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Flag of Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Islam-i Jamhuriya-e Pakistan

Animated Flag of Pakistan

Pakistan's Flag was officially adopted on 14 August 1947 the date of independence of Pakistan from the British when India was divided into two countries. coat of arms adopted 23 March 1956.

The Pakistan Flag was designed by Ameer-ud-din Khidwai. The national flag of Pakistan is dark green in colour with a white bar, a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed star. The significance of the colour and symbols used in the Pakistan Flag is as follows:

The white and dark green field represents minorities & Muslim majority, respectively.
The crescent on the flag represents progress.
The five-rayed star represents light and knowledge.

Pakistani's are proud of the flag and display it everywhere. On 14th August The independence day you can nearly see a Flag on every single Pakistani house, Car & Motorcycle. All public places are decorated with numerous Flags.

Some facts about the Pakistani flag

It was designed and adapted on 11th August 1947

The green color is dark green also known as Pakistan Green The Color code of green is "#006600"

At UN Pakistan flag flies at same level as other no other flag is higher except the flag of UN itself.

National flag must be tied higher the the provincial or other flags in the country

How to construct the proper Pakistani flag

Official sizes of Pakistani flags are :-

For ceremonial occasions. 21' × 14' or 18' × 12' or 10' × 6' or 9' × 6¼'.
For erecting over the buildings. 6' × 4' or 3' × 2'.
For cars 24" × 16".
For tables 10¼" × 8¼".

To draw the flag make a box measuring for example 10.25 x 8.25 piece of paper approximately A4 size take 1/4th part of it on the left and paint rest as green

Now draw the crescent and moon as shown in the figure blow make sure that one corner of star is exactly pointing  to top right corner of the flag and the center point of the circle of the moon is exactly the center of the green part of the flag

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