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Karachi Travel & Hotels Information

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. It is also the southern most city of the country and capital of Sindh Province. The Population estimate of Karachi is roughly 18 Million by authorities (A rough guess that is inflated every year.) 80% of the population is Muslims, rest belong to all different religions groups among them Christians and Hindus are the largest.

Karachi is the commercial capital of the country. It has representation of  many International Banks. Multinational Companies and airlines, Most of the international airlines fly here. All renowned airlines have offices in Karachi The city is vast in area having an area of about 2200 square kilometers.

You can expect to see a large variety of modern and Colonial architecture in Karachi. Though there are very few tall buildings in Karachi but the modern architecture is matured and represents a class of its own. There are many beautiful mosques, Mausoleums, Churches and Libraries here. Bazaars of this city are the most attractive. Karachi has been regarded as he most liberal and traditional city at the same time. The combination of people from all over the country has made the people tolerate each other's language, culture and faith.

There are typical oriental style of bazaars with colors and narrow streets and you will find in Karachi the modern shopping centers offering a variety of goods of International standards and brands. One of the major tourist attraction is the busses and trucks of Karachi they are seen every where and present a whole art gallery of colors in them.

The national museum of Pakistan is the most prestigious museums in Pakistan housing the artifacts from the Mehar Garh, Indus civilization and the modern Pakistan movements relics.

Transiting at Karachi? Check out Short Karachi tours from Karachi Airport.

Hotels in Karachi.

  • Sheraton Hotel Karachi
  • Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi
  • Marriott Hotel Karachi
  • Karachi Avari Towers
  • Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi
  • Regent Plaza Hotel & Convention Centre
  • Karachi Mehran Hotel Karachi
  • Ramada Plaza Hotel Karachi
  • Carlton Hotel Karachi
  • Hotel Faran Karachi
  • Hotel Sarawan Karachi
  • Luxury Inn Karachi
  • Days Inn Karachi
  • i>
  • Dream World Resort Karachi
  • Airport Hotel Karachi
  • Sarai Hotel DHA Karachi
  • Gulf Hotel Karachi
  • Al Harmain Tower Karachi
  • Ameer Hotel Karachi
  • Hilltop Hotel Karachi
  • Hotel Sarah Karachi
  • Paradise Hotel Karachi
  • Al-Makran Hotel Karachi
  • Regent Plaza Hotel & Convention Centre Karachi
  • Hotel One Karachi Karachi
  • Days Inn Karachi Karachi
  • Embassy Hotel Karachi
  • Hotel Jabees Karachi
  • Marriott Hotel Karachi Karachi
  • Hotel Sky Towers Karachi
  • Movenpick Hotel Karachi Karachi
  • Tours in Karachi

    Half day city Tours of Karachi (4 Hours)

    Visit the Quaid-e-Azam (Founder of the Nation) Mausoleum, Defense mosque , Clifton Beach, Mohata palace and Bohri Bazaar a bustling Oriental bazaar.

    We will pick you up from your hotel or residence at 10:30 AM and drive you to the magnificent Defense mosque built in 1969 as a model of Modern Muslim architecture. Later will will drive you thru the rich residential area of Karachi to witness the modern trends of architecture in Pakistan we will visit Clifton beach where you can have a camel ride on the beautifully decorated camels on the beach of Arabian sea. We will tan stop at a shopping gallery to see some of the most beautiful handicrafts and carpets. Our tour will end with a visit to Saddar bazaar and we will bring you back to the hotel around 2:30 PM

    Departure daily Cost US$ 39.00 Per person contact us to book this tour now. (Group Discounts also available)

    Half day Mango Pir. (4 Hours)

    Visit the mausoleum of Mangho Pir. a tradition pilgrimage point where devotes from nearby villages and city come to pray in front of the Mangho Pir. Also visit the Crocodile hot springs 8ft large crocodiles live in them. An old 17th century graveyard has a few Chaukundi type tombs ( Sandstone carved with ancient symbols and motifs.)

