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Update about Umrah Foreign pilgrims have been allowed, however Umrah packages are not yet available, we will announce the new packages soon, May Allah relieve us from us epidemic soon

Umrah Packages 2021

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We live in a most difficult time. The travel is not any more the same, the Umrah pilgrimage is also limited it is sad to see the holy Kaaba with so little people doing Tawaf. May Allah bring us out of this test soon.

Umrah is fully open now. Many faithful have questions in mind and here are answers to these questions. This document was written on 29th January 2021. Things are changing we will try to update as soon as new rules are enforced.

السلام علیکم
سعودی عرب جانے والے تمام دوست جن کے ٹکٹ کنفرم آنے والے دنوں میں کنفرم ہے ان کو اس پابندی کو لیکر پریشان ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں... انشاءاللہ.. فلائٹس جلد ہی دوبارہ بحال ہونگے.

باقی جن کے ویزے لگ چکے ہیں ان کو بھی پریشان ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں ایمبیسی اوپن ہے اور معمول کے مطابق کام کر رہے ہیں آپ لوگ ان سے رابطہ کریں.

باقی جنہوں نے ابھی تک ٹکٹ نہیں لیا ان دوستوں کو یہی مشورہ ہے کہ جب تک حالات واضح نا ہو آپ لوگ ٹکٹ نا لیں.

باقی دعا کریں کہ اللہ کریم اپنے محبوب صل اللہ علیہ و سلم کے صدقے جلد ہی اس وبا کو ہم سے دور کر دے اور تمام لوگوں کو پریشانیوں سے نجات دلا دے... آمین بجاہ نبی کریم صل اللہ علیہ و سلم
جزاک اللہ خیرا

Question: Is Umrah Open?

Yes Umrah is now open for all nationalities however there are few restrictions. Umrah can only be performed by Muslims of age 18 to 50 years. Every new Umrah Zair must get a negative COVID-19 test report and will also be tested on arrival in Saudi Arabia. There is also a mandatory 2 days quarantine, We provide 3 days quarantine for all our customers with full board.

Question: How long before the PCR test should be done?

You must get yourself tested 48 hours before so you can get your results on the day of flight.

Question: What is my COVID19 test at the arrival in Saudi Arabia comes positive?

That will be an unfortunate situation, you will be sent back to Pakistan

Question: Will I get an refund if my test is positive in Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately the visa charges Airline ticket and first 3 days of hotel are non refundable so what remains is just a little portion of the hotels in Makkah & Madina which will certainly be refunded.

Question: I have my parents above 50 and children under 18 can I take them with me?

Unfortunatly that is also not possible. You must wait until all Corona restrictions are lifted.

Question: Will Umrah be open during Ramadan 2021?

Yes on May 17st Umrah will be open with full facilities as per the government announcement, so Umrah in Ramadan 2021 will Insha Allah be open.

Question: If Umrah is open why are hotels in Makkah & Madina closed?

The hotels are usually run as per the occupancy, due to age restrictions and COVID tests on arrival and fear of returning back to home country may people are afraid to travel for Umrah, thus the hotels do not have customers. When hotels are shut down their water charges, building rent etc is saved so it is better to keep the hotel completely closed until the Umrah returns to normal

What are the packages of Umrah available now?

We have several packages available. Following is one package that is available for Rs. 195000.00 per person. Age restriction 18 to 50 years

10 Days Special COVID19 Umrah Package


Day 01 Corona Test Negative, Flight to Jeddah on arrival transfer by coach to hotel Millennium Naseem Al Rajhi overnight at hotel

Day 02 Quarantine Day 01 Meals in room not permitted to go out prayers and overnigtht at hotel.

Day 03 Quarantine Day 02 Meals in room not permitted to go out prayers and overnigtht at hotel.

Day 04 Quarantine Day 03 Meals in room not permitted to go out prayers and overnigtht at hotel.

Day 05 Transfer to Swiss Al Maqam hotel Makkah permit to perform Umrah (Eather previous Ehram or Ehraam from Masjid E Ayesha) Overnight at hotel

Day 06 Full day in Makkah prayers in Masjid Al Haram All meals and overnight at Swiss Al Maqam hotel.

