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Pakistan Tourism (Report) By Government of Pakistan.

-: 81 :-
STAK PASS : Skardu, Stak, Stak Pass, Ganto Pass
Arandu, Chogo lungma Glacier, Haramosh Pass,
Sassi, Skardu or Gilgit or vice versa.
Open Zone
SOSBUN VALLEY : Skardu, Chakpong, Ho, Sosbun
B.C. Sosbun Brakk B.C., Hoh Lungma Glacier, Hikmul
Pass, Doko, Skardu or vice versa.
Open Zone
SKORO PASS : Skardu, Askole, Skoro Pass, Shigar,
Skardu or vice versa.
Open Zone
THALLE PASS : Skardu, Shigar, Thalle Pass, Bukma,
Doghani to Hushe or Skardu or vice versa.
Open Zone
12. HUSHE VALLEY: Skardu, Hushe, Masherbrum B.C.,
Shaicho, Gondokoro B.C., K-7 B.C., Hushe, Skardu, or
vice versa.
Restricted Zone
HUSHE ALING : Skardu, hushe, Aling Glacier & back
to Hushe via same route.
Open Zone
14. ACROSS DEOSAI : Skardu, Deosai Plateau, Chilim
Astore, Gilgit or vice versa.
Open Zone
15. AROUND NANGA PARBAT : Gilgit Astore, Mazeno
Pass, either to Chilas via Diamer or Kachal Pass. Fairy
Meadows, Raikot or Astore via Nameless Pass, Chilas
or vice versa.
Open Zone
16. FAIRY MEADOWS: Chilas, Fairy Meadows, Nanga
Parbat Base Camp, Jillipur Pass Chilas.
Open Zone
17. ACROSS DEOSAI: Gilgit, Astore, Chillim, Deosai
plateau, Skardu, or vice versa.
Open Zone
RAKAPOSHI BASE CAMP: Gilgit Jaglot, Shaltar Pass,
Milt, Minapin Glacier, Miachar, Toshot, Nagar, Gilgit or
vice versa.
Open Zone
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