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Kalar Kahar

Kalar Kahar is about 225 Kilometers from Lahore on M2 motorway, and approximately 125 Kilometers from Islamabad this makes it an ideal excursion from the both cities. Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab province has has developed a beautiful resort in Kalar Kahar, overlooking the lake, fully furnished with air-conditioned accommodation (12 double bedrooms), a restaurant and a snack bar. Here the boating amidst migratory birds and the enchanting surroundings lure in the tourists. A tourist information centre of TDCP is working here to provide information and assistance to the tourists.

The main attraction of the eastern Salt Range are the shrine of Saidan Shah at Choa Saidan Shah, the lake and shrine of Abdul Qadir Gilani at Kallar Kahar and the Hindu Temple Complex at Katas. Kallar Kahar is located about 135 km from Rawalpindi. The Temple of Shiva at Katas (10th century AD) and other temples around Katas are valuable pieces of architecture and history.

How to get there

Once can reach Kalar Kahar either from Islamabad or Lahore via M@ Motorway it is located 25 kilometers southwest of Chakwal along the motorway.


The TDCP has built a small Motel at Kalar Kahar having six-rooms and a restaurant, overlooking Kallar Kahar (Salt Lake) with boating facilities.

Kallar Kahar Lake

Kallar Kahar Lake is located in Tehsil Kallar Kahar near Kallar Kahar interchange on Motorway M2. It is a saltwater lake. It is a famous and popular tourist resort. An Amusement park is

The Katasraj Temple

The Katasraj Temple is situated in Choa Saidanshah tehsil (CSS)


In 1981 a project was started named as Pak German Project (PGP). There also a degree and college for Mines diploma. There is a cadet college in Kallar Kahar named Cadet College Kallar Kahar, functional since 1998; it produces a variety of professionals, including army cadets, doctors and engineers.

Leading personalities

Kallar Kahar is the home to Awans, . Chak Misri is a very famous village of Kallar kahar. Chak Misri had a mountains of that Stone is used in TAJ MAHAL Agra (India). Chak Misri Also had a very famous picnic spot namely NAROMMI. Chak Misri is Inhabited by Awans and most famous Clan of Chak Misri is BHARTI (BHARATH).

MALIK LAL KHAN (LATE) of Sarkalan, the 1st Coal Lease owner of the Wanhar region was a personality with hundreds of attributes unveiled. Revered as a mentor, he was an authoritative chieftain of his Jhurwal and Phulial clans of Awan tribe. Stories of his dictates with his 11 nephews are still of stimulus interest in Wanhar region. Even after 30 years of his death,still his native land, his village Sarkalan, is branded by his name.Cited as an exemplar for children now-a-days,stories of his moral stature, selflessness and metal-like hardened leadership of his whole clan, puts him forward as a personality venerated by elders and youngsters alike. A custodian of the rural ethics, his life has become a tale, still serving as a lode-star for the generations to come.

PIR FAZAL SHAH (LATE}, who was the Raees-e-Azam of Wanhar, was awarded the title of Khan Sahab by the then British government. He was also the Zaildar (chief) of Wanhar. More than 22 villages were under his jurisdiction.

MALIK SHAHBAZ (LATE) of Buchal Kalan is still venerated as the strong leader who played an important role in shielding the region against the onslaught of boorishness by resisting the unchecked opening of cinemas in the rural areas.

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