    Departure daily Cost US$ 39.00 Per person contact us to book this tour now. (Group Discounts also available)

    Half day Crabbing tour. (3 - 4 Hours)

    We will pick you up from your hotel or residence at 5:30 PM and drive you to the Kemari harbor where you will be transferred to board on a traditional sail boat. We will cruise outside the Karachi harbor and stop near oyster rocks to try our lick to catch crabs. The crabs caught by you and our expert fishermen will be cooked on board with traditional style of mild spices and fried potatoes you will have a delicious dinner and enjoy the sunset in Karachi harbor. We will bring you back to the hotel around 8:30 - 9 PM

    Departure daily Cost US$ 39.00 Per person Including dinner & soft drinks contact us to book this tour now. Private tour can also be organized at any time of the day. (Group Discounts also available)

    Full Day Excursion to Thatta. (7 - 8 Hours)

    Pick up from your residence or hotel at 8:00 AM, Leave for Thatta 100 KMs from Karachi. On the way to Thatta stop at Chaukundi. 15 - 18th century tombs scattered on a large area. Each tomb is unique in it design and motifs. Rich carved sandstone depicting the relation of the local tribes with the neighboring Iran, central Asia and Turkey. Banbhore archeological site of Daibal excavated in 1962, is the site where Alexander established a town in 325BC and then the first Muslim conqueror in South East Asia came in 711AD.It is Beautiful site with a small museum. On arrival at Thatta Visit Makli largest cemetery of the world. Witness the beautiful Moghul Architecture in the magnificent mausoleums of the kings and ministers of 16 - 18 century. Also Visit Shahjehan mosque a master piece of Moghul architecture its blue glazed tile work is still the most well preserved in the subcontinent. Late afternoon return to Karachi. Time permitting also visit Haleji Lake famous bird sanctuary.

    Departure daily Cost US$ 72.00 Per person Including Lunch & soft drinks contact us to book this tour now. Special group discounts are also available. (Group Discounts also available)

    Full Day Excursion to Moen Jo Daro

    Early morning you are transferred to Airport for your flight to Moen Jo Daro, On arrival transfer to the archeological site, the site of the great Indus civilization which flourished as an earliest Urban culture from 3000 - 1700 BC. We have a large No. of detailed sites well laid by the expert archeologists. Indus civilization was probably the most advanced urban culture in the past , From the sites we can see the complete planning of the city, a separate area for Administration/ state, a rich residential area, Industrial area and an area for poor or workers. All the streets present an excellent grid system and were maintained with covered drainage , Dustbins and Market places. It is also proved that they had binary system of weights. The state was very strict. We don't see any difference in weights found from different sites. Taxes were collected in form of wheat, Barley or sesame, and mud pots were sealed to prove the clearance of dues. They used a language with 300 Different semi-pictographic characters, which are not deciphered yet.

    We start our tour with DK area It is an administrative area. We shall see the stupa of 2nd Century Ad which was built by Buddhist much later than the site it self; we then see Assembly hall, drainage, wells, state granary where taxes were collected, streets and the great bath. Then we visit DK area which is main citadel or rich Residential area we shall see the advanced life style of the people of the Indus. We also witness different levels of civilization and the planning of houses street etc.

    After the sites we will visit the site museum which has some findings of the site presented in a professional manner. Rest of the day at leisure or optional tour of Larkana and nearby villages.

    Transfers from Karachi to other cities

    Airport to Hotel.

    Airport to any down town hotel it is about 17 Kilometers we take a comfortable Half an hours drive passing by some modern office buildings and residential area of Karachi. Beautifully painted lorries passing by us all the way welcoming us to Karachi & Pakistan.

    Karachi to Hyderabad.

    160 Kilometer (2 & Hal Hours ) if driving via super highway which has very little to offer as for the sightseeing is concerned. Optionally one can also take the drive of Thatta tour visiting all those places and then continue to Hyderabad (200 KMs from Karachi about 8 Hours with sightseeing).

    Karachi to Quetta

    A complete hilly desert drive of 14 Hours (712 Kms) with a few bazaars to see on the way. Road is good but it is advisable to take a train for a more scenic journey through Bolan Pass.

    Karachi to Sehwan.

    Drive to Hyderabad via superhighway then continue to Sehwan (Total 310 Kms) On the way optionally one ca visit Ranikot for the largest fort in the world. There are also some interesting villages and traditional architecture on the way.

    Weather in Karachi

    Karachi has quite a stagnant weather but there are a few temperature Variations. From November to February temperature is From 8 to 28 Degrees With an average humidity of 65% From March to April Temperature remains between 25 - 38 Degrees and from May to October Temperature remains between 28 - 43 Degrees. There is very little rain fall but due to the monsoon From July to August casual rain showers are expected, which some times may be extended to September.

    Places in Karachi : Jinnah's Mausoleum | Defence Mosque | Clifton Beach | Mohata Palace, | Paradise Point, Empress Market | Bohri Bazaar | Jodiya Bazzaar | Mereweather tower | Karachi Fish Harbour | Kemari Port | Wazir Mension Museum | M.A Jinnah Road | Tariq Road | Memon Masjid (Mosque) | French Beach, Clifton Beach | National Museum of Pakistan | Maritime Museum, | PAF Museum | Frare Hall | Quaid E Azam House | State Bank Museum |

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