-: 11 :-
A number of delegates from several countries, officials of UNO and
International NGO's used Pakistan as a base/transit Country for their
onward visit to Afghanistan, that resulted in growth in tourist arrivals.

Receipts - 2004

Pakistan earned US $ 185.6 million during the year 2004 from
foreign tourism compared to US $ 135.6 million in year 2003, showing a
strong growth of 36.9 percent. The high growth in foreign exchange
earnings is attributed to the increase in tourist arrivals from all markets.

Long Term Trend (1995-2004)

of foreign tourist arrivals and tourism receipts of
Pakistan, reflect irregular trends during the last decade as exhibited in the
following Table. The country-wise tourist arrivals during 2004, is shown in
Table No.2.1 of Statistical Appendix.

Table - 1
Foreign Tourist Arrivals and Receipts
during the Period 1995-2004
Year Arrivals
"000 Nos"
Receipts (b)
(US $ Million)
1995 378.4
1996 368.7
1997 374.8
1998 428.8
1999 432.2
2000 556.7
2001 499.7
2002 498.1
2003 500.9
2004 648.0

Source Notes: (a)
FIA, Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan.
State Bank of Pakistan.


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