Day 07 Full day in Makkah prayers in Masjid Al Haram All meals and overnight at Swiss Al Maqam hotel.

Day 08 Drive by coach to Madinah on arrival transfer to Dallah Taibah hotel All meals and overnight at hotel.

Day 09 Full day in Madinah prayers in Masjid Un Nabavi All meals and overnight at Dallah Taibah hotel.

Day 10 Full day in Madinah prayers in Masjid Un Nabavi All meals and overnight at Dallah Taibah hotel.

Day 11 Drive to Jeddah (2nd Umrah not permitted) transfer to airport for flight to home

Cost Rs. 195000 per person

Above cost Includes All taxes, Airfare Karachi Jeddah Karachi, Airport Transfers 4 & 5 Star hotels, Alla Meals and Umrah Visa


  • 100% Advance payment
  • Original Passport
  • 4 Passport size Pictures
  • COVID 19 Negative test certificate of 48 hours before
  • In case of Positive COVID 19 on last minute Rs. 70000 will be deducted remaining will be refunded
  • Ag Limit for Single male 40 to 50 years age limit Family 18 to 50 years of age

In Pictures Foreign pilgrims perform Umrah after 7 month

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Documents required for Umrah Visa

After the new E-Visa for Umrah, there is no need of documents for issuance of the Visa, we only need scan copies of your following documents via email.

1. Scan copy clear and readable color picture of Passport
2. Clear Passport size picture scan .jpg file
3. Scan copy of CNIC

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How do we handle payments:

For people in Pakistan we require advance payment either in our office in Karachi or directly transfer to our bank account from any where in Pakistan we cater for Umrah packages from Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Shikarpur Lahore Multan , Islamabad Peshawar , Quetta, Gilgit, Hunza and many other cities of Pakistan. For people outside Pakistan we need the funds be transferred to our bank account via wire transfer or via western union

Visa Procedure for Pakistanis Abroad

If you reside outside Pakistan we can apply for your visa before your arrival

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Terms & Conditions

1)  Package rates do not include Airline tickets, affidavits or other certificate charges.
2) Up to 2 children (under 12 years) are accommodated in parent's room without extra beds If Extra bed needed it will be Charged Extra as per your hotel.
3) Children above 12 years or children requiring separate beds will be charged Full Adult rates.
4) Advance  50% package payment, along with original passports or passport copies is required to initiate Visa approval & Hotel booking process.
5) We strongly recommend to allow 7 to 15 days advance notice in normal periods & 10 to 25 days advance notice during Ramadan (& key dates) to synchronize concerned airline bookings & hotel reservation dates, as per your choice.
6) The package will be for total period of stay & passengers will not be allowed to stay under own arrangements.
7) Passengers must return on dates specified in package voucher. Any extension in stay should be pre - arranged through our handling agent in K.S.A.
8) Hotels will be booked as per normal check in / check out timings in K.S.A & any special requests in this regard or room view must be specified at time of package request.
9) While all efforts will be made to meet hotel requirements, sometimes an alternate hotel or type of rooms may have to be arranged & any rate difference is to be settled accordingly.
10) Any un-used portion of package services will be Non ­ refundable.
11) A cancellation charge of SAR 600 per passenger is applicable for all M.O.H approved cases , including those rejected by the Saudi consulate for stamping.
12) In case of any delay or change in booked travel dates, hotel cancellation charges applied by the vendor will be applicable.
13) Travel & Culture Services and its partners will not be responsible for any mishandling, incident or charges in case the passenger travels without our information or in case of any violation of local laws during stay in K.S.A.
14) Refund of Umrah tickets issued for obtaining visa is subject to Airline approval & charges, if applied by concerned Airline.
15) Any changes in Airline tickets routing or flight dates will be subject to charges, as applied, by concerned Airline.
16) These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice , in case of any change in regulations by K.S.A government or handling agent / hotels.
17) Please be advised the Travel & Culture Services only acts as an agent to facilitate service with hotel, ground handling agents visa issuing agents and other authorities thereof. We shall not be liable for any loss lack of service provided due to any unforeseen reason, disaster, war or act of God.

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