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View the closest High resolution pictures of Hijr-e-Aswad

Presidency of the two holy mosques affairs government of Saudi Arabia has released high resolution pictures of Maqam E Ibrahim these images were take with the latest technology called Focus Stack Panorama, in this process they take many high resolution images and then join them together and make one very high quality image. Here are the pictures of Hiher-e-Aswad for our visitors.

It is a sapphire of heaven, as our Prophet Muhammad - May God bless him and grant him peace - said: (The corner and the shrine are two sapphires of heaven. God obscured their light, and had it not been for God blurring their light, they would illuminate between the east and the west)

Watch the closest high resolution pictures of Hijr-e-Aswad

Also view the high resolution images of the Maqam e Ibrahim by the Custodians of two holy mosques

Roof of Maqam E Ibrahim

Roof of the small dome as see from the feet of Maqam E Ibrahim

Close up of one foot of Maqam E Ibrahim

Close up of the feet of Hazrat Ibrahim

Side view of Maqam E Ibrahim

top view of Maqam E Ibrahim

The Front view of the Maqam E Ibrahim


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