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Umrah & Haj Policy 2009

By the occasion of starting Umrah season 1428h and to assured the old instructions which were decided by ministry council number 93 for the year 1420h.

Following new restrictions/ Instructions have been put up for the Agents operating Haj & Umrah

Travel & Culture Services abides by all the rules and regulations and has "0" Zero tolerance for escapers or visa seekers hence WE DO NOT ENTERTAIN SINGLE PARTICIPANTS VISA ONLY APPLICATIONS OR PEOPLE WHO SUSPECTED OF ESCAPING IN SAUDIA FOR THE SAKE OF WORKING.

Please remember Haj & Umra are our duties to Allah and trying to benefit from this Ibadah by misusing it for personal gains like obtaining Visa to runaway or by doing any ilegal business is a Great Sin.

1- reducing the escaped percentage will stop the mofa system will be as follows:-
The external agent will be stopped when the percentage reached 3%.

Saudi internal company will stopped in specific country if the escaping percentage reached 5% and in the year 1429h will stopped if he reached 2%.

Saudi internal company will stopped in all countries when escaped percentage reached totally 10% and will be during the season automatically.

2- Reduced escaping percentage will cause to stop the external agent when percentage reached 3% and that time will stop the Saudi internal company 5% in the external agent country (the next year will be on 2%) and 10% for all external agents in all countries during season automatically.

3- Before activating the mofa system for any Saudi internal company he should introduce a whole working plan for a complete umra season includes mofa numbers nationalities in each month and entry ports (air, land, sea) and external agents\' numbers in every country will assures clear perform since umra starting period , arrival Balancing properly during umra season. All these instructions should confirm from concerned department in MOH to submit in the mofa system to follow up and executed.

4- Continuous working in all restricted, instructions and procedures which provided by MOH during the season of 1427h and assured that issued mofa will be followed up automation which assured escaped numbers will not be higher than mutamers returned in the main time.

5- External agents should open and apply an account in his country which accepted by Saudi Arabian monetary agency and approved from kingdom consulate in his country that he already paid all bank guaranteed and services amounts needed.

6- External agents he should have permitted working licensees for the housing before accepting any building to be in his services package and contracts should contains the same period and mutamers number.

7- Mofa system will not be activated for the Saudi internal company unless he get security approval letter from the concern department in the kingdom.

8- External agent should have a member in the International aviation travel agency (IATA) which was be used as the same of last year.

9- Observing the maximum transportation should not be exceeded in both phases (arriving and leaving) from kingdom especially in months Shabban and Ramadan for some nationalities like Egyptians.

10- According to mofa numbers that will be transferred to ministry of exterior should be noticed that not exceeded the consulate maximum capacity mofa numbers.

11- They should observe to avoid arriving mutamers after the end of the last day of Ramadan every hijri year.

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Ramadan Umrah Package (Departure from Karachi

- Cheapest Umrah Package
- Rs. 275000.00 per person
- Makkah hotel 750 meter
- Madina Hotel 600 Meter
- Direct Karachi Jeddah Karachi Airline
- Departure 18th September 2022

سستہ عمرہ پیکج 20 دن ۔
مکّہ ہوٹل فاصلہ 750 میٹر ۔
مدینہ ہوٹل فاصلہ 600میٹر ۔ڈائریکٹ ایئر لائنز کے ساتھ ۔
صرف اور صرف 175،000روپے ۔
گروپ کی روانگی 18 ستمبر 2022

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