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Pakistan is safer then any other destination.

There is no war in Pakistan there is NO SARS nor there is any hate for westerners.

Where is Pakistan

Pakistan is located at the latitude of 23 - 27 North and 61 - 76 east in the Northern Hemisphere. Its occupies an area of 796095 Square KMs or 31043 Square Miles. It shares a long border with India in the east, In the south there is the Arabian sea , the South west is bordered with Iran , North west with Afghanistan & North east shares a high altitude border with China

Is it safe to go to Pakistan

Yes Pakistan is SAFE to travel. It has just been advertised by media so badly that people think it is so bad but in fact it is as safe as your home town. There is absolutely no danger. You dont see any fundamental groups here nor Pakistan is any closer to war. Pakistani people are moderate muslims and every religion is accepted here. There is  No purse snatching, street violence or any other odd in this country

What is situation of SARS in the country.

Till todate we have not found any case of SARS in Pakistan. Goverment of Pakistan has taken very strict measure to controll any situation which may arise. All entry points are checked for SARS safty. Since Pakistan has been so less travelled by foreigners it has no chance of geting SARS. Last time when there was plegue in India Pakistan was 100% safe so it is now.

If Pakistan is so safe how do you explain US state department travel advisory.

It is a known fact that US travel advisories are usually written by those who have never visited the country themselves. They seem to mix Afghanistan with Pakisan.They repeat the same thing again and again only because of lack of interest by our governments. Otherwise for other countries same advisories are issued and waived off immediately. Just because of PR. Our rival India is rather big country and US can not afford to break ties with them. In order to please them such advisories are issued.

What about women can they travel to Pakistan

Off course! Pakistan is a Muslim country women are given equal right of a man in Islam. There is no problem for women to travel to Pakistan, however a modest dress like a T shirt jeans long skirt is recommended. Shorts should be avoided in the bazaars and cities. Half sleeves shirts are OK

What about men can they wear shots

It is the same as women it is recommended that short are not worn in busy areas.

What about the roads in Pakistan.

The roads in Pakistan are all well paved and are metled. Roads like Karakorum highway are also very well done. One has to be prepared for a little less controlled traffic as

Can one drive on Pakistani roads

If you have an Internation driving license yo can drive in Pakistan, but you have to understand that traffic rules are not followed as well as in the western countries. You have got to be a very good driver. Many people bring their vehicles from europe and drive through Pakistan into China witout any problem.

Do I need to learn the local language (Urdu)

English is pretty much understood in Pakistan. You will always find people speaking English. Most of the sign boards are also in English. Except some words it is not mendatory to learn local language before you come to Pakistan.

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