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Punjab, its name meaning "Land of five rivers", and the house of
granary, is the most fertile and heavily populated province of Pakistan,
covering an area of 2,05,344 Sq. Kms. Punjab truly is the land, which is
enduringly antiquated and progressively modern. Although Punjab has well
planned cities and beautifully conceptualized residential colonies, most of its
people are rural folk for whom life revolves around the cycle of seasons,
studded with a rich variety of traditions, fairs and colourful folk festivals, all
around the year. The houses in the rural expanses for the most part, are
built of mud and clay and strengthened with straw. They are the proud
custodians of the centuries old Harappa Civilization, the grandeur of the
Mughal Empire and a culture that even time could not work away. Explore
Punjab by spending some time in a village, and feel the warmth, the toiling
strength of its people and their craftsmanship reflected in their pottery and
wearing designs.

The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) is Pakistan's most diverse
province, covering an area of over 1,01,741 Sq Kms (including the Federally
Administrated Tribal Areas 27,220 Sq Kms). NWFP stretches from the Pamir
in the extreme North, to all the way south as far as Dera Ismail Khan on the
banks of the Indus, encompassing high mountains, fertile river basins and
semi-arid deserts. At the heart is Peshawar Valley, often referred to as the
vale of Peshawar. Its rich alluvial soils, watered by the Kabul and Swat rivers,
make this amongst the most productive agricultural regions in Pakistan. The
mountains to the north, particularly the Hindu Kush, are amongst the most
spectacular in Pakistan, offering some of the best opportunities for trekking
and climbing in the world. The northern half of the province consists of five
river valleys running roughly parallel, north to south namely Chitral, Dir, Swat,
Indus and Kaghan. These valleys are on the northern edge of the monsoon
belt, which is why they are fairly green and partly wooded in their southern
sections. The North Western Province is famed for its metal ware, but proudly
distinguished by the gateway to warriors known as the Khyber Pass.
The Northern Areas.
Geographical and climatic diversity are two of the many features that
attract international tourists to Pakistan. History, culture and religion also
contribute to the Country's potential as a tourist destination. The northern
areas with their high altitude mountains of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush and
Karakoram ranges attract a particular group of tourists mountain trekkers and
mountain climbers.


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