 3rd Educatinal Seminar for Academic Libraries organized by the 
            UGC and British Council on August 18, 1984 Karachi. 
1985 Participated  in  the  PLA  13th  Conference  held  at Balochistan Univesity, Quetta, 1985. 
        Attended a lecture of Alhaj Muhammad Zubair in connection with National Library Week, 
            organized  by the     Deptt .  of  Libraries, KMC, at Taimuria Library, North  Nazimabad 
            on    May 16,  1985. 
1986  Attended a Symposium on the Role of Libraries in a Developing Society' organized by 
            the American Centre, Karachi on March  17, 1986. 
        Attended  a Seminar  The Future of Book Trade in Pakistan  organized by the National 
            Book  Council of Pakistan on April 26, 1986, at Karachi. 
        Organized and  delivered  welcome address in  a lecture of Mr. Abdul    Hafeez Akhtar, 
            Director General, Deptt: of Libraries, Govt. of Pakistan on 'Need and Importance of 
            Library Educution at  Undergraduate  Level in   Pakistan' ,  at  school of librarianship, 
            Pakistan Bibliographical Working, at  Department of Libraries, Regional Office – 
            Karachi, Liaquat    Memorial library Building, Karachi in 1986. 
        Attended  a  Seminar on 'Current Library Scene in Developing Countries" organized 
            by  the  Govt. of Sindh, Department of Culture at  Liaquat Memorial Library on Sept. 17 
            - 18, 1986.  The Seminar was a part of  wider programme on Continous professional 
           Educaion,  which Govet. of   Sindh plan to provide. The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr. 
             Jameel Jalibi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi. 
        Attended an evening/reception  with Dr. Ghaniul Akram Sabzwari  and Mr. Adil Usmani, 
        organized by PLA Sindh Branch Council at Govt  S. M. Arts and Commerce College 
            Library  on July 30, 1986. 
1987 Attended a reception arranged by the PLA in honour of Participants of First Medical 
            Librarians Workshop and Mr. P. B. Moragan, the  Workshop Director and Librarian 
            Medical Colege of Cambridge, at Karachi University Guest House, at March 15, 1987. 
      Organized and   delivered speech in the  inauguration Ceremony Session 1987 of the School 
            of Librarianship,  PBWG on August 3, 1987 at  Regional Office, Department of Libraries, 
            Ministry of Education, Liaquat Memorial Library Building, Karachi. Prof. Anwarul Haq 
            Hashmi was the chief guest. 
        Attended a lecture of Prof.  Sarah Vann,  Professor of Library Science, University of 
            Haweii, organized by the American Centre, Karachi on November 10,  1987. 
     Attended a reception  arranged by  the Pakistan  Library Association (PLA) Sindh in honour 
            of   Dr. Manzooruddin Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi and the out going 
                Vice  Chancellor, University of Karachi. Dr. Jamil Jalibi, on November 23, 1987 at 
                Liaquat Memorial Library, Karachi. 
1988 Attended a Seminar on 'Role of Libraries in the promotion of  Education' organized 
            by Pakistan Publishers and Book Sellers Association and PLA, Sindh Branch Council, at 
            YMCA, Karachi in January 13,  1988. 
         Attended a meeting called by Mr. S.I.A.S. Bukhari, Dy. Director, Liaquat Liaquat 
            Memorial Library on Oct. 31, 1988 to discuss new trends in Librarianship. Meeting held 
            under the Chairmanship of Ms. Meheab Akbar Rashdi, the then Director, Liaquat 
            Memorial Library, Karachi. 
1989 Participated and read a paper entitled 'Standard for Undergraduate Library  Education 
            in Pakistan'  in  two  days  Workshop  on 'Standardisation of Library services in 
            Pakistan'  organized by PLA, Headquarter, Karachi on January 28-29, 1989. 
         Participated and  read  a paper in a  Seminar on 'Mobile Library Services  organized  by 
            the Govt.  of  Sindh,  Department .  of  Culture,  at Liaquat Memorial Library on May 18, 
        Participated  and  read  a  paper  on ' College Libraries and their Problems'  in  the 
            Etension  Lectures  Series  'Essential  Role  of Libraries and Information Centre in the 
            provision and transmission of knowledge' organized by PLA, (Headquarters) Karachi on 
            June 17-21, 1989. 
        Organized  and present a report as General Secretary in the Certificate Distribution 
            Ceremony of School of L.ibrarianship, PBWG, on Feb. 26, 1988 at  Liaqut Memorial 
            Library  Auditorium, Karachi. 
        Participated as a participant in a T.V.  Programme "Iraday aur Manzillain' (Eps. 6 ) 
            recorded  on  1 . 9 . 1989 ,  Telecast on 3.9.1989, duration of programme was 20 
            minutes.  Participated  in  the  Library  Week    to  promote library movement in 
            Pakistan, organized by the PLA (Headquarters)  Karachi on 7- 12,  Oct. 1989. 
1990 Participated  in the  Referesher Course for Librarians  organized by the Department of 
                Library and Information Science, Univesity of karachi from January 21 – 30, 1990. 
1991 Participated and   read  two  papers in the PLA 14th bi-annual Conference on (Impact of 
            Library Legislation on the Development of Library Services in Pakistan' held at 
            University of  Karachi on 7-9, March, The topic of the papers : 
            1)    Library Legislation in Pakistan: Problems and Prospoects. 
            2)    Library Legislation and School Libraris. 
        Organized and delivered speech in the reception arranged by the School of Librarianship in 
            the honour of the College Librarians promoted in the BPS-18 reception was held  on 
            September 30, 1991 at Regional Office, department of Libraries, Liaquat Memorial 
            library  Building, Karachi. 
        Attended a  Seminar organized by the Hamdard Foundation  in its Sham-e-Hamdard at 
