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Please note:- Unfortunately the train service in Pakistan is going thru a very difficult time. Most of the trains get delayed and many legendary trains are suspended, the pages on this site are mere for record and do not give the exact timing.

Recently new Public Private train services have started operations between Karachi & Lahore, details can be found on this page Pak Business Express and Shalimar Express

Pakistan Train Timings

112 DN Badar Express

Stop Arrival Departure
SHORKOT CANT JN   04:00:00
TOBA TEK SINGH 04:22:00 04:24:00
GOJRA 04:53:00 04:55:00
FAISALABAD 05:50:00 06:00:00
SANGLA HILL JN 06:33:00 06:35:00
SAFDARABAD 06:50:00 06:52:00
QILA SHEIKHUPURA JN 07:22:00 07:24:00
LAHORE JN 08:05:00

111 UP Badar Express

Stop Arrival Departure
LAHORE JN   18:30:00
QILA SHEIKHUPURA JN 19:05:00 19:07:00
SAFDARABAD 19:36:00 19:38:00
SANGLA HILL JN 19:54:00 19:56:00
FAISALABAD 20:40:00 20:50:00
GOJRA 21:28:00 21:30:00
TOBA TEK SINGH 21:56:00 21:58:00


Please note this web site is not associated with Pakistan railway the times and stations are subject to change according to schedule. For latest schedule please call 117 from any phone in Pakistan. For chartering trains in Pakistan or for tours based on trains in Pakistan.


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