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Hunza Ganish

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The living historic village, popularly known as Ganish Khun, is about one thousand years old, with a small community working towards improving its quality of life. With the spread of Islam, the Yarikutz, the Rupikutz, the Kuyokutz and the Mamorokutz - the then leading families of the area - constructed four mosques and watch towers dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. These unique structures, which were decaying owing to the ravages of time and lack of financial and technical resources, have been restored to some of their old glory with the assistance from Norway and Spain,

Ganish Khun is now seen as a model village, inspiring other settlements of the area to follow suit, thus substantiating Unesco's belief that recognizing successful preservation efforts helps spur additional projects within the same community, advocating the culture of preservation and conservation through the use of appropriate conservation techniques and approaches.

Until the British came in 1891, the men of Hunza used to keep a sword, gun, shield and a loaf of bread (which was replaced every eight days) beside their doors; when the drums beat the alarm from Altit fort, heralding the approach of raiders, each man would grab these things and run for the fort. (Presumably his family went too.)Like Gilgit Hunza was an important staging post on the Silk Route and was heavily traveled for thousands of years by traders going back and forth between China, India and the west over the Kilik, Mintaka, Parpik and Khunjerab passes. The most convincing proof of this lies in the inscriptions on the Ganesh rock, a sort of Silk Route guest book.

Ganish is full of rich culture and traditional hospitality, Following are the places to visit in Ganish Village.

Ganish Watch Towres.
Hunza River.
Sacred Rocks.
Ali Gohar House.


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