            hotel  Awari Tower, Karachi   on  October 10,  1991. Prof. Syed Jalauddin Haider 
            preside over the seminar. 
        Attended a Lecture of  Dr.  G.A.  Sabzwari on 'The Future of  Librarianship in Pakistan', 
            organized by the PLA,  Sindh Branch Council, at  NIPA,  Karachi on October 12, 1991. 
        Participated in  a  discussion on  'Unesco Campaign  'Education for all Books for all, 
            organized by  Mr. I. A .S. Bokhari,  the  Dy. Director,  Liaquat  Memorial  Library, 
            Karachi  on December 19, 1991 at Liaquat Memorial ibray. 
1992 Attended Workshop on 'Role of Computers  in Library'organized by  PLA, Sindh 
            Branch   Council, at NIPA, on 15-16 Feb. 1992. 
        Attended  inauguration ceremony of the 6 days  workshop on   Role of Computer in Library 
            organized by the PLA Sindh on February 115 –20, 1992, at NIPA, Karachi. Dr. 
            Masooma   Hasan was the chief guest. 
        Participated  and delivered speech  in the  condolence meeting in memory of   Al-Haj 
            Muhammad Zubair,  organized by the Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group,   on 
            February 25,  1992, at  School of Librarianship, PBWG, Karachi, passed away 
            on February   26,  1992. 
        Participated  and delivered speech  in the  condolence meeting in memory of  Mir Khaliur 
            Rehman, the chief editor Daily Jang. Organized by the PLA Sindh Branch Council   on 
            February 13, 1992. The meeting, presided over by  Sadiq Ali Khan, the President of 
            PLA.  Attended a meeting/reception in th honour of  Mr. Boem  Revenseaaij, Dirctor, 
            International Consultancies (SOCRATES)  on October 11, 1992 at local hotal 
            arranged  by  the PLA Sindh. 
        Attended in  a presentation/Lecture on ‘ONLINE COMPUTER LIBRARY CENTRE 
            (OCLC) by Ms. Shu-En-Tsai, OCLC Asia Pacific Marketing Specialist. The programme 
            was organized by the PLA Sindh  with th assistance of NLDP on August 20, 1992 at 
            NIPA,  Karachi 
        Attended a Seminar on   Coyyright  organized by the British Council on August 26, 1992, 
            at  Karachi. 
        Participated  and  read  paper  entitled  Mobile Library   in the  Seminar on  Karachi 
            City Library ,  organized by KMC with cooperation of    SPIL on  Nov .  11,  1992, at 
            Avari Towers, Karachi. Hakim Muhammad Saeed presided. 
        Attended  Inaugural Ceremony of 15 Days Course in UNESCO’S Development 
            Software CDS-ISIS organized by PLA Sindh in collaboration with NLDP and ADBI at 
            local hotale of Karachi on  December 17, 1992. Prof De. Abdul Qudoos Alvi, Vice 
            Chancellor,  Mehran University  was the chief guest. 
        Attended Certificate Awarding Ceremony of 15 days Course on UNESCQ's developed 
            oftware CDS-ISIS, organized by PLA, Sindh Branch Council, Karachi on  December 
            17, 1992. Mr. Abdul Hamid Akhund, Secretary, Department of Culture, Tourism, 
            Sports      and  Youth Affairs, Govt. of Sindh was the chief guest. 
         Attended  a Seminar on  Library Science organized by the Defence Central Library on its 
            first  anniversaary on December 1, 1992 
         Preside over and delivered speech in    the condolence meeting in memory of  a veteran 
            Librarian Ibn Hasan Qaiser on  December 15, 1992. Organized by the Pakistn 
            Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG) at  School of Librarianhsip. 
         Attended  a presentation ceremony of the photostat  machine to the Department of Library 
            and  Information Science, University of Karachi  By PLA Sindh on December 29, 992. 
1993 Participated  in  the  Seminar  on  'Academic  Libraries  at  the Threshold of 21st 
            Century' organized by the Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library, University of Karachi on  27 - 
            28    January  1993. 
        Attended a presentation Ceremony of on System Computer with Monitor, Printer and 
            Stablizer to the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi by 
            PLA held on February 13, 1993 at  the Department of Library and Information Science 
            University of Karachi. Dr. Syed Irtifaq Ali, vice Chancellor, University of Karachi was the 
            chief guest. 
        Participated in the National Library week  organized by the Pakistan Library Association 
            Sindh  Branch  from 24 – 30 April, 1993. The main them was Libraries Build Nation. 
        Attended the inaugural session of the Library week held on 24th Apri, 1993 at  NILAT , 
            Karachi. Dr. Syed Mnir Hasan, the NED University Vice Chancellor, was the chief guest. 
        Attended a seminar on 'Role of  Women Librarians in National Development', 
            organized  by PLA,  Sindh Branch Council, at  NILAT, Karachi on April 24, 1993. 
            Director General of NILAT was the Chief guest. 
        Atteded a panel discussion  with Journalists held on 25th April 1993 at American Centre, 
            Karachi. Discussion was held  in connection of PLA Library week. 
        Participated in the Seminar on 'Role of Academic Libraries in the National 
            Development  organized by PLA,  Sindh Branch Council, at Hyderabad in a  local 
            hotel   April 29, 1993.Umul Kalam Prof. Marryam Sultana Noohani, Director of College 
            Education, Hyderabad  Region, was the chief guest. 
        Participated and read a paper entitled  Role of Public Libraries with Special reference 
            to  Public Libraries  in the Seminar on 'Role of Public  Libraries  with  Special 
            Reference  to  Municipal  Corporation, organized by the PLA, Sindh Branch 
            Council,  at  NILAT, Karachi on April  28, 1993. Dr. Farman FatehPuri  was the chief 
        Participated and read a paper in .the National Library Week on 'Libraries  Build  Nation' 
