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Madinah Tours

These tours are offerred in Madinah by Jalwah Tours

If you are in Madinah please call the following numbers to book these tours.

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 2 Hours Madinah Discovery Tour

Visit the importand landmarks of Madinah in 2 & half hour 

Program Duration: 2 and half hours
Location: Al-Madinah

Discover Madinah Volcanoes

o Classification: Adventurous
o Duration: 3 hours
o Location: Al-Madina
o Inclusions: Cold Beverages Guidance - Transportation
o Restrictions: Muslims Only
o Itinerary: Starting from the point of the designated assembly into a free zone Rahat (27) kilometers from the Holy Mosque, you will be stopping with the informant to see the various volcanic formations and take a tour of the region and listen as the guide explains.
o Price:
- Group Tour: 100 SR adults and children under 12 years 50 SR
-Private Tour: 650 SR 4*4 wheel drive saloon (GMC 2009)

Madinah at Night Tour

Evening Samar discussion with one of the families of Medina and learn more about the habits and society of Medina people.

o Classification: Cultural & Entertainment
o Duration: Three hours after the evening prayer
o Location: Al-Madina
o Inclusions: Dinner - Transport to and from the host family's house.
o Restrictions: Muslims Only
o Itinerary: After the Asr prayer, you will visit one of the houses of the host families as guests and spend the evening with them and learn more about the habits and traditions of the old city of Madinah. Here you will drink the famous tea with mint & have dinner and spend some quality time with them. At the end of the program, you will return to the hotel.
o Price:
- SR 175 adults and children under 12 years 90 SR.
- Min 5 people and Max 12 people reservation must before 24 hours

Madinah Museum Tour

You will get to visit the Madinah city museums and discover the great heritage of this holy city.

o Classification: Cultural, entertainment
o Duration: 4 hours
o Location: Al-Madina
o Inclusions: Transportation - entrance fees of museums - Cold Beverages
o Restrictions: Muslims Only
o Itinerary: The program begins immediately after the Asr prayer. The first place visited is the Museum Kaaki, a specialized museum of Medina showing the early stages of development. This takes an hour and a half from where the next destination is the City Museum (Museum of Visual Media) that contains pictures of and video on the city. Maghrib prayer will then be performed in the Mosque of Quba followed by a visit to the Museum of Sheikh Salameh to explore the folklore and holdings of old, archaeological and characterized as large size and large number of exhibits. The program will end with the performance of Isha prayer.

o Price: SR 95 adults and children under 12 years 45 SR

Discover Islamic Architecture at The Prophet's (PBUH) Mosque

You will get to observe all the development phases the Holy Mosque had to undergo from the time the Prophet (PBUH) built it with his own bare hands to the contemporary structure it is today. You will also be able to bear witness to the service centers and not-so-famous facilities that the Saudi government has provided

o Classification: Sightseeing Program
o Duration: Half and Two Hours
o Location: Al-Madina
o Inclusions: Specialized tourist guides Multilingual / permissions needed to carry out the program.
o Restrictions: Muslims Only

o Itinerary:

Picture Exhibition of the stages of expansion to the Prophet`s (p.b.u.h) Mosque during the late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques reign---Time: 15 mins

Documentary about the stages of expansion to the Prophet`s (p.b.u.h) Mosque --- Time: 20 mins

Watching the Mobile Dome Opening and Closing --- Time: 5 Mins

The First Saudi Expansion --- Time: 5 Mins

Old Islamic Manuscripts Hall that belongs to the Prophet`s (p.b.u.h) Mosque`s Library --- Time: 15 Mins

Old Mosque Boarders - The Prophet`s ( p.b.u.h) sanctuary - The Holy Garden - Islamic Architecture --- Time: 15 Mis

Mobile Umbrellas - Al-Hasswat - The Holy Mosque`s lessons Circles --- Time: 5 mins

The Holy Mosque`s Library, which is more than 700 years old and contains more than 62 thousand volumes --- Time: 20Min

Electronic Library, which contains hundreds of electronic books --- Time 10 Mins
Audio Library, which contains all the speeches and recordings of the Prophet`s (p.b.u.h) Holy Mosque

o Price:
- 70 SR for adults and children 35 SR.
- The minimum number 5 persons / program for men only and you are able to participate in exhibition and documentary images tour only


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