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Baluchi Phrases
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Balochi is spoken in Pakistan's western province. It is derived from persian, davegian and sanskrit. Balouchi is also spoken inNorthwestern Iranian. It is also spoken as a second language by most Brahuis of Pakistan Iran and some parts of Afghanistan.


English Balouchi
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
Goodbye Khuda Niga Wan
See You again Pada Giddan
Safe Journey Safa pah khai
Good morning Subab tai pah-khair
Good afternoon Neem rochah tai pah khair
Good evening Paisham tai pah khai
Yes Aao, haan
No Nah
Please Mehrbani
Thanks Meharbani or Tai Meharbani (Your Thanks)
Excuse me (to get past) Mana Paha Kane
Hello how are you? Soob tai ba khaiyat
My name is ....... maii naam ......... ant
What is your name? Shamaee naam chee ant
Pleased to meet you man ham bazoosh botoon
How much does this cost?  
Why? for what? par chy
I am hungry man bazgzang oon
what do you do too chey kaar kanne
How old are you? Taee umer chy ant
I am 20 years old mani umer beest saal ast
What time is it chant bajag int
its 1 o clock yak bajak ant
its 1 past 30 yak wa neem bajak
What happned Chha thiyo
Its very late baaz der bootah
do you speak english? tu angrezi zannaee
Yes I can speak English jee aao man angrezi gusht kinain
no no problem na hich parwa nah int

Counting in Balouchi

All English counting words are understood well so if you don't know the Balouchi word you can easily use English counting

English Balouchi
One yak
Two do
Three see


Five Punj
Six shash
Seven haft
Eight hashmat
Nine no
Ten daha
Eleven yanzdaha
Twelve doanzdaha
Thirteen seezdaha
Forteen chardaha
Fifteen paanzdaha
Sixteen shanzdaha
Seventeen haidaha
Eighteen hazzdaha
Ninteen nozdaha
Twenty beest
Twenty one beest wa yak
Twenty two beest wa do
Twenty three beest wa se
thrirty see
thirty one see wa yak
thirty two see wa do
forty chal
forty one chal wa yak
Fifty banjah
fifty one panjah wa yak
Sixty shast
Sixty one Shast wa yak
seventy haftaad
seventy one haftaad wa yak
eighty hashtaad
eighty one hashtaad wa yak
Ninty Nowd
Ninty one Nowd wa yak
Hundred sad
two hundred do sad
Thousand Hazaar
1 lac (one hubdred thousand yak lak
half neem
one third se yak
one forth charak

Names of days

English Balouchi
Monday Soomar
Tuesdy Angaro
Wednesday Abaa


Friday Jumo
Saterday Chanchar
Sunday Aachar
Today Aju
Yesterday Kalh
Tomorrow Subhane
Morning Subhu
Evening Shaam
Afternoon Be Pahar
Night Raat
What is day today Aaju chajo deenh aahe

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