The year 2004 was unquestionably
a good year for tourism in Pakistan.
Foreign tourism in Pakistan experienced a
spectacular rebound in 2004 after
recession due to the 9/11 incident and war
against terrorism, receiving a record
648,000 foreign tourists.

Pakistan has a multitude of tourist
attractions for the lovers of adventure &
culture, including awe inspiring mountain
peaks, lush green and unspoiled valleys,
lakes, centuries old Indus and Gandhara
civilizations and Buddhist shrines, which
make the country rich in touristic
attractions. These assets are being
capitalized for cultural cross-pollination
and economic development of the

Ministry of Tourism is striving
hard to address the problems faced by the
tourism industry and to promote the
image of the country on the world tourist

For the promotion and
development of tourism infra and
supra structure, one of the essential
inputs is to have an update for
national and international
organizations. To meet this basic
need, the Ministry of Tourism, brings
out this annual Research Report titled
"Tourism in Pakistan". The present
issue of the Report 2004, contains
useful information on foreign and
domestic tourism in Pakistan and
contribution of tourism to the
national economy of the country.

March 2005.
Ms. Sumaira Malik
Minister of State for Tourism


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