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The leading tourist generating region for Pakistan during 2004, was
Europe with 43.4 percent arrivals, mostly V.F.R. followed by South
Asia 24.7 percent, America 15.9 percent, Pacific & East Asia 9.2
percent, Middle East 4.4 percent and Africa 1.9 percent.
The top ten tourist generating countries for Pakistan during 2004
were U.K., Afghanistan, U.S.A., India, Germany, China, Canada,
Japan, Norway and the Netherlands, which generated 78 percent of
the total foreign tourist arrivals.
During 2004, the highest arrivals month was December whereas the
lowest was October.
During 2004, about 32.2 percent tourist arrivals were recorded at
Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, followed by Quaid-e-
Azam International Airport, Karachi 27.5 percent, Allama Iqbal
International Airport, Lahore 20.5 percent. Over-land tourists were
17.3 percent in 2004, showing a decrease of 3.2 percent over the
previous year.
Tourism & Economy
The average spendings per foreign tourist according to the State
Bank of Pakistan data, went up from US $ 270.7 in 2003 to US $
286.4 in 2004.
Pakistan's export earnings during 2003-2004 were Rs.709 billion
equivalent to US $ 12.31 billion, whereas the foreign exchange
earnings from tourism during the same period were Rs. 9.8 billion
equivalent to US $ 0.17 billion. The place of tourism in foreign
exchange earnings went up from 10
in 2002-03 to 9
in 2003-04.
International travel receipts as a percentage of earnings from exports
were 1.4 percent in 2003-04.
Travel balance during 2003-04 was negative to the extent of Rs.58.5
billion equivalent to US$ 1.02 billion compared to a year earlier when
it was Rs.21.2 billion equivalent to US $ 0.36 billion, according to the
State Bank of Pakistan figures. Its share in the combined receipts of
merchandise and service items was 0.2 percent.
During 2003-04, the G.N.P. of the country was Rs. 4534 billion
equivalent to US $ 78.7 billion. During the same period, foreign
exchange earnings from tourism as reported by the State Bank of
Pakistan, amounted to Rs.9.8 billion equivalent to US $ 0.17 billion.
Thus, tourism receipts were 0.2 percent of G.N.P. in 2003-04.


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