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Exclusive economy Hajj Package

Package Name Accommodation
Double Room Triple Room Quad Room
Executive Budget Hajj
Dar al Tawhid Dar al Taqwa Rs.1450000/- Per Person
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Rs.1300000/- Per Person
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TNCXT Makkah Hilton Movinpick Hotel Anwar al Madina Rs.1390000/- Per Person
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Rs.1150000/- Per Person
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Package Includes:

Hajj Application, Maulim Draft and Filling of form of Hajj Application.
8 nights in Makkah as per Hotel in Package on Half Board Basis.
3 Nights Accommodation as per Hotel in Package on Half Board Basis.
VIP Exclusive Private Room Tent _enclosed in Gypsum walls) in Mina with proper Beds, TV & Fridge inside the Tent.
Private Bathrooms especially for Exclusive & Deluxe Package Pilgrims.
Full-Board meals served in Mina in restaurant style buffet area with table and chairs for Travel & Culture pilgrims.
24 hours hot & cold beverages and fresh fruits served in Mina/Arafat.
Private Transfers during Hajj (for 5 days) to Mina, Arafat & Muzdalfa in Bus with Bathroom, chartered for Travel & Culture Hujjaj.(Not Maulim Buses)
Air-cooled tent in Arafat.
Bathrooms setup in Arafat exclusively for Travel & Culture Pilgrims.(Subject to approval)
Boxed meals served in Arafat & Muzdalfa.
Ziarat in Madina with religious guide.
Transfer to Madina and back to Jeddah Airport in naqaba bus.
Complimentary Saudi prepaid mobile SIM for use during Hajj trip.
Ihram Kit/Baggage tags/TNC ID Cards/Hajj books, video cds for Hajj training provided.
Orientation & Training program before Hajj.

Note: Price does not include Return Airline Ticket. We will charge ticket as per actual price charged by the Airline.

Optional Upgrades:
Opt: 1 Private Bathroom (Inside Tent) Rs. 250000.00 per/family
Opt: 2 Additional 5 Nights in Madina (for 40 prayers) inc. Half board Rs. 75000.00 per/person
Opt: 3 Shared GMC/Land Cruiser 2006-2009 during 5 days of Hajj and transfer to Madina (Max 6) Rs. 100000.00 per/person


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