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Museums and Galleries in Pakistan 

On independence Pakistan inherited seven museums, out of which Museums at Lahore and Peshawar were run by the Provincial Governments while site museum of at Harappa, Moenjodaro, Taxila and the Armoury Museum in Lahore Fort were looked after by Central Government through its Department of Archaeology. a

Immediately after independence plans were taken in hand to establish National Museum of Pakistan. It was on 17th April 1950 that the National Museum of Pakistan was inaugurated in Freer Hall building, replacing the defunct Victoria Museum.

In order to advise the National Museum of Pakistan to enrich its collection through new acquisition, an Advisory Council for the purchase of antiquities and works of Arts was also formed by the government in 1950. 

The development of museums in the country has been spectacular and the last decades have seen quite a few museums being established and many others reorganized on modern lines.  Recently a museum exclusively devoted to Allama Iqbal at Javed Manzil, Lahore and another House Museum in the Quaid-I-Azam House (Flag Staff House) Karachi have been established.  The detail of the existing museums under the charge of the Department of Archaeology & Museums as well as some of the private museums is given below:

Gandhara Art Exhibition in New York Objects from Karachi Museum Jinnah Museum Karachi

Provinces: S. No.          Name of Museum Establishment
Balochistan: 1 Quetta Museum, Quetta 1972
  2 Sibi Museum  
NWFP: 2 Peshawar Museum 1947
  3 University Museum-Peshawar, 1995
  4 Chakdara Museum, 1960
  5 Archaeological Museum, Saidu Sharif, Swat. 1963
Punjab: 6 Archaeological Museum Taxila, Distt. Rawalpindi 1990
  7 Armoury Museum, old Fort, Lahore  1928
  8 Mughal and Sikh Galleries in Lahore-Fort.   1928
  9 Archaeological Museum, Harappa, Distt: Sahiwal  (Reorganized) 1965
  10 Allama Iqbal Museum, Javed Manzil, Lahore. 1967
  11 Museum-cum-Library at Iqbal Manzil, Sialkot. 1977
  12 Bahawalpur Museum, Bahawalpur 1977
  13 Faqirkhana Museum, Lahore, (Private)  
  14 Chughatai Museum,   Lahore, (Private)  
  15 Shakir Ali Museum,   Lahore, (Private)  
  16 Arts & Craft Museum   Lahore, (Punjab govt.)  
  17 Science Museum-Lahore,    
  18 Lokvirsa Museum- Islamabad  
  19 Natural History Museum- Islamabad  
  20 Sher Shah Suri Museum Rohtas  
Sindh: 20 National Museum of Pakistan of Pakistan, Karachi 1990
  21 Museum at Quaid-I-Azam Birth Place Karachi (Flag Staff House Museum) 1950
  22 Quaid E Azam Mausoleum Museum  
  23 Archaeological Museum, Moenjodaro Distt. Larkana    (Reorganized) 1953
  24 Archaeological Museum, Banbhore, Distt. Thatta.  1967
  25 Archaeological Museum, Omerkot, Distt: Tharparkar  1967
  26 Archaeological Museum, Hyderabad Fort, Hyderabad.  1968
  27 Moenjodaro Museum-Moenjodaro.  
  28 University Museum-Hyderabad  
  29 Pakistan Currency Museum 2011
  30 Thatta Museum  

Art Galleries

Karachi Arts Council Gallery, Ali Imam Gallery, Koonj Gallery-
Lahore Al-Hamra Art Gallery, Lahore Art Gallery, Croweater gallery- 
Islamabad National Art Gallery, Nomad Art Gallery- Rohtas Art Gallery -
Rawalpindi Karavan Art Gallery -


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