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High importance was given to Pakistan's participation in travel trade marts
during 2004. Pakistan participated in Japan Association of Travel Agents
(JATA); World Tourism Congress, Japan; World Travel Mart, London;
Holiday World Travel & Tourism Exhibition, Ireland; WTO Conference on
Tourism on Resources Management, Japan; ITB Berlin, Germany and
Arab Travel Market, Dubai.
During 2004 Pakistan participated in a number of conventional and
un-conventional sports i.e. Cricket, Hockey, Squash and World Cup
Polo events held in different countries. During the year 2004, a
number of franchised restaurants and retail outlets were opened in
the Country which also created awareness about Pakistan.
The United Nations and members of the international coalition,
lauded the important role played by Pakistan in fighting global
terrorism, which created positive image of Pakistan as a dynamic,
progressive, moderate, and democratic Islamic country in the world
community. During 2004, Pakistan remained in Tourism and Non-
Tourism related social and political news in the World Media,
creating awareness about Pakistan as a major country in the
region. During 2004 several Satellite TV channels e.g. National
Geographic televised exclusive programmes on Pakistan, e.g.,
documentary on Shundor Pass Polo Tournament was put on air
more than once by National Geographic Channel creating tourist
interest in Pakistan.
During 2003-04 President of Pakistan visited the Russian
Federation, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Germany, France,
Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Canada, China, Korea, and Turkey for
different high level events. The Prime Minister of Pakistan also
visited Five GCC countries, China, Saudi Arabia, USA, Iran,
France, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Thailand to
attend different events. These events were televised by the
electronic media throughout the world, improving the global image
of Pakistan.
During 2004 Pakistan hosted the 12
SAARC Summit and several
other important international conferences, which were given high
coverage in international media. Likewise during 2004, a number of
Heads of States and Governments, and high level delegations from
USA, UK, Russia, China, Japan, France, UAE, Italy, Romania, Iran,
Ireland, Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Mauritius, Cuba,
Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Brunei, Cambodia, & Philippine
etc., visited Pakistan generating immense interest for the Country,


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