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Saudi Airline 72 hours Transit visa for Umrah

From 1st Ramadan to Moharram 29th Umrah visas are closed thus it is not possible to do Umrah during this period, however you can perform a Short Umrah of 2 to 3 days while traveling to any North American or Europe destination, via Saudi Airline. Please contact us for details

To get the Saudi transit visa please contact the following Etimad offices

Saudi Visa application Center
Block A,
Ground Floor, Finance & Trade Centre (FTC Building),
Email ID
Working Hours :
Bio process:
Mon-Thu 0900hrs-1700hrs
Fri 0900hrs-1700hrs (Juma break: 1300hrs-1430hrs)

Full process (Passport submission/collection)
Mon-Thu 0900hrs-1430hrs
Fri 0900hrs-1300hrs

Customers who have opted for additional value added services to process KSA Visa can:
email your travel details to to book complementary services that are part of the lounge package.

Airfares by Saudi Airline lowest possible fares actual fares will vary according to date

Destination Economy Ault Fare Economy Child Business Adult Business Child
Karachi Jeddah/Madina Istanbul Karachi 42740  32055  197200


Lahore Jeddah Istanbul Lahore  42740  32055  203500 152625
Islamabad Jeddah Istanbul Islamabad  42740 32055  203500 152625
Karachi Jeddah London Lahore  42740 32055  267160 200370
Lahore Jeddah London Lahore   42740 32055  274310 205732.5
Islamabad Jeddah London Islamabad  42740 32055  274310 205732.5
Karachi Jeddah Cairo Lahore  38120 28590  99770 74827.5
Lahore Jeddah Cairo Lahore  38120 28590  105020 78765
Islamabad Jeddah Cairo Islamabad  38120 28590  105020 78765
Karachi Jeddah Milan Lahore  42740  32055  253670 190252.5
Lahore Jeddah Milan Lahore  42740  32055  259970 194977.5
Islamabad Jeddah Milan Islamabad  42740  32055  259970 194977.5
Karachi Jeddah Nairobi Lahore  30610  22958  74500 55875
Lahore Jeddah Nairobi Lahore  30610  22958  87550 65662.5
Islamabad Jeddah Nairobi Islamabad  30610  22958  87550 65662.5
Karachi Jeddah New York Lahore  75080


 373120 279840
Lahore Jeddah New York Lahore  75080


 386960 290220
Islamabad Jeddah New York Islamabad  75080


 386960 290220
Karachi Jeddah Kualalumpur Lahore 88000    190250 142687.5
Lahore Jeddah Kualalumpur Lahore 88000  66000  205650 154237.5
Islamabad Jeddah Kualalumpur Islamabad 88000  66000  205650 154237.5
Karachi Jeddah Singapore Lahore  70860  53145  159370 119527.5
Lahore Jeddah Singapore Lahore  79330  53145  173460 130095
Islamabad Jeddah Singapore Islamabad  79330  53145  173460 130095

Saudi Transit Visa Information and GuidelinesHide Details

This visa is for transit through the Saudi Arabian borders (land, air, or marine borders)
Travelers with a stopover or travelling through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia require this visa.
This includes people driving across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Airline stopovers/ Transfers over 12 hours and less than 3 days are free visas. The Traveler cannot leave the airport.

Ladies need to be accompanied by a male partner if they are applying for a transit visa.
Both the above visas can be multiple entries for up to 3 days, with the days split between onward and return stopovers.
A confirmed ticket of Saudi Airlines is required for the purpose of this visa.
The transit time should not exceed 72 hours / 3 days.
Multiple Visa might be furnished by the Ministry in the near future.

2.PaymentShow Details

[For Individuals]

Step 1. Schedule an appointment on the website (Here) by entering your details

Step 2. Print an appointment letter and visit the Visa Service Centre bringing all the documents along with passport on the appointment date.

- VSC Service fee will not be refunded for cancellation or no show applicants.
- Rescheduling has to be done at least 48 hours prior to your initial appointment.

3.About Enjaz RegistrationShow Details
Enjaz registration is mandatory for entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Enjaz registration process will be completed by the Visa Service Center staff for the applicant. Applicant must acknowledge the correctness of the information before signing the Enjaz form.

4.Steps for ApplicationShow Details
The necessary documents must be obtained by the applicant prior to submission of visa application.
Visa application can thereafter be submitted by the applicant at the Visa Service Center
Schedule an appointment for Application submission with the Etimad Visa Service Centre.
Note: Scheduling is not required if Applicants choose different packages
Carry the documents required on the day of the appointment, to the Etimad Visa Service Centre for verification
Submit your documents and provide your Biometrics information at the Etimad Visa Service Centre.

5.Documents RequiredShow Details
An air ticket for the country of destination.
The duration should not exceed more than (72) hours in the kingdom.
A Copy of the visa for the country of destination unless he wants to proceed to the country of his origin.
In Addition to Above, below are also required for Islamabad Mission:
A request letter to The Visa Councellor by the applicant. Requesting for the Transit Visa.

