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Field Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan but Cricket is the most popular Sport of Pakistan. You can see cricket being played in smaller streets in all Cities, Towns & villages of Pakistan. Cricket is the most followed game by Pakistani People. There is a National Team for men & women separate and when there is a match of Pakistan with any of the popular countries India, England Sri-Lanka, & Bangladesh people are glued to their radios or TVs to listen & watch the game.

Cricket can be a day long game (One day match) or it can be 3 or 5 days Long game (Test Match) Cricket is played with a flat wodden stick known as BAT and a Cricket Ball. There are 11 players in each Team. One Team does the bowling, when all 11 players actively participate One bawls and other 10 try to catch the ball so the batting team does minimum score. The batting teams 2 players do batting one player has to his the ball as bowler bowls the batters have to run from one side to the other to make a RUN.

Complete details of the game can be found here 

Pakistani Cricket Team is managed by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) Which selects the best cricket players from the smaller in-country teams. The Pakistan Cricket board is responsible for organizing the International matches in Pakistan and out of Pakistan.

Some Functions of PCB are as under.

  • To promote and develop the game of cricket in Pakistan.
  • To maintain general control of the game, particularly with reference to the rules and regulations governing its conduct.
  • To promote the formation of affiliated organizations.
  • To provide for the maintenance of discipline amongst the constituent members and by the constituent members over all cricketing bodies and individuals under their control.
  • To regulate affiliation of its constituent Members, to fix fees and other conditions for the granting of such affiliation and to exercise a supervisory jurisdiction over the functioning of such members.
  • To seek and gain affiliation to international bodies concerned
  • with the advancement and control of cricket generally.
  • To coordinate activities in respect of the game of cricket in all manners and ways, including the formulation of the laws of the game, the holding of tournaments by the board, its constituent members and other subordinate bodies and to organize national Tournaments and International matches within the country.
  • To collect funds and utilize these in such a manner as may be considered desirable for the aims and objects of the Board.
  • To ensure proper application of funds collected by constituent members and the bodies affiliated thereto.
  • To undertake:
  • a) The selection and composition of cricket teams which will represent Pakistan in cricket contests, both within Pakistan and abroad.
  • b) The control and financing of all such tours as may be arranged by the Board.
  • c) The appointment of managers, coaches and other requisite officials.
  • d) To regulate visits abroad by member Associations and clubs and visits of foreign teams to Pakistan.
  • To acquire, construct, develop and maintain stadiam, grounds and other properties.
  • To standardize and control umpiring in cricket and ensure its maintenance at a high level throughout Pakistan.
  • Generally do all such other acts and things as may appear to the Board convenient and conducive to carrying out its objects and the purposes.

cricket tours

We organize cricket tours in Pakistan for people interested in visiting the country to watch the game or for research. We also organize special tours during cricket matches in Pakistan which can be taken while you visit Pakistan to see your favorite cricket match.

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