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Despite relatively small size of tourism in the Country, tourism has
played an important role in its socio-economic development,
particularly in far-flung areas not suited for industrial development. It
provides direct employment to 500,000 persons.
Domestic Tourism
During 2004, 41.4 million domestic tourists travelled within the
Country during 2004, showing an increase of 2.7 percent over the
previous year.
Nearly 90 percent of domestic tourists travelled by road, 8.5 percent
by rail and 1.8 percent by air.
More than half of the domestic tourists were mainly motivated for
social calls followed by recreation, business and health. These four
motivating factors combined together, constitute 84.7 percent of
domestic travel, in Pakistan.

Overall the year 2004 was one of the best years in the history of
tourism, hosting 0.648 million foreign tourists, all time high recording
a robust increase of 29.4 percent over the previous year 2003.
Foreign tourist arrivals increased from all markets.
Foreign tourism receipts also increased from US$ 136 million in 2003
to US$ 186 million in year 2004 reflecting a significant growth of 36.9
percent in 2004 over the previous year.
The position of foreign tourism receipts in exports improved to 9
2003-04 from10
in 2002-03.
Tourism receipts were 0.2 percent of GNP in 2003-04, compared 0.1
percent in 2002-03.


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