6.Download FormsShow Details
7.Processing TimeShow Details

For applications received in the same city as the Mission, the documents are sent to the Mission on the next working day and for applications received at the VSC different from the city of the Mission, the documents reach the Mission in 2 working days. The likely processing time for a Saudi Arabian visa will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the documents provided by the applicant. Etimad takes no responsibility on the accuracy and completeness of the documentation. We recommend that you check the status of your application through the link provided below.

8.Visa FeesShow Details

S No. Fee Type Charges (PKR)
1 MoFA Visa Fee (Transit)* 1610
2 MoFA Enjaz Fee* 1120
3 MoFA Medical Fee (If applicable)* 1120
4 Service Fee - Regular appointment 2689
5 Sales Tax for Regular appointment 404
6 Lounge Service Fee 6715
7 Sales Tax for Lounge Service Fee 1008
Disclaimer :
VFS TasHeel is not responsible for the turnaround time of your Visa Application from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mission / Consulate.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mission / Consulate will approve / reject your visa Application at their sole discretion.
Your Visa Application processing time at the KSA Mission/ Consulate takes the same amount of time and has no relationship with your choice of Normal or Lounge.
Duration of Visa (number of days) / (Single entry / Multiple entry) is at the discretion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mission / Consulate.
All other services (other than Visa Charges for the relevant visa category, Enjaz Fee, Visa Service Charges) acquired by an applicant are optional, none of which are mandatory to obtain a visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A Service fee is levied on each visa application submitted at the VFS TasHeel Visa Service Centre. This is a non- refundable fee and will be levied even on applicants who are exempted from paying the Visa or Enjaz fees.
Visa Fees, Enjaz IT Fees & Medical Fees are collected on behalf of Saudi MoFA.
Fees are subject to change as per exchange rate. If there is a change in fees at the date of appointment then the difference in fees will be collected in the center.
The above visa fees, does not apply for American Nationals applying under a visit visa category.
If applicant selects 'any' fee as already paid, they have to come with proof of payment at the time of appointment in the center.
The Etimad Visa Service Centre also offers applicants various additional services at the Visa Service Centre. These services will be charged in addition to the above mentioned fees. To know more about these services, please click here.

a. Excluding VAT Rate applicable for locations Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta
b. Including VAT Rate applicable for locations Karachi and Lahore
Mode of Payments
S.No Payment Mode
1 Cash
2 Bank Deposit

9.Photograph SpecificationsShow Details
The photograph must not:
Be torn, creased or marked
Be trimmed or cut down from a larger photo to the size of the photograph size requirement detailed above
Have any writing on the front or back

10.Procedure to collect PassportShow Details
If you have submitted your passport to the Visa Service Centre for processing, you may visit the Status of Application link at any time post submission to check the status of your application. After the application is processed and a decision has been made on the visa by the Mission, the passport is returned to the Visa Service Centre for delivery to the applicant.

If you have opted for the SMS service while scheduling your appointment or submitting your application at the Visa Service Centre, you will additionally receive SMS updates on the status of your application.

To collect your passport:
Visit the Visa Service Centre Reception at the appropriate timing for Passport Collection. Check the timing for your center in the Visa Service Center section of this website.
Please bring along the original Invoice- cum- Receipt provided to you at the time of submission of your application
If a representative or travel agent is collecting your Passport, they are required to carry an authorization letter signed by you in addition to the original Invoice cum Receipt. You may download the format of the Authorization letter from the Download forms section
On presenting the above documents, you will be directed to the Delivery section of the Visa Service Centre to collect your passport
If you have opted for the Courier service while scheduling your appointment or submitting your application at the Visa Service Centre, your passport will be delivered to the address provided by you during the submission process
Please note that if your Passport has not been collected within 30 days from the Visa Service Centre and/ or has been returned after 02 unsuccessful attempts by the Courier Company of delivering the passport at the address provided, your Passport will be returned to the Mission.

11.Security RegulationsShow Details
Only applicants will be admitted to the visa service center, with the exception of children (below 16 years) who should be accompanied by a responsible adult and elderly applicants (above 60 years), caretakers of applicants with physical disability and interpreters for the hearing impaired.

Due to security reasons the following items will not be permitted inside the Visa Service Centre or stored in the premises. Other items may be prohibited based on the discretion of security staff:

All battery operated or electronic gadgets such as cameras, audio / video cassettes, compact discs, MP3's, floppies, laptops, or portable music players
All bags such as travel bags, back packs, briefcases, suitcases, leather, jute or cloth bags and zip folders. Only a plastic bag containing your application related papers would be permitted.
Sealed envelopes or packages.
Any inflammable item such as matchboxes / lighters / fuel etc.
Any sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail filers.
Weapon or weapon like objects or explosive material of any kind.
There is no facility at the Visa Service Centre to store prohibited items. Applicants are requested to make alternate arrangements to safeguard their belongings.

For security reasons applicants may be subjected to physical frisking. Handheld/Archway metal detectors are safe for all including pregnant women and heart patients with cardiac pacemakers. Applicants are requested to cooperate and in case of serious concerns, contact the Visa Service Centre manager.

  1. Declaration / Visa Application Form
  2. Authorization letter for Passport pick up from Etimad Visa Service Centre


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