            organized  by  the  PLA,  Sindh  Branch Council, on April 29, 1993. 
        Participated and read a paper in the Seminar on 'Role of College Libraries  in 
            Educution' organized  by the PLA,  Sindh Branch Council, at NILAT, Karachi on April. 
            26, 1993. Dr. Mohd.Qasim Siddiqui, Director, College Education,was the chief guest. 
        Attended  an Evening with Intelectual held on the fourth day of the Library week on on  on 
            Hamara Adab Hamari Zindagi at Defence Central Library on 27th April 1993.  Speakers 
            were: Mr. Khalid Ishaq, Advocate, Mr.Shanul Haq Haqi, Group Capt. (Retd) Safdar, 
            Begum Shaista Ikramullah and Brig. Muhammad Ali. 
        Participated and read paper in Seminar on 'Role and Importance of Public Libraries', 
            organized   by the KMC, on 27th May 1993 at Awan-e-Rafat,  Faizi Rehmeen Arts 
            Gailri,  Karachi, Dr.  G.A. Sabzwari was the chief guest. 
        Attended  inauguration ceremony of the Three Weeks Practical Course on Library 
            Automation   Planning and Implementation  from 6 – 25 November 1993 Organized by 
            the  PLA Sindh  with the cooperation of NLDP. 
        Attended  Certification Distribution Ceremony of the  there weeks practical Library 
            Automation Planning and Implementation   course organized by the PLA Sindh. Ms. 
            Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Director General Environment Pollution  Agency Government of 
            Sindh was    the chief guest. 
        Attended  the Concluding Session of the National Library Week organized by the PLA 
            Sindh  from 24 – 30 April 1993. The concluding session was held  at NILAT, Karachi. 
                Mr. Qutubuddin Aziz was the chief guest. 
        Attended Inauguration of PLA Computer Centre, Karachi  at Liaquat Memorial Library 
            Building held on July 4, 1993. Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi Dr. Syed Irtifaq Ali 
            was the chief guest. 
        Attended Certificate Awarding Ceremony of Computer Courses and LAMP  organized by 
            the PLA Sindh on August 10, 1993. Dr. C.A.. Van Ravenswaaij, Director SOCRATES 
            International Consultant was the chief guest. 
1994  Attended Certificate Awarding Ceremony of the One week Course on LibraryAutomation 
            and Management  Programme, organized  by the PLA Sindh at PLA Computer Centre 
            on  October 13, 1994. 
          Attended a Eid Millan Party of the PLA Sindh Branch held on March 29,    at Avari 
            Towers.  Hakim Muhammad Said was the chief guest. 
1995  Attended Certificate Awarding Ceremony of Compute r Courses, organized by the PLA 
            Sindh on August 110, 1994 at Hotel Mehran, Karachi . Dr. C. A. Van Ravenswaaij 
            (Boem) , Director, SOCRATES International Consultants was the chief guest. 
        Participated   as   speaker   in   the   function   organized   by   the   PLA, Sindh Branch 
            Council  on the occasion of Celebrating the award  of Ph.D. degree to the Prof.  Dr. 
            Jalaluddin Haider on Dec.  4, 1994  at  Regional  Office,  Department  of  Libraries, 
            Ministry  of  Education, Govt. of Pakistan,  Liaquat Memorial Library Building, Karachi 
            and delivered congratulatory speech to honour  of the  Prof.  Haider. 
        Attended a lecture on 'Public Libraries organized by the KMC, at Faizi Raheeman Art 
            Gailri, Karachi. Prof. Dr. Jalaluddin Haider  was presided. 
        Attended a   book launching ceremony of the book  'Kitabain Rakhrne  Ka Saliqa' by 
            Malahath Kaleem Sherwani, held on  May 30, 1995 at  NIPA auditorium, Karachi. 
        Attended the 2nd meeting of the Executive Council  of PLA held on July 16, 1995 at PLA 
            Computer Centre, Karachi. Appointed as Chairman ‘Accounts Committee. Appointed 
            Chairman ‘Accounts Committee’ of PLA Sindh. 
        Attended the 3rd meeting of the Executive Council  of PLA Sindh Branch Council, held on 
           September 16, 1995, at Aga Khan University Library, Karachi.  Appointed as Chairman 
            of  the Committee to improve the working of the PLA Computer Centre and the 
                maintainance  of computers. 
        Attended 4th Executive Council meeting of the PLA Sindh Branch.   held on December 3, 
            1995 at PLA Computer Centre, Karachi, Liaquat  Memorial Library Building, Karachi. 
        Presented Financial Report  as Chairman, Accounts Committee   for approval. 
1996 Attended the Certificate awards Ceremony of Computer Courses, organized by the PLA 
            Sindh  on March 28, 1996 at NILAT, Karachi. The Vice Chancellor University of 
            Karachi    Dr. Abdul Wahab was the chief guest. 
        Attended  the meeting of the  Executive Council of PLA Sindh, held on April 24,  1996, at 
            PLA  Computer Centre, Liaquat Memorial Library Building, Karachi . Nominated as 
            member of the committee  with Mr. Moinuddin Khan ‘Public Library Act’  to further 
            study   the proposed  Act and give their comments. The draft of Public Library Act was 
            received  from th PLA Headquarter, Islamabad for comments. Th meeting also coopted 
            the Mr. R.    A. Samdani as member   Editorial Board of  PLA Newsletter. 
        Attended  PLA’S Appreciation Evening in honor of Dr. Abbdul Wahabb, the Vice 
            chancellor, University of Karachi, for his generous donation of Rs. 50,000 to PLA for the 
             development  of College Libraries. Mr. Sajjad Hussain Mir, a renowned columnist of 
             Daily  Jang was the chief guest. 
        Participated in American Centre National Library Week'organized by the  USIC Karachi 
            from  April 14 –18, 1996 . The basic idea behind celebrating the National Library week 
            is to  motivate  people to use the libraries and read. 
