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Punjabi Phrases
Urdu Phrases Sindhi Phrases Punjabi Phrases Pushto Phrases Balouchi Phrases Shine Phrases

English Urdu
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
Welcom Ji ayan nun
Goodbye Khuda Hafiz

Allah Hafiz

Good morning Subha Ba Khair  or Assalam O Alaikum
Good afternoon Do Pehar Ba Khair or Assalam O Alaikum
Good evening Shaam Ba Khair or Assalam O Alaikum
Yes Aaho, Haan, Jee, Haan Jee
No Naheen
Please Wadi Meharbani
Thanks Shukria
Excuse me (to get past)

Maaf Karna

Excuse me (to get information) Maaf Kee ji ye
My name is ....... Mera Naam ............Hai
What is your name? Tuwada naan kee hai?
Pleased to meet you Twade naal milke khushi hui
How much does this cost? Ae kitney da ae
Can you help me please? Tussi meri madad karoge?
Sorry Maaf Kee Jiay Ga
What Happened Ki hoya
Where are you going Tussi kithey jaa rahe ho
I am going to .................(Male)

Main ............... Ja Rawa waan

I am going to .................(Female) Main ............... Ja Rahi Hoon
Where is Food Khana Kithey ai
How to get to Museum  or Way to museum Museum da raasta keda hai
Today is Monday Ajj peer Hai
Kia Hua kee hoya
When kadoon
I want to go back (Male) Main Wapis Jana Chahna
I want to go back (Female) Main Wapis Jana Chahni aan

Urdu In a Shop

English Urdu
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
How are you Kia Haal Hain
How Much is this Ye Kitne ka Hai
Its Expanssive Mehanga Hai
Please reduce the price a bit Kuch Kam Karain
I will give you 100 Rupees Main 100 rupees doonga
No Naheen
Please Barae Meharbani
Thanks Shukria
Excuse me (to get information) Maaf Kee ji ye
My name is ....... Mera Naam Hai............
What is your name? Aap Ka naam Kia Hai

Urdu Pharases in a restaurant

English Urdu
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
How are you Ki Haal Hai twada
How Much is this Ae kinne da ae

What is available to eat

Khane da kee maujood hai
What is less spicy Kam Masale wala Ki Hai
I am Vegitarian Main Gosh Naheen Khaanda
Please bring the bill Bill La Do ji
Food was great Khana Bohat Achha Si
I didnt enjoy the food Khane wich Maza Naheen Aaya
Is there any thing else Hor kuch
Its Expanssive Mehanga Hai
No Naheen
Please Meharbani Karke
Thanks Shukria

Counting in Punjabi

All English counting words are understood well so if you don't know the Punjabi word you can easily use English counting

English Urdu
One Aik
Two Do
Three Tin


Five Punj
Six Che
Seven Sattu
Eight Aathu
Nine No
Ten Das
Eleven Giyara
Twelve Bara
Thirteen Tera
Forteen Choda
Fifteen Pandra
Sixteen Sola
Seventeen Satra
Eighteen Athara
Ninteen Unees
Twenty Bees

Names of days

English Urdu
Monday Peer
Tuesdy Mangal
Wednesday Budh


Juma Raat
Friday Juma
Saterday Hafta
Sunday Itwar
Today Aaj
Yesterday Kal
Tomorrow Kal
Morning Subha
Evening Shaam
Afternoon Do Pehar
Night Raat
What is day today Aaj Konsa Din Hai
What day will you com Konse Din Aao Ge

Punjabi Sufi Poetry


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