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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

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3. Visa fee of Rs. 15/- should be deposited in cash and receipt obtained,
passport will be returned on presentation of receipt. The fee is non-
4. Two copies of the form will be returned to the applicant with visa. One
each should be handed over to Pakistan Immigration Officer on arrival
and Police Registration Office.
5. The applicant should be in possession of US$ 45 or equivalent in
Foreign Exchange at the time of entry.
6. The visitors may enter Pakistan by Air, Train, Road, Bus the point of
exit and mode of travel for their return journey will remain the same.
However, the persons Entering By Air may exit from different Airport
with prior permission.
7. The visitors must Report for Police Registration within 24 hours of
entry in Pakistan and prior to Departure/Arrival at each subsequent
place of visit in Pakistan.
8. Provide copy of N.I.C. of the sponsor of Indian Nations(s).
9. Provide copy of the Passport of the applicant(s).
10. Valid Passport. The Passport should be valid for at least one year.
Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.
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