        Attended a panel discussion on 'The Significance of Libraries' held on April 14, 1996 
            American Centre  Library, Karachi. 
        Attended  a Lecture of    Denise  Davies,  Head   Librarian, Karachi American School 
           on  'Library automation and transparencies presentation on library 
            automationheld  on  April 15 1996 in the American Centre Library  Karachi. In 
            connection with the Library  Week,  attended a  CD-ROM demonstration  and the 
            use of  Micro Film reader as well as  session  of  INTERNET on April 16, 1996. 
         Attended a Seminar on  Internet for Medical Professionals organized by the  Pakistan 
            Medical Association  in collaboration with the Society for Promotion of Computer Usage, 
            on  April  24, 1996 at the PMA House, Karachi. 
        Participated in the panel discussion as  a panelist on  Libraries of the Future', This 
            was  a  screening of a worldnet dialogue on the topic. 
         Delivered a Lecture on International Standard Book Numbering  Systems and the 
            Pakistan  Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG) on September 24, 1996 in the 
            class  of BLIS,  Department of Library and Information Science  University of Karachi. 
        Attended  the meeting of the Executive Council of PLA Sindh Branch , held on September 
            26,  1996, at PLA Office, Karachi. 
        Attended a meeting  of Executive Council of the PLA Sindh Branch, held on November 21, 
            1996  in the Office of  the PLA, at Liaquat memorial Library Building, Karachi. 
        Attended a meeting of the Board of Studies , Library and Information Science, University of 
            Karachi on January 1, 1996. 
1997  Participated    in the  Seminar on  The Changing Role of Libraries  in Society ahead 
            at  UGC  Auditorium and organized by the PLA  Sindh Branch Council in 1997.Dr. Iqbal 
            Ahmed  Panwar, Director, UGC  was the chief guest. 
        Participated as speaker in th Seminar on 21st  Century and the Libraries, organized by 
            the  PLA Sindh, on April 9, 1997 at  UGC Auditorium, Liaquat Memorial Library 
            Building,   Karachi. 
        Visit and study 1)  Quaid-e-Azam Library, Lahore on June 15, 1997 2) National Library of 
            Pakistan, Islamabad on June 17, 1997, 3)Alama Iqbal Open University Library  and the 
            department of Library and Information Science on June 18, 1997’ 4) Iqbal Municipal 
            Library, Murree on June 26, 1997. 
         Attended a meeting of the Executive Council  PLA Sindh Branc, held on September 10, 
            1997 at the Office of the PLA , Karachi. Presented   Financial Report. 
1998  Attended and delivered  Presidential speech in a reception in the honour of Dr. Ghaniul 
            Akram  Sabzwari  held by Sindh Council of College Librarians on June 14, 1998 at 
            Government College for Men Library, Nazimabad, Karachi. 
        Attended and delivered speech in  the condolence meeting in memory of Hakim Muhammad 
            Saeed at Board room of  Baitul Hikma (Hamdard Univesity Library) on November 11, 
            1998  (A delegation of prominent city librarians  led by Mr. M. Arifuddin and Mr. M. 
            Moinuddin Khan visited the grave side of martyred Hakim Muhammad Saeed. After 
            offering fateha, the group assembled in the Board Room  for condolence. There were 
            brief speeches to pay tribute to the departed soul)` 
        Attended a meeting of Journal Club of Medical Librarians held on November 25, 1998 at 
            Health  Sciences Lirary, Aga Khan University, Karachi 
1999 Attended and delivered speech in a reception in the  honor of Mr. Akhtar  H. Siddiqui,  a 
            veteran librarian, who served the library profession in Pakistan  for more than 40 
            years. He is one of the founding member of th PLA and has the distinction of being 
            elected its  first Secretary General. The programme organized by PLA Sindh on 
            February 20, 1999  at Government College for Man Library, Nazimabad, 
        Conducted  the first meeting of the Branch Council of  Pakistan Library Association, Sindh 
            held   on Saturday , December 19, 1998 at PLA Computer Centre, Liaquat Memorial 
            Library Building, Karach. 
         Conducted the 2nd Executive Council meeting of the PLA Sindh Branch held on Monday at 
            Government Girls Arts and Science College Library, North Nazimabad, Block ‘M’, 
            Karachi  , also present a report. 
         Conducted  3rd meeting of PLA Sindh Branch Council, held on July 24, 1999, at Health 
            Sciences Library, Aga Khan University, Karachi,  also presented a report. 
2000 Conduct and presented  a Report in  the 4th meeting of the Sindh Branch Council of 
            Pakistan Library Association, held on January 24, at NIPA Library, University Road, 
            Karachi and presented a report. 
         Participated  and delivered speech  in the  condolence meeting in memory of  Mr. Abdul 
            Bashir,  Librarian (Retired) Govt. S. M. Arts & Commerce College, Karachi  Organized 
            by the PLA Sindh Branch Council   on February 26,  2000,  at Govt. College for  Men 
            Library,  Nazimabad, Karachi. 
        Organized and delivered speech in the  Lecture of  Mr. Khalid Mahmood, Lecturer, 
            Department of Library   and Information Science, University of Punjab, held by 
            PLA,  Sindh  on April 8, 2000, at NIPA Library, Karachi. The topic of the lecture was 
            Library  Automation  & Management Programme (LAMP: present status and 
           its   future prospects. 
      Attended the meeting/presentation Journal Clubof  Medical Librarians, and participated in the 
            discussion on the topic Library Education  held on April 18, at  Information Resource 
            Centre,  Ziauddin Medical University, Karachi. Mr. Moinuddin Khan preside over.


