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Hajj 2020 Registration Form!

Please Note our Hajj packages for 2020 are closed however our friends at Maxims Travel has sent us following announcement and if you are still interested please contact them URGENTLY

To register yourself for the Travel & Culture Hajj Group 2020 Please fill in the form below, we will send your further details of payments and other requirements. Fields marked with * must be filled.

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I hereby declare that I am a Muslim and do not belong to any group/sect such as Qadyani, Ahmadiyah or others declared as Non Muslims. I further declare that I am in good health to perform Hajj. I also hereby absolve Travel & Culture Services and their agents from any responsibility in the event to any mishap or unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. In the event of my
death, I agree to be buried in Saudi Arabia and my next of kin/family has been so advised.

Whilst every effort and care is taken, Travel & Culture Services reserves the right to make changes to the package if necessary without prior notice.

I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Hajj packages in the Website: and accept them. I will send my deposits as stated and agree to pay the balance as agreed.


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Ramadan Umrah Package (Departure from Karachi

- Cheapest Umrah Package
- Rs. 375000.00 per person
- Makkah hotel 750 meter
- Madina Hotel 600 Meter
- Direct Karachi Jeddah Karachi Airline

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