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How to take Bath in Islamic way

To take bath one should assume to have an intention to have a bth for purification and say it or in other words do the Niyyat

I begin to take bath to become pure (Paak)

Take enough water that one can use it wasting of water or using to little of it is not apropriate


1. Wash Hands till wrists

2. Do the Istanja (Clean your private parts)

3. Clean any Nijasat (Uncleanliness on your body if any

4. Clean your nose and do the Wudho (Wash face right arm left arm all the times than take wet hands on the forehead and bring them up to hair and clean the ears. than clean right foor and leftfoot 3 times)

5. Now clean your hair with water and shampoo

6. Clean the whle body with water first and apply soap

7. Pour water on boday at least twice (Making it third time as you poured water once earlier)

8. Take care that not a single hair part of your body should remain dry

Say the following prayer in the end

Allah huma ajaali min altawabeen wa ajaali min al mutahreen

More details

There are 3 Fadhs in Ghusul (Thing that are must)

Rinse the mouth in such a manner that water reaches the entire mouth.

To rinse the nostrils up to the ending of the fleshy part.

To completely wet the whole body. When one performs these Faraa'id intentionally or unintentionally Ghusl will be valid.

When Ghusul or Bath becomes absolute necessary

1. When one becomes a Muslim

2. Birth of Child for a women

3. After the last day of Manustration

4. After Intercourse

5. Masterbation or Wet Dream



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