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Interview Appeared in the following Sources" 
    1)   Mujallah"Kitab Numa"/ Library Science Society, Govt College for Women, 
            North Nazimabad, Block 'M', Karachi. 2000 
   2)    Monthly For Men Time, Karachi.  (Newspaper of the Students of Govt College for 
           Men,  Nazimabad, Karachi)  October  1999.

Biography published in the following Sources:

    1)     Who's Who in Library and Information Science in Pakistan/by Dr.Ghaniul Akram 
            Sabzwari.- 2nd ed.- Karachi: Library Promotion Bureau and Society for the Promotion 
            and Improvement of Libraries, 1987. pp:235-236. ISBN: 969-412-069-1 
    2)  Periodical Literature in Library and Information Science: pp: iii - iv. 
             Web Version on    https://www.travel-culture.com/pakistan/books/plb/ 

Book Launching Ceremony:                                                          Top of the page

            Book Launching Ceremony of the following books of Mr. R. A. Samdani was held: 
            1)    Dr. Abdul Moid and Pakistan Librarianship. 
        Ceremony held on August 29, 1981 in the Liaquat Memorial Library Aditorium,organized by Pakitan Bibliographical Working Group. Justice Syed Ghouse Ali Shah, Education Minister, Govt  of  Sindh was the Chief Guest. Dr. Abdul Moid was attended and spoke on the occasion. Speakers were:  Prof. Anwarul Haq Hashmi, President  PBWG;  Dr. Aslam Farakhui, Mr. Farhatullah Baig, Prof. Akhtar Hanif, Prof. Syed Rizwan Ali Rizvi,  Al-Haj Muhammad Zubair, Ms. Mumtaz Begum and  Mr. R. A. Samdani. 
            2)Akhtar H. Siddiqui: A  Bio-Bibliographical Study:  The Launching Ceremony of this book was held on  Thursday, the October 30, 1997 at UGC  Auditorium, Liaquat Memorial 
Library Building, Karachi, organized by the Pakistan Library Association ( Sindh Branch). Dr. Farman Fathepuri was the Chief Guest and the KMC Administrator Syed Anzar Hussain Zaidi, prsided over the ceremony. Speakers were: Prof. Dr. Syed Jalaluddin Haider, Professor, Department of  Library and Information Science, University of Karachi;  Prof. Latif Ahmed Anwer, Principal, Govt Premeir College; Prof.  Sirajuddin Qazi, Professor, Govt College for Men,  Nazimabad, Karachi;  Moinduddin Khan, Library Advisor, Aga Khan University Library and Mr. R. A. Samdani, author of the book. 

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Ibtadai Library Science:    Review

 Foreword:         Prof. Muhammad Ahmd, Ex-Principal, Islamia College, Sakkur 
                           and  Haji Abdullah Haroon Govt. College, Karachi.

 Reviewed by:   Prof. Dr. Anis Khurshid:  Reviewed in his article  published in  Monthly ‘Kitab’ 
                           Lahore. Vol.15, No.4, Fab. 9, 1981, p.70. 
                           Dr. Hassan Waqar Gull, Dept. of Urdu, Govt Scienc College, Karachi. Daily 
                       Jasarat  Karachi.  September 8, 19 
                          Syed Nazir Ali, Librarian, Govt D. J. Science College, Karachi. Pakistan 
                           Library  Bulletin. 11(1-42: March- June, 1980. p:27-28. 
                           Mr. Shamim Ahmed  Farooqi, Librarian,  Govt. Islamia Science College, 
                           Karachi.  Pakistan Library Bulletin. . 13(3-4): Sept.- December 
                           1982.  Pp:63-65. 
                           Daily  Kalim, Sukkur, March 8, 1985. P:3 
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Kutubkhanee  Tarikh Ki Roshni Main

 Foreword:           Muhammad Adil Usmani, Ex-Librarian,  University of  Karachi  and  Director, 
                            Umm al Qura University Library,    Taif, Saudi  Arabia.

 Reviewed by      Prof. Dr. Anis Khurshid:  Reviewed in his article published in  Monthly  Kitab 
                            Lahore. 15 (4): February 1981. P.70 
                            Rais Amrohvi, Daily  Jang Karachi: (in his caulam) 
                            Ikram brailvi: Monthly  Afkar Karachi, 34(1-2): September 1978. P: 71-72. 
                        Takhliq  Lahore, 10 (9-10): 1979, p: 32 
                            Monthly  Qaumi Zaban,  Karachi. 44(12): September 1977. P:52 
                            Weekly  Idrak  Sialkot. Feburary 1 – 15, 1978. P:26 
                            Daily  Jang  Karachi. May 29, 1978. 
                            Daily  Nawae-Waqat, Karachi. January 15, 1978. 
                            Daily  Huriath Karachi. September 9, 1977. 
                            Al-Haj Muhammad Zubair. Hand written review dated November 21, 1978. 
                            Prof. Syed Lutufullah. Hand written review datedMay 30, 1979. 
                            Monthly  Tarjuma-e-Ahlesunath  Karachi. 7(7): January 1978. p:94 
                            Monthly  Aitamad  Karachi. 

PAKISTAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (PLA)                          top of the page 
     Pakistan Library Association is the representative national body of the librarians of Pakistan, was formed in Karachi in March 1957. Prior to formation of PLA there existed  Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG)  emerged in 1950.  The Group   was  the  genesis of  the national association of  Pakistani Librarians. According to Dr. Anis Khurshid ' it was this Group which in its meeting hed on July 6, 1954, constituted an Adhoc Committee, with H. A. Qazi as its Chairman, to form a national association".  Mr. Akhtar H. Siddiqui, one of the founder members of  PLA said that the PLA came into being due to the sole efforts of the PBWG. The Adhoc Committee  was as: Qazi Habibuddin Ahmed, Chairman, Members Syed Vilayat Hussain, Khawaja Noor Elahi, Fazal-e-Elahi and Akhtar H. Siddiqui. It was due to the efforts of the Adhoc Committee of the PBWG  that the compaign for membership of the proposed national association was started and election by postal balot was held in March 1957. Founding office bearers were elected as:  Dr. Mahmood Hussain, Ex-Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi, as its first President (by request); Mr. H.A. Qazi, Mr. M.S. Khan and A.Rahim Vice Presidents; Dr. Abdul Moid, first Secretary General; Executive Secretary, Mr. Akhtar H. Siddiqui; Treasurer: Mr. Obaidullah Saify. Dr. A Moid   brought all professional librarians on one plat form. 
    The PLA  is responsible to look after the interest of the professional   librarians and to work for the development and improvement of libraries  both in formal and informal sectors of education and research. The PLA  also acts as a liason between Pakistani organizations with similar aims and objective and international library organizations. It also managed to create a better image of librarians in the society. 
    The PLA is a registered body  under societies  Act XXI of 1960. Its membership  is open to all library professionals of the country. The Association  has organized 16 conferences so far, since 1958 to 1997. In addition to regular meetings, the PLA arranges library seminars, workshops, discussions and book exhibitions etc. It also published  Newsletter and a quarterly  journal entitled  PLA Journal.  The Association have a Headquarter and  five Branches in four provincial capitals and one in Islamabad in the Federal Capital of Pakistan. The Headquarter of the PLA rotates between Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta every two years.  Mr.   R. A. Samdani  was elected  as  Secretary, PLA  Sindh Branch Council    in 1998. The Sindh Branch of PLA  also published  its Newsletter entitled PLA Newsletter. Presently Prof. Dr. S. J. Haider, Mr. Moinuddin Khan and  Mr. R. A. Samdani are the members of Editorial Committee.


SINDH COUNCIL OF COLLEGE LIBRARINS                           top of the page 
     The Sindh Council of  College Librarians was formed  in 1959, named as Sindh Council    of School and College Librarians. In 1996  its name has been changed as Sindh Council of College Librarians. The membership is predominantly composed of college librarians of Sindh. It has been very active specially in th promotion and development of  College Libraries. 
Present office bearers elected in 1998 for two years: 
President: R. A. Samdani;  Vice-President: A. Samad Ansari and Khalida  Saeed; Secretary:Syeda Najma Sultana;  Joint Secretary:  Samiuddin. Finance Secretary: Ms. Amna KhatoonMembers:Muhammad Osman, A. Samad Ansari, Amir Subhani, Ms. Nasreen Shagufta, Shamima Hafiz,  Raisa Sabir,  S. Farooq Azim, Shamim A. Farooqi and Manoo mal Esrani.  top of the page 

                        OF LIBRARIES (SPIL) 
     The Society for the Promotion and  Improvement of Libraries (SPIL) was established in 1960 by a group of intellectual elites who were conscious  of their responsibilities towards the community they live in. This association was formed under the  dynamic patronage of no less a person than  late  Hakim Muhammad Said.  An energetic librarian M. Arifuddin was  a moving force behind its activites. Its membership was composed of important personalities of the city of Karachi. It made great contribution in moulding public opinion in favour of library development and making it a movement. In order to popularise the cause of librarianship it held a number of national and international seminars and conferences. A number of plans and schemes were also prepared by the Society. The main field of its activities is  public libraries but it contributed significantly in developing school libraries.  The Society remained inactive after 1977. It   has been revived  in 1987 and  resumed its activities with new vigor. 
The Board of Directors formed  in 1987: 
President: Hakim Muhammad Said;   Treasurer:   Dr. Ashfaq Hussain Qadri. 
Secretary: M. Arifuddin.  Joint Secretary:      Rais Ahmed Samdani 
Members:  Dr. Manzooruddin Ahmed, D.M. Qureshi, Dr. Jamil Jalbi, Dr.Kazi A Kadir,    Mrs. Gul K. Minwala, Prof. Hasnain Kazmi, S. Amjad Al, Masood Ahmed Barkati, Abdul Rahman Chapra,  Prof. Akhtar Hanif;  Prof. Dr.  Nasim Fatima. 

