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Incorporate in USA

For Incorporation of your company in Pakistan please visit our Pakistan Incorporation Consultancy page.

Individuals and companies residing outside USA can now register their company in USA without any hassle and without spending a fortune. The Incorporation in USA costs from only US$ 150 which includes every thing the paper work necessary USA address and the company incorporation fees.

Why should you incorporate in USA

When a business is started, it is best that it be structured. A business can be structured as a proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation or in other word a Limited Company. If you run a sole proprietorship or single owner company and you are at a stage when you want to get more out of your company it is best to get your company a regularized or registered with the companies registry this is known as Incorporation.

When you incorporate your main concern in Limited liability, as sole proprietor you are personally liable for all debts and liabilities of your company. On the other hand, a shareholder of a corporation (or member of an LLC) is not personally liable for the corporation’s debts (except payroll taxes and for the shareholder’s own negligence and the negligence of employees under the shareholder’s supervision).

Costs Limited liability DOES costs SOME money – companies pay franchise taxes and require higher legal and accounting costs for their organization and maintenance. However to begin with having an entity and running for the success it is good to spend the limited cost and incorporate. We work with CorpNet their total packages are very low and they will save you from all those heavy costs and the learning cost that is actually the biggest. In fact you can open a company in USA for mere US$ 150 and maintain it for US$ 150 a year without any problem.

Tax Factors. The tax rules and regulations may cause most of your confusion. However in reality tax is not all that a big hassle specially when you look at the benefits you will easily be able to balance the tax and its benefits and can operate your company without having to pay any tax.

Tax Advantages of Incorporation. There are few tax benefits for incorporation specially for “C” corporations. Forming a “C” corporation helps with fringe benefits like health insurance and life insurance.

Forming a “C” corporation can provide benefits such as if the applicable corporate tax rate is lower than your personal tax rate, then incorporating can shift income to the lower corporate rate. Second, you can defer income tax by selecting a fiscal year.

Tax Disadvantages of Incorporation. Some states there is also a franchise tax eg: California imposes an $800 minimum franchise tax on corporations and LLCs (except that corporations are exempt from the minimum tax in their first year of existence)

Where should you incorporate in USA

In USA each state has different rules for companies some have taxes and duties and others have lesser or no duties. Here are some most favorable US states where you can Incorporate.

First Step in formation of company is Name Search! Start Now!

Incorporating in Delaware

Delaware is a very popular state for incorporating a business. Many larger corporations choose Delaware because it has the most developed and flexible corporate statutes in the country and is considered pro-business. Incorporate in Delaware Now

Incorporating in Nevada

Nevada has also become very popular for incorporating a business:

  • No State Corporate Income Tax
  • No Franchise Tax
  • No Personal Income Tax
  • Low Filing Fees

Incorporate in Nevada Now

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