Amazon Products Feed History

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03/23/04 - fixed Tools by changing mode from universal to tools

03/14/04 - Updated DE stuff only - added new modes and updated nodes. Nothing new for US or UK.

08/23/03 - XHTML & CSS, add accessories to cart, fixed list price display and umlaut search

08/06/03 - fixed the encoding problems once and for all

08/05/03 - fix bug in cache

08/04/03 - more bug fixes - fix for DetailsURL and encode parentheses in AWS data

08/03/03 - a couple of minor bug fixes - fix last on menus and encode quotes in AWS data

08/01/03 - major update. more efficient memory handling. support for including complete German translation

07/06/03 - fixed a problem with Apache 2 and a problem with HTML in the ProductName

06/25/03 - problem in <NOSCRIPT> part of oneclick_button fixed

06/14/03 - %%my_availability%% is now working for the UK! The script now uses ratlog.cgi if it is in the same location as the script.

06/12/03 - updated buy buttons to latest specifications and fixed a few broken nodes

06/09/03 - fixed a bug with the see more links when using max_results

06/07/03 - squashed several bugs in the nav_menu

05/28/03 - "24shop7" found a bug in the shopping cart, it's fixed. thanks.

05/25/03 - Version 3 Released! Fixed a few minor bugs, added my_accessories_images, input_keywords, and input_pricerange

04/19/03 - fixed small bug in %%my_shortened_comments%% and updated buy buttons to the latest specs. added kitchen and blended modes to uk and added %%international_links%%.

04/06/03 - added shortened reviews and @customer_reviews_templates for full reviews

03/29/03 - fixed apf_start=last; added blended mode and %%result_number%%

03/27/03 - quick patch for UK users to fix Amazon mistake so you get credit for UK sales

03/16/03 - added Javascript to detect no image

03/12/03 - added support for and added %%see_index%%. updated page.template and item.template

03/07/03 - added %%my_tracks%%

02/22/03 - added input_link_max option

02/20/03 - minor changes; fix to Amazon rating graphic change

01/15/03 - minor changes; added Alt text to IMG tags, fixed $ problems in templates.

11/30/02 - added %%baby_button%%, added a few more browse categories

11/29/02 - bug fix to cache, lower memory usage, added $show_search_options to remove Search Options link, added %%oneclick_button%%

11/27/02 - bug fix to mode detection, i really should have tested on 11/23 more, sorry

11/26/02 - much improved caching

11/24/02 - fixed a bug introduced in 2.021123, oops.

11/23/02 - several minor bug fixes and added %%chat_link%% for Amazon's new chat rooms

11/20/02 - fixed minor bug in input_sort

11/18/02 - more work on the cache

11/16/02 - added graphics for customer reviews, next, and previous. fixed apf_end=last. made nav_menu appear on all pages when used.
11/10/02 - fixed nav_menu to use a template

11/08/02 - added nav_menu

11/07/02 - more work on the cache

11/06/02 - added basic error trapping for cache

11/03/02 - v2 is a release candidate and goes into wide beta

10/31/02 - changed the LWP timeout from the default of 5 minutes to 30 seconds.

10/27/02 - updated all browse ids again to include Outlet

10/24/02 - updated all browse ids

10/19/02 - began v2 beta

10/17/02 - added some quick code to skip over bad product ids being returned by Amazon

09/27/02 - Bug Fix - messed up the artist search in the previous update

09/22/02 - fixed the search box to be more forgiving. added template options!

09/16/02 - updated Dutch and German languages

09/15/02 - added %%pda_item_url%% and %%rim_item_url%% for selling items to users on a PDA or RIM

09/12/02 - fixed display of prices broken by changes at Amazon

09/09/02 - fixed discount to work with prices with commas in them

09/08/02 - added @larger_image.templates and %%see_back%%

09/02/02 - changes to Dutch and Esperanto language files and added German

09/01/02 - changed charset back to utf-8 to better support multiple languages and used utf-8 entities in the Spanish and the new Esperanto language file.

08/31/02 - fixed a problem with Platforms and added Multi-lingual support

08/10/02 - fixed input to accept URL encoded strings (you can use commas in the search now), changed $associate_id to @associate_ids to accept multiple ids (still works the same with 1 id).

08/08/02 - fixed %%old_product_url%% to actually link to the correct product (dang sometimes i'm a loser). Thanks TSteele for pointing out that bug.

08/06/02 - added %%header%%, %%old_product_url%%, and complete variables docs

08/03/02 - updated the browse categories. added a few more and removed a couple weird entries, just general maintenance.

07/30/02 - fixed display of extended ASCII and a %%my_prices%% display bug. made %%my_artists%% link to the search when possible. changed show_variables to no longer be an option but a %% variable that you can place on a template to display all of's variables.

07/24/02 - added: input_link_templates, modified: input_item for multiple ASINs, optimized: my_similar_products and my_accessories, and fixed: search to accept dashes

07/22/02 - added the %exclusions and $show_variables options. and the variables %%my_descriptors%% and %%my_browse_list%%.

07/21/02 - Major Fix. had to release a quick update because the prices were messed up. There was also a problem with the sample page.template forgot to change $associate_id to new %%associate_id%%

07/20/02 - HUGE, should be version 2 but I'm sticking with Amazon's XML version number. If you are using an older version with templates do NOT rush to upgrade. Study the FAQ and especially the sample templates. Older templates will not work with this version. It's hard to describe all the changes; but they are great. Check this out! And boy is this thing reliable, gone are the intermittent "Sorry, no results were found". I have updated the FAQ with the main new variable and will update it again within a week to include all of the new variables.

07/02/02 - major fix. the script reported "no results were found" way to often. if you're using a version older than 1.020702 get the latest version!

06/29/02 - very minor fix to fix of 06/06. lesm caught this one too. also added error checking and reporting for LWP::Simple problems.

06/28/02 - added $max_results and $see_more

06/22/02 - added categories of bestsellers for all of the stores Amazon provides an XML feed for. added $store as a prettier form of $mode and added $subject as a replacement for $search in page.template, fixed format of Discount Amount and fixed "price not available" message.

06/13/02 - added the ability to specify the templates in the URL.

06/06/02 - very minor fix, added dollar sign to discount. thanks lesm

05/30/02 - minor fix for older versions of PERL (versions prior to 5.1 didn't work with 05/27 mod)

05/27/02 - modified to use template files for the HTML. added 2 new variables; $large_image and $tagged_url

05/22/02 - script created.

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