PBWG                                                    top of the page 
    The Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (PBWG)  was established by a   group of 
bibliographers, librarians, educationists, writers, intellectuals and prominent citizens. The Group 
was formed on the recommendation of the International Conference on the Importance of 
Bibliography, called by UNESCO on November 7-10, 1950, held  in Paris. Thus the Group 
came  into existence in 1950 with the support of UNESCO and encouragement of the 
Government of  Pakistan for the purpose of developing bibliographical resources in Pakistan. The headquarter was in  Karachi. Dr. Imdad Hussain,  Dy Education Adviser, Government of Pakistan and Secretary, National Commission for UNESCO in Pakistan was its first President. 
    Besides its other activities the Group  provide instrumental in the formation of  PLA,  the  national  association of  the librarians of Pakistan. According to Dr. Anis Khurshid ' it was this Group which in its meeting hed on July 6, 1954, constituted an Adhoc Committee, with H. A. Qazi as its Chairman, to form a national association". In 50 years of its  existence it has made   contributions in library education and  bibliographical field by  publishing  bibliographies, indexes and directories. One  of its most  important   contribution  is the compilation of  Retrospective Pakistan National Bibliography from  August 1947 to 1961. Published in  three  volumes. One an other contribution of the Group,  in the field of indexing is to published an index  entitled Periodical Literature in Library and Information Science: 50 Years Work in Pakistan (1947 –  1997),  compiled by R. A. Samdani and Khalid Mahmood. The Group  established  School of Librariahsip in 1958 and introduced Diploma  in Special Librarianship and Bibliography. In 1972  on the recommendation of PLA the Group changed the nomeculature of the then Diploma  and started  Higher Certificate Course in Library Science. Since then the School is functioning regularly and the Certificate Course is offered  at undergraduate level. 
Board of Directors:Advisor:Mr. Akhtar H Siddiqui, President:  Mr. Moinuddin Khan. Secretary General:R. A. Samdani. Since1979; Vice Presidents:  Prof. Dr. Nasim Fatima and Mr. M Gulistan Khan. Regional Vice Presidents:   Mr. Khalid Mahmood, 
(Punjab);  Mr. M.lyas, (Balochistan); Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob: Azad Kashmir. 
Address: (Headquarter – Karachi)  P. O. Box No. 8102,  Karachi- 75950,  Pakistan. 
E-Mail   samdani020@yahoo.com 
Lahore: Khalid Mahmood, Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, 
University of Punjab, Lahore; E-Mail: mahmoodkhalid@hotmail.com 
Quetta:  M. Ilyas, Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, University of 
Balochistan, Quetta. 
Publications of  PBWG 
1)     Samdani, Rais Ahmed  and Khalid Mahmood. 
            Periodical literature in Library and Information Science: 50 years work in 
            Pakistan  (1947 –  1997), by R. A. Samdani and Khalid  Mahmood/Karachi: 
            Pakistan  Bibliographicall Working Group. 1999. 182p. ISBN: 969-8170-04-9 
            (Pub. No.12) also  available on Web https://www.travel-culture.com/pakistan/books/plb/ 
2)     The Pakistan National Bibligraphy of Pakistan: 1947-1961; Fascicule I, General 
            Works to Islam ( 00 –297)/Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group.- Karachi: 
            National  Book Centre of  Pakistan. 1972. 178p: 
3)     The Pakistan National Bibligraphy of Pakistan: 1947-1961; Fascicule II, Social 
            Sciences to Languages; 330-492/Pakistan Bibliographical  Working Group.- 
            Karachi: National  Book  Centre of  Pakistan. 1972. 
4)     The Pakistan National Bibligraphy of Pakistan: 1947-1961;  Fascicule III Pure 
            Science to Geography and History; 500- 900// by Pakistan Bibliographical 
            Working Group.- Islamabad: Department of Libraries, Government of Pakistan. 1999. 
5)     Samdani, Rais Ahmed 
        Akhtar H. Siddiqui: A bio-bibliographical Study/Karachi: Pakistan Biblligraphical 
            Working Group, 1995. 79p. ill., Publication No. 10,ISBN: 969-8170-02-2 
6)     Samdani, Rais Ahmed 
        Bibliographical Sources on Islam/Karachi: PBWG. 1993. 43p. ISBN: 969-8170-10-4 
            (Publication No. 9 
7)     Samdani, Rais Ahmed 
        Kitabiat: Tib wa Sehet  (tr. Bibliograohy of  Medicine and Health)/Karachi:BPWG. 
            1992. (Publication No.8) 
8)    Union Catalogue of Periodicals in Social Sciences Held by the Libraries in 
            Pakistan/Compiled by Fazal Ellahi and Akhtar H. Siddiqui.- Karachi: PBWG. 1961. 
            V, 92p: (Publication No. 5) 
9)    Bibliography of Bibliographes published in Pakistan/Compiled by Akhtar H. 
            Siddiqui.- Karachi: BPWG. 1961. 8p: (Publication No. 4) 
10)  A Guide to Pakistan libraries, Learned and Scientific Societies and Educational 
            Institute, Bibliography of Libraries in Pakistan/by PBWG.- Karachi: The Group, 
            1955. (Paublication No. 3) 
11)  A Guide to Periodical Publications and Newspapers of Pakistan/Compiled  by A. 
            Moid and Akhtar H. Siddiqui.- PBWG. 1953. 60p.(Publication No.2) 
12)  A  Guide to Works  of Reference Published in Pakistan/Compiled by Khawaja 
            Nur Elahi, A. Moid  and Akhtar H. Siddiqui.- Karachi: PBWG. 1953. 36p: 

