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Visit Pakistan Tours 2022 / 2023

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Recoverring from COVID19 pandemic Pakistan is moving forward with tourism and is fully open for tours any time of the year, Following are some of the tours we have specially designed for the upcoming months.

10 Days Himalay, Hindukush and Karakorums tour

Visit the 3 high mountain ranges of Pakistan with some cultural experiences in Islamabd Swat, Peshawar Giglt & Hunza

Itinerary Islamabad - Besham - Gilgit - Hunza - Gilgit - Swat - Chitral - Kalash - Peshawar Islamabad Detailed Itinerary

4 Days Islamabad Taxila Peshawar Tour

Visit the capital of Pakistan Islamabad and Buddhist site of Taxila and the legendry city of Peshawar Detailed Itinerary & COst

7 Days Gandhara Tour

Visit the ancient Buddhist site and admire the Gandhara art, visit Islamabad, Taxila, Peshawar Swat & Takht Bahi Detailed Itinerary and cost

7 Days Kaghan Tour

Visit the Kaghan valley the most green and most visited part of Pakistan by local tourists Detailed Itinerary and cost

8 Days Chitral Kalash Tour

Visit Islamabad, Swat Chitral, Kalash Bamburet and Peshawar Detailed Itinerary

9 Days Hunza Culture Tour

Visit Islamabad, Besham, Gilgit Hunza Khunjerab pass Chilas, Naran and Abbottabad Detailed Itinerary and cost

9 Days Pakistan Archeological Tour

Visit Lahore, Harrappa, Sukkur, Mohen Jo Daro Quetta Mehargarh, Karachi Chaukundi,  Banbhore Makli & Thatta Detailed Itinerary



year 2009 has officially been announced as the Visit Pakistan Year by Ministry of tourism Government of Pakistan. Special events are being organized by the Ministry of tourism. Pakistan travel & Culture services in pleased to announce that we are also organizing tours in conjunction with these events.

We invite you to visit Pakistan this year, as there could be no other time to journey unbridled joy and beauty of Pakistan, as now. From the mountains of the Himalayas and the Karakorum, to the rich hospitality of Lahore and the breathtakingly stark beauty of the Thar Desert. Pakistan offers you a spectrum of experiences that will leave you breathless. events

Our rich culture emanates from the ancient Indus and Gandhara civilizations, while our traditions can be traced back to Muslim, Buddhist and Central Asian influences. (History of Pakistan)

Immerse yourself in the colors of our countryís illustrious heritage! There is great pride in our handicrafts which hark back to the beginning of civilization for inspiration. Each region of the country has an art of its own, alluding to the richness of our history.

This year, embrace the true essence of beauty and experience adventure like never before. From white water rafting in the mighty Indus, and mountaineering in the highest mountains of the world to desert safaris through the Thar and Cholistan deserts, Pakistan takes adventure to the extreme.

The rich hospitality of our heartland will take your culinary experience to another level. Pakistanís love for food is unparalleled and its ethnic cuisine a sumptuously delicate blend of flavors and spices.

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Testimonial:-We had indeed the possibility to discover this, for us completely new world in all calmness and peace, without stepping once in slightest problems.
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