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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

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Table No. 5.3
Terms and Conditions for Grant of Permission to Mountaineering
Expedition Parties for Climbing Peaks in Pakistan

Procedure for Applying for Permission:

A foreign mountaineering expedition desirous of climbing of peak in Pakistan shall
apply on the application form with one extra copy in the nearest Embassy/Consulate of
Pakistan. A copy with a photo copy of royalty receipt should be sent directly to the Ministry
of Tourism, Operation Section, Green Trust Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Areas, Islamabad,

Government reserves the right to allot a particular peak through any route to more
than one party in the same season.


Government has the right to cancel the allotment of a peak at any time without
assigning any reason. Amount of royalty deposited shall be refunded in such cases.


The expedition upon arrival in Rawalpindi/Islamabad should see the officer
concerned in Ministry of Tourism, Operation Section, Green Trust Tower, Jinnah Avenue,
Blue Areas, Islamabad, for arranging meeting with the Liaison Officer and assistance on
matters like insurance, purchase of rations and allied matters. After completing these
formalities leader of the expedition shall ask for a date of formal briefing. For this purpose
he shall give a minimum notice of 24 hours excluding Friday and Holidays. The preparatory
work would entail a stay of about four-five days in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Note: No party will leave for the mountains without formal briefing or leave the country
without formal de-briefing.

Liaison Officer (L.O.)

A party shall include in the expedition, as its member at least one L.O. to be
detailed by the Government or Pakistan.

The above information has taken from the publication - Mountaineering Rules and
Regulation (Edition 1999) which has been corrected upto 15-04-1999. This information is
subject to modifications, alterations and relaxations. For any further information please
contact the Co-ordination Officer (Operation Section), Ministry of Tourism, Green Trust
Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tel: 9203509.

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