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Lahore-Amritsar Bus Service (LABS)

Pakistan Tourism Development corporation currently offers a Bus Service from lahore to Delhi. For reservations please contact PTDC directly. Following are the details which are taken from the web site of PTDC

The Lahore terminal for LABS is the same as for LDBS, whereas in Amritsar (India), it is located at the International Bus Terminal, G.T. Road (Tel:0183-2587070). The buses leave simultaneously from both the terminals at 09:00 hours on every Wednesday and Friday. The buses reach their destinations at around 12:00 noon on the same day. One way fare is Pak. Rs. 900/- per person and Rs.600 per child. Excess baggage is charged @ Rs.30 per kg.

Nankana Sahib-Amritsar Bus Service (NABS)

The NABS starts from PTDC Terminal near the Main Gate, Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Railway Road, Nankana Sahib (Tel: 0562-876780) and terminates at the International Bus Terminal, G.T. Road Amritsar (Tel:0183-2587070). The bus leaves from Nankana Sahib at 08:00 hours (Pakistan time) on every Tuesday and Saturday and arrives Amritsar at around 13:30 hours (India time). Departure from Amritsar is on every Wednesday and Friday. One way fare is Rs.1200/- per person and Rs.800/- per child. Excess baggage is charged @ Rs.50/- per kg.

For bus service please call only the above numbers this page is only information page.

Lahore Delhi Private transfers

This service is offered only by Travel & Culture Services in Lahore and has no relation to the above transfers. The transfers can be taken from any hotel or residence in Lahore. We will pick you up and transfer you o Wahgah border after immigration and customs you will cross the border, where you private car will be waiting for you to tansfr you from the Attari border to Amristar or Delhi. For cost and details please vsit our Lahore Delhi Private transfer page

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    Please note : This page is only for the information about PTDC we are not part of PTDC. We are Travel & Culture Service a tour operator in Pakistan. We can book PTDC Motels tours in Pakistan and provide other tourism related services.
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