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Pictures of Foreign Pilgrims Performing Umrah after 7 months

Like the rest of the world Saudi Arab has also been effected by Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic, the governemnt had placed a ban on Umrah for foreign pilgrims, during this period. Now after 7 month the Saudi Government has allowed limited pilgrims for Umrah from foreign countries. Sunday the 1st November 2020, 10 thousand pilgrims were permitted to perform Umrah. Here are some pictures of the Umrah after COVID19 ban.




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Budget Umrah Package No. 1 (Departure from Karachi on 18th September 2022)

- Cheapest Umrah Package
- Rs. 175000.00 per person
- Makkah hotel 750 meter
- Madina Hotel 600 Meter
- Direct Karachi Jeddah Karachi Airline
- Departure 18th September 2022

سستہ عمرہ پیکج 20 دن ۔
مکّہ ہوٹل فاصلہ 750 میٹر ۔
مدینہ ہوٹل فاصلہ 600میٹر ۔ڈائریکٹ ایئر لائنز کے ساتھ ۔
صرف اور صرف 175،000روپے ۔
گروپ کی روانگی 18 ستمبر 2022

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