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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

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52. CHUMURKAN PASS : Chitral, Mastuj, Chumarkan,
Nazbar Pass, Yasin, Ishkoman, Gilgit or vice versa.
Open Zone
ZINDIGRAM PASS TREK : Chitral, Shah Junali, Paur,
Gazin, Lasht, Kishmanja, Ishkarwarz to Darkot Pass,
or Karambar Pass, Zindikharam Pass, Ishkoman, Gilgit
or vice versa.
Restricted Zone
ARKARI TREK : Chitral, Shugur Blyasan, Babu Camp,
Arkari, Garam Chashma, Shahgram, Chitral or vice
Restricted Zone
DARKOT PASS : Chitral, Mastuj, Lasht, Darkut Pass,
Ishkoman Gilgit or vice versa.
Restricted Zone
56. CHILINJI TREK : Chitral, Mastuj, Ishkarwarz,
Karambar Pass, Chilinji Pass, Chapursan Valley, Gilgit
or vice versa.
Restricted Zone
57. TIRICH VALLEY : Chitral Shahgram, Shugur
Biyasan, Lower Tirich Glacier, Upper Tirich GLACIER
and back by the same route.
Restricted Zone

Source: Operation Section, Ministry of Tourism.
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