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UNWTOs' World Tourism Day

27th September 2010

UNWTO The United Nation's World Tourism Organization will be celebrating the 27th September 2010 as World Tourism Day. The world Tourism Day is a regular feature of UNWTO, this year's theme will be 'Tourism and Biodiversity'.

Official celebrations will be hosted by China on 27 September, with many other events taking place around the world. In Pakistan this day is usually celebrated with a mere one or two banners at the airport and with the current situation of floods and security even that seems to be not happening.

Travel & Culture Services has decided in its own capacity as a private tour operator to create a section on our web site which will take input from the general public and the peers involved about the Tourism in Pakistan. Our visitors and customers are encouraged to kindly fill out the form here. Your views will be sent to the Authorities as well as will be published on this web site with your name.

All the officials have already been contacted and the results and suggestions will be sent to the concerned officials and policy makers by courier.

Within the framework of the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity, this year’s World Tourism Day theme will raise awareness of the close relationship between tourism development, biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction. Through this year’s campaign, UNWTO draws attention to the two most pressing global challenges of our time: the sustainable use of environmental resources and the eradication of extreme poverty.

Sustainable tourism can result in positive impacts for biodiversity conservation

There can be no doubt that tourism and biodiversity are closely interrelated.

Many tourism attractions are strongly linked to biological diversity, such as protected areas, beaches and islands, coral reefs, wildlife viewing etc. Biodiversity is thus a key tourism asset and fundamental to its sustained growth.

Sustainable tourism, one that establishes a suitable balance between the environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development, plays an important role in conserving biodiversity. It attempts to minimize its impact on the environment and local culture so that it will be available for future generations, while contributing to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems. By doing so, sustainable tourism maximizes the positive contribution of tourism to biodiversity conservation and thus to poverty reduction and the achievement of common goals towards sustainable development.

Sustainable tourism provides crucial economic incentives for habitat protection. Revenues from visitor spending are often channeled back into nature conservation or capacity building programmes for local communities to manage protected areas. Furthermore, tourism can be a key vehicle in raising awareness and fostering positive behaviour change for biodiversity conservation among the millions of people travelling the globe every year..

Biodiversity is a key tourism asset for developing countries

Biodiversity-based tourism represents an important source of income for the world’s poorer countries, 70% per cent of whom live in rural areas and depend directly on biodiversity for their survival and well-being. With developing countries possessing the largest proportion of global biodiversity, local communities can use this as a competitive advantage in regard to tourism, benefiting from its positive socio-economic impacts.

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