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PAKISTAN T r a v e l N e w s
Volume 1 Issue 10 November 1998
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This Issue Contains.

- T&C Group tours for 1999
- Basant Festival on 13th in Lahore Join our special Tour.
- Millennium tours update
- Uch Sharief a mystic place for the adventure lovers
- Serena Hotel Masai Mara National Park (Kenya)
- Travel Tip of the Month Travel Book of the month.
- Buy & sell via PTN Rupee Auctions online

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>>>>>>> T&C Group tours for 1999.<<<<<<<<<

Our group tours are still on and we also have added a tour to Kenya in our tours. Please visit

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>>>>>>>> Basant festival in Lahore Join the party <<<<<<<<<

Zeb Travel Karachi pioneer of Basant festival, tour groups in Pakistan is organizing a Basant extravaganza from 13th to 15th Feb 1999 , in Lahore. The package tour Itinerary is asunder.

Feb 13 Flight to Lahore (From Karachi ) PK302) On arrival meet & transfer to your deluxe Hotel (Avari or Pearl Cont) Evening drive to Old Lahore for a great show of Basant by TDCP. Meals & Overnight at hotel.

Feb 14 Relax and enjoy the Basant celebrations by the hotel
Feb 15 Transfer to airport for flight to Karachi.

Cost Rs. 5000 Per Couple Including meals Children staying with parents free. Air fare Extra

Please Contact T&C Tel : 5218097 or email basant @ Book Now limited seats are available.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Millennium tours update <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Our Millennium tours are on there are rooms available in Maldives , Egypt , Sri Lanka & Thailand. Will update you in an other email in the mid Feb with some special Packages.

>>>>>>>>>>> Uch Sharief a Mystic place adventurers.<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Alexandria of the Alexander the great and our Holy "UCH" (High) place is a wonder on the land of Pakistan. There are very few places in the world where one feels so close to the reality of Sufism "the oneness". Uch has that very feeling in it.

It is a busy little town of Sufis & saints. There are numerous mausoleums of those Holy men/women who taught people the lessons of Unity & oneness.

History : As most of our ancient towns on the banks of the river Indus UCH is also an ancient settlement which has lived since the Aryans (1700 BC) The only recorded history found is from the Alexander the great`s period (326 - 325 BC) when it was called Alexandria by Alexander.
After that there is no record until Mohammed bin Qasim (711 - 726 AD) reached Uch and made it an Islamic city. After Islam Uch became the centre of of Islamic education and cradle of Sufism.

Two major schools of Sufism emerged here (Qadri & Suharwardi) During the Moghuls & the local rulers gave a great importance to the Sufis, laying at rest on the land of Uch and some magnificent Mausoleums Madrsahs were built.

The Uch architecture is a distinct school of architecture and is one of the most impressive in the subcontinent. Main material of the buildings was Baked bricks , glazed tiles and sun dried bricks.
Though many of the buildings have fallen apart but one can still see the beauty in the design.

What to see: Tomb of Jewindi Bibi a marvel of architecture built in the 15th century, has lost its dome and half circle but the glazed tile work and the giant walls are worth a visit.

In the same compound there are many sacred tombs of other Sufis.

Tomb of Jalaluddin Surkh Bukhari RAH is an other piece of art and is a must visit.

Now on the adventure side : Best way to enjoy Uch is to camp at Punjnad You can reach Punjnad either from Multan via Alipur or from Bahawalpur via Uch Shrines. Sail in Chenab river on a local boat and if you can afford the adventure, sail all the way to Bahawalpur in 3 Day camping at the river bank near "Sui Gas" & " Sama Satta villages.

You can also combine Uch sharief with Cholistan Desert & Derawar fort.

Where to Stay: PTDC Bahawalpur is a good property to stay. There are also two other Good hotels in Bahawalpur , Humera Hotel and Serenity Hotel.Book Through T&C

Getting there : By plane to Bahawalpur and take a Car to Uch. Car cost is around Rs. 800 both ways. There are also local wagons from Multan & Bahawalpur to Uch Sharief.

>>>>>> Serena Hotel Masai Mara National Park (Kenya) <<<<<<<

If you have an interest with the wild animals Masai Mara National Park (only 3 Hours drive from Nairobi) is perfect option. There are countless animals in the Park. You can have great game drives to see the Wild beasts like lion Cheeta , Rhino , Wild buffalo , Hippo . and beautiful Zebras , Giraffes , Ostrich and many others.

Mara Serena is Deluxe hotel in the middle of this jungle with all facilities of a five star hotel. The hotel is a real treat for families with children. Bit expansive but worth a visit.

Room rate from US$ 170 Full board Double Room.

>>>>> Travel Tip <<<<<<<

When visiting a foreign country for leisure or business always get Guide book of that country. At times you can make great savings through the hotels , Taxis etc. There is always a section in
these books where you can learn some helpful phrases in the local language, which is very useful. These books are either available at the bookstore at major hotels or online like our book

>>>>>> Travel Book of the month <<<<<<<

Pakistan Hand book by Isabel Shaw Second Edition.An excellent book on Pakistan Full details. I used to carry this during my guiding for many years. It really is a jewel.Available from leading stores if not buy it online from

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