Introduction:                                                                                                      top of the page 
 The history  of library education in Pakistan dates back to 1915. The first  university based Library Course   in the Sub-Continent was started  at  the University of  Punjab,  Lahore. This was  under graduate Certificate Course  of  four months  introduced by an American  Librarian  Asa Don Dickinson.The course, however did not survive  and was closed in 1947.  Prior to introduction  of Post-graduate  education of  Library Science in Pakistan,  Certificate   Courses were the  only professional qualification. At present,  postgraduate Library Science Courses of  one or two-years duration leading to the award  Post-Graduate  in  Library and  Information Science/Bachelor  of Library and Information Science and  Master in Library and Information Science are run by  six universities,   namely Karachi University, Punjab University, Sindh University, Peshawar University, Baluchistan University and Islamic University, Bhawalpur. 
     In addition to post-graduate courses  in Library Science  a couple of  library associations and  organizations have been conducting  Certificate Course in Library Science for  sub-professional  library  personnel  for  over two decades.  Karachi Library Association (KLA) started a certificate course in library science in 1952, in  Karachi  which continued up till 1968.  The West Pakistan Library Association started a certificate course  in 1962,  in Lahore which is still being offered  under the auspices of the Punjab Library Association. 
      The Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group (founded in 1950) established   School of Librarianship in 1958 and introduced Diploma in Special Librarianship and Bibliography. In 1972, on the recommendation  of the Pakistan Library Association  the Group change  its name in order to avoid  misunderstanding and clash  with similar programme at University level. Hence the Group changed the nomeculature of the then Diploma  and started Higher Certificate Course from 1973 which is still being  conducted uninterruptedly.  In 2000 , the School has successfully completed 42 years of its existence.  The Government of Pakistan,  Ministry of Education, Department of  Libraries  has  recognized  and registered the  Course conducted by the  Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group  in 1986   vide Gazzet Notification No. F-2-3/86-PR, Dated 22.12.1986. 
Purpose:  The primary purpose of the Course is to prepare the Students to attain a sound knowledge on the Library Operation and Systems used in  various types of libraries in the country. A candidate having a Certificate in Library Science  is expected to learn practical operations in Library Management so as to enable to take a suitable position in any types of library and associate with the Librarians responsibilities. They may also be recruited as Library Assistant, Technical Assistant, Reference Assistant, Classifier, Cataloguer, Bibliographer in  larger and bigger libraries in BPS-9  to 12 according to their qualification. 
Directors/Secretaries of School: 
Director:                                                                 Secretary 
Mr.  Fazal-e-Elahi.                1958 - 1970              Mr. Syed Vilayat Hussain   1958  - 1973 
Mr. A. R. Ghani                    1971                         Mr. M. Gulistan Khan   1973  - 1979 
Al-Haj Muhammad Zubair.1973 - Feb. 2, 1992    Mr.  R. A. Samdani      1979  - 1995 
Prof. Akhtar Hanif.               Feb. 3,  1992 to  Nov. 17, 1995 
Mr. R. A. Samdani                Nov. 18, 1995  -  to-date 
Course of Studies: The course consists of the following Six papers: 
Paper-  I)     History of Libraries and Books/Role of the Library in the Community. 
Paper-  2)    Library Operation/Role of Computer in the Library 
Paper-  3)    Classification (Theory and Practical) 
Paper-  4)    Cataloguing   (Theory and Practical) 
Paper-  5)    Reference Service  and Information Work. 
Paper-  6)    Bibliography and Indexing. 
                    Viva Voce 

LIBRARY PROMOTION BUREAU                                                    top of the page 
     The Library Promotion Bureau was established by the prominent personalities of Pakistan Librarianshi, Mr. M. Adil Usmani (former Librarian, University of Karachi);  Dr. G. A. Sabzwari (former Chairman, Department of Library and Informattion Science , University of Karachi) and Mr. M. W. Usmani  in 1965,  with the sole aim of producing library literature in the country. Since its inception  it has up to certain extent met the reading material needs of librarians, library science teachers and the students. It has a number of publications to its credit  including directories, bibliographies, text books of library and information science. Bureau so far published 20 books in English and 24  in Urdu. It is moving forward slowly and steadily. It gained high reputation in the profession. Some of  Bureau's  text books  are prescribed in the Syllabi of Library and Information Science courses at Intermediate, Degree and Post Graduate level. 
Board of Directors: Mr. Madil Usmani, Dr. G. A. Sabzwari, Mr.M.Wasil Usmani, Prof. Dr. Nasim Fatima and    Mr. R. A. Samdani 
                                                                                                                             top of the page 
         A library quarterly journal entitledPakistan Library Bulletin is being published by the Library Promotion  Bureau uninterruptedly since 1968 in the field of  Library and Information Science from Pakistan.  In 2000 , it successfully completed 32 years of its existence. It was first published under the editorship of  Dr. G. A. Sabzwari from 1968 - 1975 (Former Chairman, Department of ibrary and Information Science, University of Karachi) and then under the penmanship of  Mr. M. Adil Usmani  from September 1975 to date.  R. A. Samdani  is the Managing Editor since 1979.  It has become the most consitent and reliable  journal for information professional in Pakistan and the Gulf area. 30 volumes  (76 issues ) have so for been published up to December 2000.. Distinguished and senior professional writers from all over the world have been contributing  to it. 
        The   PLB is  being the only indexed and peer reviewed library journal published from Pakistan. It is listed in  Ulrich's  International Periodical Directory  and its full publication data is included in the  Schroeder &  Roberson (1994)  Guide  to Publishing Opportunities for Librarians. 
Present Members of the Editorial Board:   Chief Edior: M. Adil Usmani;  Dy. Chief  Ed: 
Prof. Dr. Nasim Fatima; Editors:Dr. G. A. Sabzwari and M.Wasil Usmani  Ed. Eng.Sec. Mr.Moinuddin Khan. Ed. Urdu Sec.  A. Samad Ansari;  Managing Editor - R. A. Samdani. 
Correspondence Address:  P. O. Box. 8421, Karachi University Campus, Karachi, Pakistan. 
E-Mail:     samdani020@yahoo.com 

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          The young Men Hussainpuri Association is a N.G.O  formed  by  the  ancestors of Hussainpuri family first in 1901 under the name of Anjuman Khandan-e-Hussainpur. The first session (Ijlas) was held at Amratser, India  in 1901. Hafiz Muhammad Yousuf and Baba Abdul Haq preside over.  Latter on the ancestors of  this family formed an other association in 1924  under the name of Anjuman-e-Itihad wa Taraqi.  The purpose of these association was the welfare and development of the family members.In  1925 Shajrah (Table of succeeding members of  the family members of Hussainpur) and  a Newspaper entitled   Peyam-e-Itahad was issud by  the association. 
     In 1940 the ancestors of Hussainpuri family formed  an other welfare association  under the name of  Young Men Hussainpuri Association at Amratser, India. The second session (Ijlas) was held in April 26, 1943 at Bab-e-Wala. After the  independence of  Pakistan the first session of the association held on  25-26, December 1948 at Karachi. The association is enganged for the batterment of the  Hussainpuri family members. This  author is also belong from Hussainpuri family and  was  its Finance Secretary  in 1983,  Local Secretary for Karachi in 1983  & 1988, Education Secretary 1988,   General  Secretary during the years 1990 - 1993. 

Foreword      Mr. Moinuddin Khan. 
Reviewed by Mr. M.Gulistan Khan, Librarian, 
                    Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS), Karachi